101 Bible Secrets
Bible Secret Number 8 

What Kind of Body Does God Have?

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We are told in the Bible that the Father and Christ Jesus appear in human form, but their bodies are composed of spirit (that is, a spirit substance that is as substantial to other spiritual beings as our flesh is substantial to other flesh beings).
It is important to realize that the Father and Christ are both composed of a spiritual substance which has powers of perfectibility resident within its factors of composition. We are not privy to its exact properties, but Christ told us that the spirit is like the wind that one can see the results of its actions but one cannot see with the eyes the wind itself (John 3:8). The moving air (what we call "wind") is Christ's analogy of what it is like to see the spirit in action or to recognize what the spirit is. Now our wind has substance. It is air that at sea level has a pressure of almost 15 pounds on each square inch of our bodies, yet we cannot see it. But it has power. Hurricanes and tornados certainly pack quite a wallop of power. This is because the air is substantial and its movement is an expression of power in action. So likewise is the spirit.

The bodies that the Father and Christ Jesus have at the present are made up of (that is, composed of) spirit. They look like human beings, but they are not made of flesh (unless they turn themselves into flesh for us to be able to view them -- which they can do). This means that each of them is spirit, and each of them can be called "the spirit." When they do their functions in heaven or on earth, they can each be called "the spirit" on each occasion.

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