The Tithing Dilemma


The Tithing Dilemma


Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

Portland: ASK Publications, 1997
© Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D., 1997
Edited by David Sielaff, 2002

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First Edition
"The Tithing Question" FBR 1974

(Four printings)

Second Edition
"The Tithing Fallacy" FBR 1979

Third Edition
"The Tithing Dilemma" ASK 1989

Fourth Edition (Book)
"The Tithing Dilemma" ASK 1993, 1997
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Statements of Fact on Tithing

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I will be as blunt as possible:

It is a SIN against biblical teaching for preachers, priests, evangelists, rabbis and theologians to receive and to spend the tithe that God ordained for Israel even if the tithe is used to teach the truth.

It is equally a sin for the laity to give the tithe that God ordained for Israel to preachers, priests, evangelists, rabbis or theologians so that the tithe can be spent in spreading the Gospel or other teachings of the Bible.

Preachers, priests, evangelists, rabbis and theologians who have accepted the ordained biblical tithe should repent of their sinful ways and inform the laity also to repent of their sins in this regard because the ordained tithe has been illegally used by those who are careless with biblical teaching.

In a word, it is a sin against the teachings of God for the ordained biblical tithe to be used today in any capacity in the teaching of the Gospel, in paying ministers salaries, in building churches or synagogues, to print books, hymnals, or to send to missionaries. The biblical tithe is holy and it is not to be used in the fashion that preachers, priests and evangelists are using it. The time has come to get back to the teachings of the Bible and quit the overt sinning of demanding and misusing the ordained tithe of the Bible that Christian denominations are doing on a wide scale today. This book will explain.

Questions Answered in this Book about tithing

Backcover Information

Tithing is a biblical law. But so is the rite of circumcision and so is the sacrificing of animals. Does this mean that Christians today should ritualistically circumcise their male children or sacrifice animals because these laws were once ordained in the Bible?

Dr. Martin has spent 40 years studying the teachings of the Bible. He is a professional historian and theologian whose adult years have been constantly involved in academic study of all biblical subjects. The subject of Tithing has been very confusing to most of the laity. This is because preachers, priests and evangelists have misused (indeed, they have abused) the laws of tithing in garnering funds for their church activities.

There is no book that will make the subject of tithing plainer than this small book. When this research study is understood there will be no longer any need for having The Tithing Dilemma.

Dr. Ernest L. Martin has taught history for 12 years at a college in England, been the Chairman of the Department of Theology at another in California, has supervised over 450 college students at a major archeological excavation in Jerusalem for five summers (and his education program was featured in the Education section of Time magazine for September 3, 1973). He has written several major research books which are advertised internationally in archeological and biblical periodicals. Over 600 Planetariums around the world annually show his astronomical and historical material at their December showings. He has written several hundred articles on biblical and historical matters.


Chapter 1: The Sin of Tithing Today
Chapter 2: The Real Tithe of the Bible
Chapter 3: Jews Do Not Tithe Today
Chapter 4: The Dilemma Facing Christian Ministers
Chapter 5: The History of Tithing
Chapter 6: The Mosaic Law of Tithing
Chapter 7: Tithing in the Wilderness and Canaan
Chapter 8: The Levitesí Place in Society
Chapter 9: "Stealing" from God?
Chapter 10: The New Testament and Tithing
Chapter 11: Financing the Work of Christian Organizations
Chapter 12: A Change in the Law?
Chapter 13: The Legal Position of Christians Today
Chapter 14: Financing a Church Organization


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