101 Bible Secrets

101 Bible Secrets That Christians Do Not Know


Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
From the laziness that is content with half-truths,
From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
                  Oh God of Truth, deliver us.

~ Ancient Prayer

All quotes in this Research Study are from the
King James Version except where indicated.

101 Bible Secrets That Christians Do Not Know
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Back Cover Information

This book contains “Bible Secrets” that will surprise people. The real teaching of the Bible has been hidden by the interpretations of preachers, priests, and theologians hired by the religious denominations to teach THEIR doctrines of THEIR church hierarchies. This book strips away the nonsense that prevails today in biblical interpretations and presents a fresh new look at “that good old book.” The results will be a greater respect and love for the world’s best seller. People will say: “Why haven’t we been told these things before?” Here are some of the topics covered:

  1. The Israelites actually crossed the Red Sea ON TOP OF THE WATER, not in a “canyon-like” roadway on the bottom of the sea.
  2. The Flood of Noah was worldwide, but the flood waters did not cover the mountains like our oceans.
  3. Churches actually depict a pagan god as being “Jesus” today, not the real Jesus of the Bible.
  4. The order and number of the biblical books have been turned upside down from the original order as shown in the manuscripts.
  5. Three prophets of God went stark naked in public to present their teachings to the world.

Dr. Ernest L. Martin has taught history for 12 years at a college in England, been the Chairman of the Department of Theology at another in California, has supervised over 450 college students at a major archaeological excavation in Jerusalem for two months each year for a period of five years (and his archaeological educational program was featured in the Education section of Time magazine for September 3, 1973). He has written four major research books which are advertised internationally in archaeological and biblical periodicals and over 600 Planetariums around the world annually show his astronomical and historical material at their December showings. He has written several hundred articles on biblical and historical matters and is listed in the current (1992–93) edition of Who’s Who in Religion.



by Ernest L. Martin

A few years ago I went to the bookstore of a major Southern California theological seminary and asked the clerk for any book they had on “the world’s oldest profession.” Rather sheepishly, he answered that they did not carry such books in their bookstore because their specialty was “theology.” I immediately informed him that this was the very subject in which I was interested, because the world’s oldest profession is theology. This is easily proved.

I informed the clerk that the first discourse ever recorded in history between two professional individuals (or at least they considered themselves professionals or they would not have been discussing the subjects they did) was the conversation between the serpent and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Indeed, it was the serpent who started the conversation by asking Eve a question about God. The serpent asked: “Yea, has God said?” Thus, we are informed that the first professional question in all history was given by the serpent and it concerned God. The serpent then proceeded to answer his own question that he himself had proposed. The dialogue that evolved was a theological one. And since that time the prime questions discussed throughout all history have been ones involving theology. People are very curious to know about God.

With my explanation of “the world’s oldest profession,” the clerk at the bookstore smilingly told me they had over 10,000 books on the “oldest profession” and he would gladly sell me any of them. The clerk liked my appraisal of the theological profession and he began to tell the other clerks in the bookstore that he had finally found out what “the world’s oldest profession” really was. He and the others were so friendly to me that I bought four books about that profession.

In this book we are going to study some interesting matters concerning “the world’s oldest profession.” In 101 Bible Secrets that Christians Do Not Know, we are going to observe some little known (but often profoundly important) biblical teachings about God and his written word that are often overlooked, misunderstood, misapplied, misused or deliberately abused by people who have occupied themselves with trying to understand the Bible. The truth is, however, if people would genuinely ask questions about God and His ways (not in the manner the serpent proposed) then patiently wait to read or hear the answers as revealed in the Bible (and then believe what they read), most questions about God would have been thoroughly answered and understood centuries ago.

The problem with most of us, and I am including myself in this category, is the fact that we approach the reading of the Bible with such preconceived ideas of what the Bible is supposed to teach that it is no wonder that most of us (in one way or another) have looked right over the biblical answers to our questions. What God shows in simple terms that a child could understand, we have complicated with our preconceived theological beliefs to the place of not being able to recognize even the simplest of biblical truths.

But in this book I ask a very small favor of all my readers and myself. I am asking that all of us slow down a little and read what the Bible says on 101 subjects (some very important and others that may appear trivial at first). By slowing down just a little and if we can get rid of our preconceived ideas (this is difficult to do with any of us), we will be amazed at what the Bible does in fact say to mankind. Indeed, by studying the Bible for what it actually says, the Bible for the first time may begin to make sense to all who read these 101 biblical “secrets.”

