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The Earth Once Had Ice Rings

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What was the effect of the Ring System which was once around the earth?

The presence of this "dark araphel" encircling the earth In pre-flood times brought chaos with climatic conditions in many areas of the earth. Only in the Garden of Eden (or in the general area of Eden itself) was there relatively good conditions for humans to live. But even in some parts of Eden the ground would not yield its strength for lack of rain (Genesis 2:5). With not as much water on earth in that antediluvian period, weather patterns that we know of today were not in evidence. In fact, the earth was quite unpleasant to live in at that time. For those who resided outside the Garden a type of curse was placed on all areas of the earth—even Eden itself (Genesis 3:17-19). That particular curse lasted until Noah came on the scene. Noah’s father Lamech said that sometime within Noah’s lifetime, that particular curse would be lifted from the earth (Genesis 5:28,29). The very name of "Noah" means "Comfort," and in the days of this man named "Comfort," God said he would remove the curse that existed throughout the antediluvian world. Indeed, after the flood, that particular curse (the effects of the "dark araphel") was removed from influencing the earth (Genesis 8:21,22).

After the flood was over, Noah was (for the first time) able to see a rainbow after then experiencing a period of the type of rainfall that we are familiar with today. This was the covenant sign that God gave to all mankind that there would never again be a flood of waters like that in Noah’s time. Why? Because the "dark araphel" was broken up and it no longer surrounded the earth as an intensely dark swaddling band. The climatic conditions which existed in the antediluvian world because of the influence of that "dark araphel" were no longer present in the earth’s environment after the flood of Noah. God promised Noah: "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." (Genesis 8:22). Before the flood, all of these factors of nature concerning seedtime, harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter, day and night were seriously disturbed throughout many areas of the earth. God promised a much better earthly environment for mankind to live.

This means that the utter chaos in climatic conditions that resulted from the influence of the "dark araphel" was eliminated with the flood of Noah. That ring system of water (or ice) that once surrounded the earth was eliminated when the water in that heavenly reservoir came to earth. Thankfully, we now have the pleasant type of earth that we know today. No longer does the "dark araphel" surround the earth. Its waters now make up parts of the oceans, the Dead Sea, other basin areas of the world, and even the waters of Lake Van around which the ark rested in the time of Noah.

When we understand just what happened during the flood of Noah, we are not compelled to identify many (or all) of the fossil evidences found in some of the highest of the mountains as having been caused by the flood a little over 4300 years ago. Since my new research study titled "The Story of Creation" shows that the first account of creation recorded in Genesis 1:1 and 2:3 is simply a blueprint of the creations that God would one day accomplish, it is not required that we look on those six days of creation as referring to the earth itself. Those six days were periods of time in heaven when God designed his divine blueprint for the formation of our present heavens and earth. The actual formations of the earth for mankind is given from Genesis 2:4 onward. This earth which we inhabit today may well have been in actual existence for several billions of years (with numerous flood conditions occurring on its surface over the period of time). But the last flood that completely submerged the earth was that of Genesis chapter one, not Noah’s flood. I hope that this true way of looking at Noah’s flood will be seriously considered by the various scientists around the world. When we really understand what the Bible has to say about the past history of the earth, things will make excellent scientific sense as well as show the ordinary lay person the common sense way of looking at the teachings in the Bible.

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