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  1998 in Prophecy - December 1997

The coming year of 1998 will be a pivotal one in the fulfillment of prophecy for the End-Time. I firmly believe this to be the case. This is because of a significant event that will occur in this New Year that will outshine all other prophetic occurrences that have been achieved over the past nineteen hundred years. That particular occasion will be the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Christ Jesus into the world. That day will occur in the year 1998 at sundown on Sunday, September 20 and continue until sundown September 21. The day is the start of the Old Testament New Year's day called in Hebrew Rosh ha-Shanah, or in English, The Day of Trumpets. That day commences the third millennium from the Nativity of Jesus. It is not, however, the start of the biblical Millennium (the thousand years) mentioned in Revelation 20 that has a different chronological benchmark for its official standard.
  Afghanistan (Gog and Magog) - November 2001

Whenever the general of an army in the past looked at the land of Afghanistan and its immediate neighbor countries to the west, north and east with an eye to conquer and to control them politically and militarily, those countries through the ages have met with a great deception that almost always meets with the intruding army.
  What is Ahead in 2002? - January 2002

On New Year's day a major change in societal affairs has taken place in the world and you are living to see it. It figures into End-Time affairs. It is really a preparation for the great uniting of nations that is prophesied to occur just before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth.
  Ancient Nations in the Middle East - Part 1 - June 1990

The Bible has a considerable amount of prophetic information about several nations that surrounded the people of Israel and Judah. These nations are given prominence in matters dealing with the end-times -- the times just on the horizon to us at the end of the twentieth century. It is essential that these nations be identified in the world today so that the prophecies about them can be understood.
  Ancient Nations in the Middle East - Part 2 - July 1990

One of the most erroneous teachings being disseminated today is that the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel left the region of Assyria where they were taken captive in the eighth and seventh centuries before Christ and that they wandered into northwestern Europe and into the British Isles (where they became "lost" to the people of Jerusalem) and they established their roots in Europe as Celts, Angles, Saxons, Danes, etc.
  Antecedents to Bible Prophecies - December 2022

This article surveys some aspects of future prophetic fulfillments of Scripture, in some past examples, but mostly regarding future fulfillments of prophecies. Every prophecy has necessary events and conditions that must occur before the prophecies are fulfilled. Sometimes these prior conditions and pre-fulfillment events are stated in the prophecies. This article examines some of these events and conditions to occur before the prophecies happen. Some prophecies will overlap with other prophecies as the End Times begin before Christ returns.
  The Asteroid Destruction: It's Timing and Purpose - November 2015

The Holy Scriptures state clearly that this Earth is to be hit with an asteroid from outer space. That's right. All of us should want to know about this prophesied event. That is the reason for this new Prophetic Report. I want to give you what the Holy Scriptures reveal in detail. In order to understand the information in this Report, the first place to look is not to the Earth but to our nearest satellite the Moon. That nearest neighbor to us is a visible witness that shows in abundant display the reality of impacts of celestial objects bombarding its surface over past periods.
  Will Babylon be Rebuilt? - October 2002

This writer believes Babylon-an actual city-will be rebuilt. We now give some reasons why we believe there will be a rebuilt Babylon.
  The Balkans in Prophecy - November 1997

In geo-political circles it is recognized that the Second World War was an outgrowth and an extension of the First World War which itself had its beginnings with key events that took place in the Balkans region of Europe.
  The Basics of Old Testament History - November 2022  ** UPDATED **

The Bible is the standard historical document by which all the early periods of the Gentile nations surrounding Palestine must be judged. Although discoveries of early Assyrian records can give us some information back to the 8th and 9th centuries BC, and Egyptian accounts go back even farther (sparsely here and there), it is difficult to comprehend where many of those historical records belong chronologically. We need the Bible as a guide, as a standard for ancient history.
  Bible Codes - Are They True? - September 1997

It can easily be shown that the Bible does present messages from God that are delivered in code. There are various kinds of codes mentioned in the Scriptures and once these are recognized then God will use these codes to inform His people what His teachings are in regard to various subjects. What is important to realize is the fact that God's codes are not as esoteric as some people think. The truth is, the ordinary reader of the Holy Scriptures can discover what God means.
  The Bible and War in Lebanon - August 2006

Did the war waged in the nation of Lebanon between the armed organization called Hezbollah (viewed by many as a proxy army for Iran and to a lesser extent Syria) and the nation of Israel (which many say is acting as a proxy for the United States) has raised the question: is there any biblical significance to these events?
  Biblical Meteorology - July 2005