Believe me, I have been as guilty of approaching biblical study with preconceived ideas as anyone. We are told to grow in grace and in knowledge, and that is what I have tried to do. I am amazed at some of the absurd beliefs I used to hold about the Bible (supported by what many mainline denominational leaders have taught) that are nowhere near what the Bible actually teaches. I have had to give up such nonsense in the 35 years I have been in the theological profession. In that time I have taught history for 12 years at a college in England, been Chairman of the Department of Theology at another in the United States, and I have supervised over 450 college students at a major archaeological excavation in Jerusalem for two months each summer for a period of five years. I have also written several major books which were advertised internationally in archaeological and biblical periodicals, and over 600 Planetariums around the world feature my historical and astronomical material at their December showings. For matters of reference, I am also listed in the current (1992–93) edition of Who’s Who in Religion.

Now that I have mentioned some of the things I have done for reference purposes, let me now assure you of what I am not trying to do. I am not endeavoring in this book to get anyone into any church or Christian group. My objective is far different. I am only interested in trying to promote a profound respect among the general public for biblical studies and to show some excellent teachings of the Bible.

What will be discovered in this book is the fact that those so-called 101 “secrets” are not “secrets” at all. They are just plain and simple teachings that the preachers, priests and theologians (and also all ordinary lay persons) should never have got mixed-up about in the first place. All it requires to rectify this situation is for all of us to slow down a little. We simply need to read carefully what the Bible does in fact say. When this is done (and I will help you just a little with literary suggestions and advice in the pages of this book), people will be in for some real surprises concerning the teachings of the Bible.

The Bible can truly be understood, and what it teaches is often quite the opposite of what people think the Bible teaches. In many cases the real biblical teaching is diametrically opposed to what professional preachers and priests over the centuries have taught us about what the Bible is supposed to teach. This even includes university professors. The essential problem with the theologians who teach in the universities is their penchant to defend in an active sense the teachings of their church denominations rather than look at the teachings of the Bible in a fresh and independent way. After all, they want to keep their salaries (which is a strong incentive to teach what their employers want and demand) and they find it difficult to be open about what the Bible actually teaches.

This book, however, will bring to light 101 “Bible secrets” that not only most ordinary Christians do not know, but even preachers, priests and theologians do not recognize. My only appeal to you while you read this book is this: Do not simply rely on the teachings that the world has been given over the centuries by those who have been the “professors” employed within the traditional denominations. What we will do in this book is to return to the good old book itself for some simple answers. And we will slow down a little in doing it. When we do, we will discover that the Bible will tell us things very different from what we are being told by most preachers, priests, evangelists, and theologians who are active within “the world’s oldest profession.”


Instructions to the Reader

by Ernest L. Martin

The approach of study in this book is different than those who wish to rely on the teachings of the denominational preachers, priests, and theologians. The sole authority will be what the Bible says about itself and its teachings. There are three biblical principles in understanding the Bible that we will follow in this book.

  1. We will not go outside the Bible to define the meanings of biblical words. The Bible is its own best interpreter, and it gives plain and simple answers.
  2. We will not introduce Gentile philosophical or religious principles or alien ideas into the Bible to explain biblical doctrines. This is what the preachers and priests have done with disastrous results.
  3. We will let plain biblical statements on the condition of the dead guide us and not allegorical or poetic renderings that the dead are alive (the Bible teaches the resurrection from the dead at the second advent of Christ, not a continuation of life at death). Those who have died are completely dead and awaiting the resurrection from the dead at Christ’s Second Advent. They know nothing of what is going on in earth, under the earth, or in heaven today. Only Christ has been resurrected from the dead to be at the right hand of the Father in heaven. All others are dead — completely and thoroughly unconscious and absolutely unaware of anything in the world of the living (Ecclesiastes 9:5). The importance of knowing this central biblical truth will be evident in several doctrinal sections of this book.

Ernest L. Martin, 1998
David Sielaff, 2005




Introduction                            (see above)

Instructions to the Reader         (see above)


Chapter One
“Hollywood Theology”

Secret 1     The Ten Commandments Were Pocket Size

Secret 2     Hollywood Knows Nothing about Stirrups

Secret 3     A New Creation of Animals after Noah

Secret 4     Red Sea Was Crossed on an Ice Bridge

Secret 5     The Long-Haired “Jesus” Is a Pagan God


Chapter Two
Questions about God

Secret 6     What Does God Eat for Breakfast?

Secret 7     Is the Spirit a Personality?

Secret 8     What Kind of Body Does God Have?

Secret 9     Is God Totally a Spirit?

Secret 10   Is the Godhead a Plural Entity?

Secret 11   Are Angels a Part of the Godhead?

Secret 12   Does God Commit Evil?

Secret 13   Does God Ever Lie?

Secret 14   Does God Have a Wife?

Secret 15   Is God Circumcised?

Secret 16   Can God Die?

Secret 17   What Should Man Call God?


