101 Bible Secrets
Bible Secret Number 42 

Where Is the Lake of Fire?

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While it can be shown that the fire in hades that Christ spoke about in the parable of Lazerus and the Rich Man is figurative language and not actual, what about "the Lake of Fire" mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Is it literal?

In the actual Greek we find that lake called "the Lake of the Fire" (Revelation 20:15). It is a real lake in which there is fire. Or, to be specific, it is a lake of water in which there is fire. Now wait a moment. Where can one read such a meaning out of the phrase? It is easy. "The Lake of the Fire" was a well known geographical feature near the Land of Canaan that everyone in the first century (and earlier) knew about. It was a lake of water that periodically had fire associated with it in its center. In a word, it was what we call the Dead Sea today. [Read Appendix 5 for a full discussion on this important point]

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