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Welcome to the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge Web site. Our Web site contains our library of publications, audio CD tracks, video presentations and many articles and news items that deal with Historical, Scientific, and Theological issues. This page describes the overall content of the A.S.K. Web site and how to find your way around the pages of the site. 

Our home page is organized into sections. Each section represents a complete topical information area of our site. These sections include: 
  • Site Banner - the graphic at the top of each page that identifies the site and an area within the site
  • Site Navigation - pull-down menus that reveal the content of the ASK web site
  • Study Search - Search the ASK web site for topical articles
  • Featured Articles - a slide show of articles of importance to you
  • Temple Update - the latest information on the temple 
  • Communications - commentaries from ASK and monthly newsletter
  • New Visitors - an introduction to the ASK web site (this page) and articles you will want to read
  • Multimedia - audio tracks and video presentations you won't want to miss

The bullet points under a section are hyperlinks to the material found in that section.

To enjoy our web site to the fullest, you will want to use the latest copies of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. The A.S.K. web site uses active rollovers and Cascading Style Sheets to control all content on the web site. We are able to obtain a consistent look and feel and fast load times through the use of CSS. Some browser versions will display the pages but some color and lines may not be accurately displayed.

You will need Real Player and Macromedia Flash player to view the video and audio content found on this web site. For your convenience, we have placed links to the vendors of this software on appropriate pages within our site. In most cases free versions of this software is available.

A 56KB or higher connection is suggested to connect to our site. In addition, our pages are designed to be viewed in a 1024x768 32 bit color format. Smaller resolutions may have to scroll horizontally to view a page. Larger resolutions may have white space on the right as the ASK web pages are fixed in width.  
If you intend to print any web pages, we suggest that you set your browser setting to print background colors and graphics. This will produce the best results. If you have a color printer, our web pages will yield a very pleasing visual presentation. Set your printer to "fine quality" or "best color". Many of our article pages contain photographic content. A good quality color or 600DPI laser or ink jet printer will yield great results.

Also note that you should turn on background colors and images. These settings are typically found in the Internet Options section of your browser.
Each of the sections found on the ASK home page have a corresponding index page that lists all the items available on the web site for that section. Older articles are found on the archive pages linked at the bottom of the index page. For example, the Prophecy index page contains a text hyperlink to each article that deals with the Bible Prophecy. To the right of each title is the date the article was written and immediately below the title is a short introductory paragraph. Simply click on the title hyperlink to read the content of that article. 
All hyperlinks are plain text and use standard color notation. For browsers that support Cascading Style Sheets, all hyperlinks are active hover links.
The A.S.K. graphic banner heading appears on each A.S.K. web page. You will note the old familiar rotating globe with our new web site banner graphic immediately to the right on our home page. The page name is identified in the banner area on the right side in the dark blue area.
Below the heading banner graphic is the navigation bar. The bar consists of the major categories or sections of the ASK web site. Items that contain a down-arrow indicate that there is a sub-menu bar associated with the item. Simply move your mouse over that item to see a pull-down menu containing additional menu choices. Mouse over a choice and click the mouse to go to that page.

Some navigation menu items have a 3rd level. These are indicated with a right-arrow.

The currently displayed page may appear in the menu lists as a highlighted entry to assist you in noting your position within the ASK web site
PAGE FOOTER (copyright and notice)
At the bottom of each A.S.K. page is the ASK copyright and support notice.
The ASK Communications section contains our current Commentary, the Commentary archive and the ASK Monthly newsletter. Simply select from the pull-down list to view the list of commentaries or newsletters.  
ASK has made available a number of the books written by Ernest L. Martin online. The pages list several chapters of the book in a weekly changing list. You can read each chapter as it becomes available each week or if you prefer, you can purchase the entire book.    
A.S.K. has published a fine array of books dedicated to increasing your knowledge of Bible History and Theology. Simply click on a book title to view the page that describes that book. You can order our books from our order web page. You will not want to be without one or more of our books. They are reasonably priced and offer you a wealth of knowledge and understanding.
Once or twice a month, A.S.K. publishes an article that is sent to our regular subscribers. That same article is available in an expanded edition on our web site. Articles may be found in the Temple Update, Prophecy, Doctrine, and ASK COMMENTARY sections. These articles may be viewed or printed and read off-line. 
Each month, A.S.K. publishes a newsletter that contains one or more topics that deal with world conditions, prophecy, or events happening at A.S.K.
We produce a number of lectures on audio CD. Some of these are available as Real Player audio tracks on the web site. You will need a copy of Real Player installed on your PC to listen to these. Get a free player from www.real.com

In addition, A.S.K. has produced several very fine quality CD albums for your listening pleasure. Visit our Audio CD section for details. 
Periodically, A.S.K. posts a video taped presentation by Dr. Martin. These are available for viewing right here on the Web site. Please visit our Video Presentations section to watch these. You will need Real Networks Real Video player to view these videos. 
The Resources section of our web site contains helpful information about A.S.K., Find out about ordering policies, view a list of links to other web sites that may be of interest to you. Be sure to visit these pages for an overall picture of our organization. 
You can order any of our books, cassette series, past reprint articles or make a contribution to A.S.K. from our order page. This page is a hyperlink on many of our web pages or in our Resources menu. It is easy to order online.

A.S.K. now accepts online credit card orders. Simply complete the order form, including the credit card information, and click the ORDER button at the bottom of the form. The transaction is secure and your order will be sent to our office staff for processing. Once your credit has been approved, we will quickly send your order to you. This will save you time and effort.  
Note that orders are entered and processed under the web security system. The order page and processing page are encrypted for your protection during order entry. Rest assured that your credit card information is protected from access while placing an order. 
We are now using the Google Custom Site search to find information on our web site. This facility features rapid searching of all ASK content including .PDF files. Just enter your search words or a phrase in the search box located at the top-right of most ASK pages. Then click the Search button to see a list of ASK pages that may satisfy your search criteria.

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