Chapter Three
Questions about the Bible

Secret 18   Modern Bibles Are All Mixed-Up

Secret 19   The True Old Testament Order

Secret 20   The Real New Testament Order

Secret 21   The Original Bible Divisions

Secret 22   Books that Do Not Mention God

Secret 23   Hidden Names of God

Secret 24   The Seven Churches of Paul

Secret 25   The Forty-Nine Bible Books

Secret 26   The Wrong Number of Books


Chapter Four
Questions about Chronology

Secret 27   Jacob’s Old Age at Marriage

Secret 28   Abraham’s Legal Wives

Secret 29   The 400 Years of Bondage

Secret 30   The 450 Years of Paul

Secret 31   The Exact Day of Christ’s Birth

Secret 32   Christ Born on New Year’s Day

Secret 33   An Eclipse at the Crucifixion?

Secret 34   When Was Christ Resurrected?

Secret 35   What Weekday Was Christ’s Death?

Secret 36   Has the Resurrection Already Occurred?

Secret 37   Are There Two Second Advents?

Secret 38   The Pre-Tribulation Rapture


Chapter Five
“Let Us Now Go to Hell”

Secret 39   Just Where Is Hell?

Secret 40   Is Hell a Burning Punishment?

Secret 41   Can People Live in Hell?

Secret 42   Where Is the Lake of Fire?

Secret 43   Did Christ Preach While Dead?

Secret 44   All People Go to Hell

Secret 45   Does Hell Last Forever?

Secret 46   Did Peter Say “Go to Hell?”


Chapter Six
Questions about Prophecy

Secret 47   Death of the Two Witnesses

Secret 48   Is a Day Always a Year?

Secret 49   A Major Contradiction?

Secret 50   The Real Meaning of 666

Secret 51   Vatican Hill and Prophecy

Secret 52   What Does Antichrist Mean?

Secret 53   Will Many Christs Soon Arrive?

Secret 54   Why Methuselah Lived So Long


Chapter Seven
Questions about Sexual Themes

Secret 55   What Men Prophesied Stark Naked?

Secret 56   Abraham Swore on the Testes

Secret 57   The Castration of Ham

Secret 58   Never Touch a Woman’s Hand

Secret 59   Canaanites Wanted Sexual Organs

Secret 60   Israel and Phallic Worship

Secret 61   Paul Recommended Emasculation

Secret 62   Having Many Women without Adultery

Secret 63   Did Baal Relieve Himself?


Chapter Eight
Questions about Christian Doctrines

Secret 64   Should One Turn the Cheek?

Secret 65   People Are Ordered to Swear

Secret 66   Are Christians “Born Again”?

Secret 67   Were Christians Communists?

Secret 68   Could Paul Lose Salvation?

Secret 69   When Were You Saved?

Secret 70   How Many Are to be Saved?

Secret 71   People Can Lose Out

Secret 72   Will Mustard Seed Faith Do?

Secret 73   Does Satan Know Your Thoughts?

Secret 74   Does Satan Cause One to Sin?

Secret 75   Are Prophets Infallible?


Chapter Nine
Questions about Rituals and Salvation

Secret 76   Was the Passover Always a Lamb?

Secret 77   Can Passover Be Kept Anywhere?

Secret 78   Are Entrails Proper to Eat?

Secret 79   How Young Were Animals Eaten?

Secret 80   What Day Was the Passover?

Secret 81   Should Christians Keep Feasts?

Secret 82   Does God Always Follow Rules?


Chapter Ten
Questions about History

Secret 83   Did Enoch and Elijah Die?

Secret 84   Was Incest Justified?

Secret 85   The Women of Christ’s Genealogy

Secret 86   Who Was Judas Iscariot?

Secret 87   What Prophet Was Deformed?

Secret 88   Who Was the First Gentile Saved?

Secret 89   What Prophet Called God a Liar?

Secret 90   Who Was the Author of Psalm 119?

Secret 91   Did Moses Stutter?

Secret 92   What Was Joseph’s Colored Coat?

Secret 93   Why Did Rachel Steal Images?

Secret 94   No Circumcision in the Wilderness

Secret 95   Israel’s Population at the Exodus


Chapter Eleven
The Garden of Eden and Noah’s Flood

Secret 96    Where Was the Garden of Eden?

Secret 97    Did the Flood Cover Mountains?

Secret 98    Did Noah Have a Rain Gauge?

Secret 99    The Earth Once Had Ice Rings

Secret 100   Did Water Come From the Temple?


Chapter Twelve

Secret 101   Political Bible Translations

Appendix 1   More on Crossing the Red Sea

Appendix 2   The Error of the Long-haired Jesus

Appendix 3   The Holy Spirit — Person or Power?

Appendix 4   How the Bible Is Inspired

Appendix 5   Where Is the Lake of Fire?

Appendix 6   The Population at the Exodus

Appendix 7   The Secret of the Number 666


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