I think that all of us have realized that there has hardly been a year in weather phenomena like the one we have just been through. Even weather specialists are asking if something significant is beginning to happen to the weather. Why the excesses in cold spells, prolonged draughts, floods and all of these phenomena that we have been experiencing in the past year or two? Many are asking this question. Will it continue? What does the Bible have to say about these matters?
  Blessed Is He that Comes - April 2010

There are two interesting prophecies in Matthew 23:36-39 and Luke 13:31-35. They are almost identical and are spoken by Jesus to different audiences, at different times and places, but the message is identical in the concluding words.
  The Book of Amos - February 2013

The Book of Amos is one of the least understood in the Holy Scriptures. It is a prophecy for the period just ahead of us, a prophecy dealing with a specific two-year span of time just prior to the Second Advent of Christ. Yet it is a prophecy which has all of its geographical, political, and chronological parameters solidly situated in the period of the early 8th century BC, almost 900 years before the birth of Jesus. One might ask, what does a prophecy written back then, dealing with geographical, political, and chronological matters relevant to that period, have to do with the future, our day today?
  Book of Haggai, Time Prophecies - April 2014

While examining the Book of Haggai, I want to go into an overall theme of time prophecies and the interpretation of them. One main reason the Book of Haggai was placed in the Bible was to comment on some prophecies that God gave to Jeremiah and Isaiah, how they were to be fulfilled, and in some cases how they were not fulfilled as people thought they should be. In addition, the Book of Haggai gives us some excellent principles on the interpretation of time prophecies.
  The Book of Joel - January 2013

Read the accompanying Newsletter for January 2013 In the first Christian sermon preached by the apostle Peter, he centered on one prophecy out of all those found in the Old Testament. In his mind this one prophecy was one of the most important to show the Jews that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed the Messiah of Israel. What prophecy was Peter teaching? The apostle Peter concentrated on the main prophecy of Joel, when he spoke on Pentecost Day in 30 AD, some 50 days after the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. The reason Peter pinpointed Joel is clear when you understand the societal and religious environment in which Peter lived at that time amongst the Jews.
  The Book of Jonah - May 2013

No prophet in the Bible has more information about the rationale for prophecy and the doctrinal teachings of God than the prophet Jonah. This prophet is 5th in the series of the Twelve Minor Prophets. Jonah prophesied in the middle of the 8th century BC. This article discusses Jonah in his Old Testament context. Nonetheless, Jonah is important to comprehend not only prophetic issues as they pertain to modern times, but his experience is fundamental because it has a New Testament theme as its foundational basis.
  The Book of Micah - July 2013

Micah is sixth in order of the Twelve Minor Prophets. It is next to the last of those prophets who prophesied in the period of the Assyrian supremacy, which would be from the 9th to the 8th centuries BC. This prophecy is centered in its historical context when Isaiah was the main prophet. Much of the information Isaiah covered in his prophetic discourses, particularly in "First Isaiah" (as scholars call Isaiah chapters 1 to 35), is very similar to that which we find in Micah.
  The Book of Nahum - August 2013

The central theme of the Book of Nahum is the overthrow of the greatest capital city of the ancient Gentile world in the 7th century BC. That capital was Nineveh. Though it looks like Nahum actually gave his prophecy in the last part of the 8th century BC, Nineveh itself was destroyed almost exactly as Nahum said, in the latter part of the 7th century. This prophecy, moreover, has relevance for the end time, as do all of the Minor Prophets. Nahum is the seventh of the Twelve Minor Prophets, following Micah.
  The Book of Obadiah - April 2013

The Book of Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament, the 4th book of the Twelve Minor Prophets. Remember that many of the Minor Prophets are of supreme importance in understanding scripture and prophecy in particular. This Book of Obadiah is only one chapter long, with 21 verses in the King James Version. Yet at the same time it is one of the pivotal prophecies of the Old Testament. It is placed just before the Book of Jonah.
  The Book of Habakkuk - October 2013

Habakkuk is the first of two related prophecies of the Twelve Minor Prophets written in the post-Assyrian period. The other prophecy was by Zephaniah, Habakkuk's companion. Both were written during the time of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, which reached its height in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. Habakkuk's prophecy was written in the last part of the 7th century or the early part of the 6th century BC. This is a very technical book.
  The Book of Haggai - March 2014

No portion of scripture has been so misunderstood as the Book of Haggai, the tenth of the "Twelve Minor Prophets." Haggai figures significantly in the end-time period we are approaching. Haggai lived in the last part of the 6th century BC. The geography he mentions is that of Jerusalem in the time of Zerubbabel (who was of Davidic stock) and Joshua the high priest (both mentioned in the Books of Haggai and Zechariah). The historical environment of Haggai is of the period after the Babylonian captivity around 520 BC in the chronology normally used today.
  The Book of Malachi - June 2014

