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What Does Antichrist Mean?

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What does the word "Antichrist" actually mean as shown in the Holy Scriptures?

There are two meanings to the word and both have biblical significance. One is that the person who will have this title at the end of the age just before the second advent of the real Christ back from heaven is "against Christ" (the "anti" is this case meaning against or in opposition to the real Christ Jesus). The other meaning is equally valid, and important. It means someone who "stands in for" or one who reigns or rules "in the place of" the real Christ. The fact is, when the Antichrist appears on the scene as depicted under the name of the "Beast" in Revelation 13, he will come to mimic or duplicate the reign of Christ in an evil way. What he will do is to proclaim that he is Christ. He will come to stand "in the place of" Christ, and the world will be deceived into believing that this man of sin is actually the returned Christ back from heaven. The world will mistake the expulsion of Satan and his evil angels (As recorded in Revelation 12) with the second advent of Christ and they will call Satan and the human person who he inspires the real Christ who has come back from heaven. The truth is, however, the first person to rule from Jerusalem and have a worldwide reign is not the true Christ. When the real Christ comes back, there will be the resurrection of the righteous dead and all Christians who are in good faith with the Father will be changed to be caught up in the air to meet the real Christ in the clouds of heaven (I Corinthians 15:50-55). If someone comes with a world rule from Jerusalem (and even if his kingdom looks like that prophesied in the Bible to be the Messiah’s), do not believe him unless the resurrection from the dead has occurred and you, as a Christian, have been changed to meet the real Christ in the clouds of heaven.

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