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Jerusalem, the Center of the Earth
June 20, 2014 
Jerusalem, The Center of the Earth
Below is a link to a 58 minute YouTube video that Ken Klein made of his sermon Jerusalem, the Center of the Earth sermon at Anaheim, CA on September 15, 2013.
While Mr. Klein is not part of A.S.K., he is a professional film producer who has a dedicated interest in biblical subjects. While looking for a new topic, he came across Dr. Martinís temple research. After studying it (and others) he contacted us for permission to produce the video, a DVD titled Jerusalem and the Lost Temples of the Jews. View the trailers of the DVD at Trailers.
We are grateful to him for this exposure, his dedication, and knowledge as he studied deeply into this vital information about the true site of the Temples of God.
Click YouTube Video to watch this free video.

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