The prophecy of Malachi is the last of the twelve books of "minor" or shorter prophets that the ancient Hebrews placed on a single scroll. All were meant to be read as one book. These twelve prophecies deal with the whole of the nation of Israel, represented by twelve tribes of Israel. You and I figure into this because the end-time scenario of prophetic events, mentioned in the Book of Revelation, deals essentially with Israel and Jerusalem within the environment of the Middle East.
  The Book of Zechariah - May 2014

The prophecy of Zechariah is the same type of prophecy as the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. They are what scholars call apocalyptic prophecies. Those are prophecies heavily imbued with symbolic teachings. That is exactly what we find in this Book of Zechariah, the 11th of the Twelve Minor Prophets. The final three: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, all were prophets who lived just after the Babylonian captivity. The prophecies of Zechariah have fascinating information about events that will happen in our future.
  The Book of Zephaniah - November 2013

The prophecy by Zephaniah is a companion to that of Habakkuk. Both prophets lived at the end of the Assyrian period and the beginning of the Neo-Babylonian Empire later led by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. In fact, the Assyrians were still in power when they gave their prophecies. Nineveh was destroyed in 612 BC according to the normal chronological system that historians use today.
  The Breakup of the Soviet Union - March 2012

Why should anyone in 2012 care about the breakup of the Soviet Union that took place in 1991? Dr. Martin's article shows how major events involving dozens of large and small nations can occur very quickly. Then he gives a sequential rundown of biblically identifiable prophetic events that are yet to occur in our future, events that do not involve the Soviet Union or Russia.
  China in Prophecy - February 2021  ** UPDATED **

There is more in the Bible about China as a people and as a nation than most people imagine. This article presents biblical and historical evidence to show who the Chinese people are and how important they will soon become in matters dealing with the end-time prophecies. The Chinese people before the Second Advent of Christ are destined to accept Christianity in a very strong way.
  Chronological Falsehoods - March 1998

The modern period in which we live has been one of the most productive in making scientific discoveries. Had the ancient world been given even a token glimpse of our modern achievements they would have been awe-struck at the prospect. There have also been great strides in understanding biblical matters, and this was prophesied to happen at the End of the Age (Daniel 12:4,9). Indeed, here we are on the verge of entering not only another century of time, but also a new millennium and the world is burgeoning forth with more discoveries and achievements that even boggle our minds who are supposed to be attuned to such things.
  Chronology - The Key to Prophetic Understanding Part 1 - September 1990

One of the most neglected subjects among prophetic interpreters is in fact one of the most important in comprehending the real meaning of the biblical prophecies. That is the teaching of Biblical Chronology itself. When the interpreters begin to apply chronological factors in the determination of prophetical time periods, almost all of them assume that the chronological canons provided to us by the establishment historians are precisely accurate.
  Chronology - The Key to Prophetic Understanding Part 2 - September 1990

With prophetic events speeding up in the Middle East, people are once again beginning to set dates for the various events associated with the time of the end. What is appalling is the fact that the vast majority of prophetic interpreters are setting their dates on a faulty Babylonian chronological scheme. It seems that people, for the most part, are not even interested in checking to see if the Babylonian dating system that they have adopted is correct.
  The Chronology of New Testament Times - January 1995

This lesson was first written in the year 1988. There may be an importance to that year because Christ officially began his ministry in the year A.D. 28, precisely 1960 years before 1988 and 40 years before A.D. 2028. This lesson contains the essential historical evidence to show this primary truth. It then follows that Christ's crucifixion works out to the year A.D. 30. Once it is understood when these two important dates were, we then have in our possession the necessary chronological benchmarks for reckoning all prophetic time and this includes the period from 1988 onward.
  The Coming Collapse of Traditional Religious Foundations - March 1997

The world is about to experience a new religious reformation that will happen before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. This worldwide reform in society will develop and flourish because the Holy Scriptures prophesy that a major change in people's attitudes will occur which will allow the recorded teachings of ancient history and the revelation of the Word of God to be held in the highest esteem by people in the world. Soon will come an energetic revival of renewed interest in the Bible.
  Coming: The New World Order - June 1990

A new world order is about to emerge on the political and economic scene. Nothing like it has occurred on earth for the past 3000 years. It will be a system of government that is based on different concepts than the ones we have been used to over the past three millennia. What kind of world order will this be?
  The Coming Splendor of Egypt - December 2007

