101 Bible Secrets
Bible Secret Number 3 

A New Creation of Animals after Noah

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Hollywood has shown Noah gathering together to enter the Ark many of our types of animals that we have in our modern world. This is wrong. Though the Bible says Noah got pairs (or pairs of sevens) of all animals then existing that had been created in the period when Adam and Eve were created, there is a second account of creation in the Bible written by Kind David (that most people know nothing about) which shows a further creation after the Flood of Noah that brought into existence the many types of animals, insects and other living creatures that we know today. 
The Ark was large but not large enough to hold specimens of all the vast numbers of animal types that we see on earth today. There is a second account of creation in Psalms 103 to the end of Psalm 106. Though there are four psalms covering the single account, they are to be read as a single unit. After a general introduction from Psalm 103:1 to 18, David in verses 19 to 22 describes God's use of the angelic host in the first creation mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Psalm 104 starts with the creation of the heavens with the aid of angels (verses 1 through 4). Then the earth is created with its oceans and finally its land masses (verses 5 through 9). Then fresh water, grasses and other vegetation are created along with birds and cattle and also mankind (verses 10 through 19). The sun and the moon are made to provide a calendar for man. The world is then made harmonious for all life forms (verses 19 through 28). But then a destruction takes place when God turns his face away from the living and they all die and return to dust (verse 29), Then God sends for his spirit of life (verse 30) and the result is the renewal of "the face of the earth" verse 30. This is a time when things are created (verse 30). And then great seismic disturbances take place (verse 32). 

In this creating of animals after the Flood of Noah, God no doubt designed many of our modern forms of animals and insects that are made for the renewed type of earth which came into existence after the time of Noah. David then continued with his account of world history in Psalm 105 by mentioning Abraham, Jacob and then (continuing through Psalm 106 to the end). David brought into review all the main historical events associated with Israel up to the time that Israel became a united nation just before the time of David.

The information in these four psalms represent the second account of God's creation of things on earth. What it shows is that God can create animals or insects any time he pleases, and after the Flood of Noah he devised many of the life forms that we are familiar with today. Hollywood, though, knows nothing of this second account of creation in these four psalms after the Flood of Noah, and most preachers, priests and theologians know nothing of it nor do they seem concerned about it. 

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