The Mission of A.S.K.

It is our goal to bring to the attention of all Bible believers the importance of self reliance and personal responsibility when approaching Bible themes. It is the sole responsibility of the believer to become educated and to realize precisely what he or she believes. We promote the fact that those beliefs should be able to be communicated to any person asking a question. By encouraging people to examine the original documents for themselves, we help to create a greater comprehension of the source material itself. By having a biblical and historical understanding of the Bible, we can all know and trust God better.

David Sielaff, Director
Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

About A.S.K.

Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (A.S.K.) is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to educating people in historical, scientific and theological matters concerning the Holy Scriptures. We do not promote a pastoral, ritualistic or liturgical ministry.

Our ecclesiastical position is non-denominational and non-hierarchical. Our object is to publish and disseminate academic research materials concerning biblical matters to the general public throughout the world. This is done through print, electronic, visual and the communication media. We seek to bring peoples' attention to all aspects of the Bible. We do not concentrate on theological issues alone. With this approach, we are not limited to publishing materials for one segment of Bible believers.

This allows us freedom to disseminate all issues, including those topics that are often not a part of today's mainstream consensus of religious discussion. We produce research that would never see light outside of our A.S.K. publishing agenda. We are also dedicated to making our materials available to those who are less fortunate without cost if we are provided, by others, with the necessary financial support to permit this service.

A.S.K. is located at the north end of the picturesque Willamette Valley in Portland Oregon. Portland is only an hour's drive from the rugged Pacific Coast and about the same distance from beautiful Mount Hood to the east. Portland is the home of the the NBA Trailblazers and the Portland Winter Hawks.

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Biography of David Sielaff
Director, Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 1949, Mr. Sielaff attended grade and high school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and in 1972 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts degree as a dual major in History and Political Science. His personal studies in theology, biblical studies and history have always held a fascination for him. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California and received a Masters of Arts in Theology degree in June 1987. He is married to Dr. Robin (Wichern) Sielaff, since 1976. She has a master of science in biomedical sciences and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. She is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Oregon. They have two grown daughters, Heather, a pediatrician, and Carole, a licensed school psychologist.

For nine years between 1985 and 1994 Mr. Sielaff worked for and later supervised Fuller Seminary’s Word Processing Department, supporting the faculty in the Schools of Theology and World Mission in the typesetting and editing of books, manuscripts, monographs, academic papers, class materials and other professional materials for the professors and their international publishers. As a student, and on the job, he learned what was good (and mediocre) scholarship. He is a typesetter by vocation and continues to study biblical matters. Until becoming Director of ASK he had written only privately published articles.

Raised Lutheran, he became a member of the Worldwide Church of God from approximately 1969 to 1973. He has had no denominational associations since that time. He discovered the work of Ernest Martin in 1974. Dr. Martin's theological and historical work has been seminal to Mr. Sielaff's understanding of the Bible and the world, which was later supplemented by his seminary experience. It was since that time he learned the truths of God regarding the Universal Reconciliation of all to God and the deification of man through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.

In 1983 Mr. Sielaff went to Israel on a tour conducted by Dr. Martin, after which a slowly increasing regular contact began between the two men. Mr. Sielaff began typesetting books for ASK on a contract basis in 1993 with the latest edition of Restoring the Original Bible, later adding some editing functions to that task. It was during the final edits on The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot in early 2000, that Dr. Martin first discussed the continuation of his work, should that be necessary.

While continuing his deep research into the Jerusalem Temples, Dr. Martin soon involved himself with a revision of The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine, his final and greatest book. Mr. Sielaff helped edit and typeset this final work, editing for clarity, not content. This is his philosophy in putting out the mass of work that Dr. Martin produced independently over 40 years of work — the purpose of which has been to have the Holy Scriptures plainly and simply speak the Word of God into your mind.

Biography of Dr. Ernest L. Martin
Founder, Associates For Scriptural Knowledge

A.S.K.'s Founder, Dr. Ernest L. Martin (died January 2002), was born in Meeker, Oklahoma on April 20, 1932. He attended grade and high school in Exeter, California and graduated from the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California (specializing in Meteorology). He was a member of United States Air Force from 1950 to 54, and was sent by the Air Force to the University of New Mexico for advanced Meteorological training. He forecasted the weather in Greenland for a year, another year at Research and Development in High Altitude studies at Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado. He changed careers in 1955 from science to social science (Theology and History).

He attended Ambassador College (now University and accredited) for B.A. (1958), M.A. in Theology (1962), and Ph.D. in Education (1966). He was Secretary of the Board at Ambassador campus in England from 1960 to 72 and Senior Professor of History and Theology and Elementary Meteorology. He was Dean of Faculty at Ambassador campus in England from 1966 to 72.

He secured the alliance of Ambassador with Hebrew University in the largest archaeological excavation in Israel near the Western (Wailing) Wall from 1969 through 1973. He supervised 450 college students for those five years at the archaeological site in Jerusalem for the summer months and Time magazine featured his program for providing academic credits for archaeological work during that period.

Dr. Martin became Chairman of the Department of Theology at Ambassador in Pasadena, California in 1973. He left Ambassador in 1974 (and gave up his tenured professorship) and started FBR (the Foundation for Biblical Research) in Pasadena. He was Chairman of the Board of FBR from 1974 to 85. He left FBR to found the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (A.S.K.) in 1985 and was Chairman of the Board. He was a Member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Planetarium Society, and was listed in the (1997,'98,'99) editions of Who's Who in America, also Who's Who in Religion, Who's Who in Education, and Who's Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology.

Author of five editions of The Tithing Dilemma (over 100,000 copies sold) (1974 to 1995); two editions of The Birth of Christ Recalculated (1978, 1980); two editions of Restoring the Original Bible (1984, 1996); two editions of Secrets of Golgotha (1987, 1996); 101 Bible Secrets (1991); The People that History Forgot (1994); The New Third Temple (out of print, 1994); The Biblical Manual (out of print, 1995); The Star that Astonished the World (1996); two editions of The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot (1999, 2000); and two editions of The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine (1999, 2001).

He authored over 200 special theological and historical studies in printed form, and over 400 cassette taped lectures on similar subjects, and appeared numerous times on Television and Radio programs in which he was interviewed. He was married to Ramona Jean Martin and had two daughters Kathryn and Phyllis and one son Samuel, and several grandchildren. His primary profession was that of advanced studies as a Research Theologian and Historian with a deep interest in the relationship between the subjects of Science and Biblical matters.

He was an ordained Christian minister in the A.S.K. ekklesia (translated as "church" in the King James Version). Dr. Martin was first ordained in London, England in January 2, 1959 by the Worldwide Church of God; then FBR in January 1974; and finally ASK in January 1985.

His ecclesiastical persuasion was non-denominational in beliefs. His main interest was to restore biblical truth to this End-Time generation (before the Second Advent of Christ) and to make all people to have the opportunity of knowing the truth of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, no matter who they are — whatever their status of race, sex, social or political beliefs, and of whatever religious persuasion they have.

Since the Holy Scriptures dogmatically teach the Universal Reconciliation of all humans throughout all periods of human history, he was an ardent advocate of this Scriptural truth. He hoped that all people on earth can experience their freedoms that they all have in Christ. All his writings attest to this fundamental truth that motivated his academic and religious endeavors and activities.

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