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The Original Bible Divisions

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What were the original divisions and number of Old and New Testament books?

There are three major divisions in the Old Testament: 1) the Law, 2) the Prophets and 3) the Writings. There are four major divisions in the New Testament: 1) the five books of historical Christian "Law" called the Gospels/Acts, 2) the seven epistles called the Catholic (that is, "Universal" or "General") epistles, 3) the fourteen epistles which are called the epistles of Paul, and 4) the Book of Revelation. This makes seven divisions in all the Bible.

What were the original number of books of the Bible? There are 49 books (7 times 7). Thus we see that the number "7" is a number associated with the canonization of the Bible. The symbolic meaning to the number "7" is that of completion: in the Bible the 7th day completes the week; the 7th week completes the weeks in the Hebrew calendar to Pentecost; the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar completes the months of the festival year which contain all 7 of the original Holy days given to Israel in the time of Moses; and the 7th year completes what is known in the Old Testament as the sabbatical years (Leviticus 25:1-7), which is further elaborated to become 7 times 7 years which completes the 49 years or the Jubilee (Leviticus 25:8-55).

All of these "7ís" among the books and divisions of the Bible are an emphasis within the Scriptures itself to show that the Bible is now considered to be the complete Word of God for mankind. These 49 complete books do not include any of the so-called Apocrypha, Pseudepigraphical works, letters by early Christians or additions by later individuals who might record their own visions, dreams and religious experiences. (All people need to know just how the Bible came to be inspired. For an account on the important matter, see Appendix Four at the back of this book.)

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