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Were Christians Communists?

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Was "communism" practiced among the early Christians because in the Book of Acts it states that some disciples had all things in common?

Communism as we know it today was not a practice among early Christians. Many people had come from around the world to be at Jerusalem for the festival of Pentecost (Acts 2). When they got there, something extraordinary happened to them. They were told something they were not expecting to hear. The apostles informed them that Christ Jesus had just been resurrected from the dead. The apostles were teaching the people about this marvelous event.

Since the people had come so far and had only so much money (and they did not expect such exciting news to be given them) many of them wanted to stay in Jerusalem longer than expected to learn more of the Messiah from the apostles. They simply ran out of money and the apostles asked others to chip in to help support these people at the time (Acts 4:32-37). Remember too that many at Jerusalem expected the imminent coming of Christ back to this earth. Why go back to their lands in other areas when the Kingdom of God (Some of them thought) would very soon be established at Jerusalem. They later learned that Christ was not to return immediately (II Peter 3:8-10). Communism was not being established throughout Christendom. This is made clear because there were both rich and poor in the congregations. See I Corinthians 16:1, II Corinthians chapters 8 and 9. This proves that general communism as we know it today (which is now being abandoned all over the world) did not exist in the early Christian communities.

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