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Chapter 1: The Star of Bethlehem in History

Chapter 2: Who Were the Wise Men?

Chapter 3: Was the Star a Real Star?

Chapter 4: The Real Star of Bethlehem

Chapter 5: The Time of Jesus' Birth

Chapter 6: The Birth of Jesus and the Day of Trumpets

Chapter 7: The Dark Decade in History

Chapter 8: Astronomy and the Death of King Herod

Chapter 9: The Lunar Eclipse of Josephus

Chapter 10: The War That No One Can Find

Chapter 11: The Two Governorships of Quintilius Varus

Chapter 12: The Census of Quintilius Varus

Chapter 13: The Chronology of Josephus

Appendix 1: Quintilius Varus and the Lapis Tiburtinus

Appendix 2: The Question of Gaius Caesar

Appendix 3: The Banishment of Julia

Appendix 4: The Sabbatical Years and Chronology

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