How could a nation with 35 million people and a mere $175 per capita annual income ever rise to greatness? Yet the Bible says this most populous country of the Arab world is destined to become one of the great nations of the world in the years ahead of us. Egypt is prophesied to become a major commercial, financial, political, and military power with a significant role to play in end-time prophecy. Riches are coming and the Bible foretells it. The story of how this somewhat backward nation will be able to make these drastic advances is extremely fascinating."
  Creation of Life in Contemporary Times - September 2001

The first word in the Holy Scriptures that shows God in action reveals Him as the "creator." That verbal construction in Genesis 1:1 emphasizes that essential role of God. It could be rightly said that God is God because He is the One who "creates." The divine account states: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." It was through a word of command (John 1:1) that the heavens and the earth came into existence.
  The Damascus Phase of End-Time Prophecy - June 2011

The western world (and particularly the United States) has been experiencing a period of unprecedented prosperity along with relative peace for the past 15 years. All of you who have been reading my writings over that span (and even before) are aware that I have been stating that this time of prosperity and relative peace was prophesied to occur before the Second Advent of Christ. While that is true, and we still have a few years left of that phase of prophetic teaching, there is coming (and it is just on the horizon) a time of devastating natural disasters that will be a prelude to the major political upheavals predicted in the Book of Revelation.
  Israel and Judah: 6. David's Foreign Wars - January 2015

God? covenant with David said that YHWH would give David rest from his enemies. Israel? war against the Philistines made them ?ubmissive?to David? rule. This does not mean that David ruled over the other cities of Philistia directly, but rather that the Philistine leaders ruled their own lands, but were required to pay regular tribute of money, goods, and foodstuffs to the kingdom of Israel, and particularly to King David.
  Israel and Judah: 11. David's Restoration as King - July 2015

THE SITUATION: We do not know if David knew about all the events of 2 Samuel 18:1-18. David probably knew his army was victorious over the army of Israel led by Absalom. He knew this because none of his soldiers fled from the enemy. But David did not know his beloved son had died. What would be David's reaction to Absalom's death? Giving David such bad news in the past had been dangerous. David's next problem was to reconcile the leaders and people of Israel to David's kingship and reward those who were loyal. Then, of course, another rebellion occurred.
  Israel and Judah: 12. David's Special Song - September 2015

In 2 Samuel chapter 22, a long psalm by King David is presented. It gives a retrospective look at David's life and particularly all the help God has provided for him throughout his life, his intrigues, his political career, and especially the many battles he fought to defend and expand the territory of God's people to the extent promised to Abraham. Several references are made about David being saved by God from impending death. Psalm 18 repeats most of the same words from this end-of-life reflection of David.
  The Destruction of the World in Prophecy - January 1993

One of the principal ways that God shows himself as a personality who has all power, intelligence and glory is his ability to foretell miraculous events involving the heavenly bodies with world-shaking judgments occurring at the time periods previously predicted in his Holy Writings. In the Western World, the "Holy Scriptures" to us are normally reckoned to be the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.
  Discovering the Mark of the Beast - October 2021

The Antichrist empire prophesied to develop over all the world just prior to the Second Advent of Christ will be characterized by an identifying sign or mark. It is called in the Book of Revelation "the Mark of the Beast." This beast represents the final world kingdom of mankind which will through Satan the Devil. God and Christ will allow it to rule the world. All need to know the tell-tale signs or the "mark" that identify this end-time empire.
  Disease Epidemics and Bible Prophecy - January 2023  ** UPDATED **

The world has been subject to new strains of microbes, whether bacteria or viruses. Many of these diseases are immune to various antibiotics that have helped stem the spread of diseases in prior decades. Miracle drugs of the past such as penicillin are beginning to have little or no affect on these new and powerful mutant diseases. Scientists are concerned and worried. Some use the phrase ?f biblical proportions?to characterize the catastrophic affects that some of these new microbes may bring to mankind. In other words, new and powerful bacteria and viruses are emerging that will not be controlled by vaccines or drugs presently on the market. The specter of widespread disease epidemics is now a reality.
  The Dislocation of Time in Prophecies - December 2003

I want to go into a principle of understanding prophecy. This is an important principle which we must understand if really we want to view prophecy correctly. The element of time is most necessary because what use is prophecy, unless we have time indicated? Prophecy and time are partners. You cannot have one without the other.
  The Elijah to Come - February 2006

The Bible speaks of a time in the future when Jesus Christ, the Messiah, will come on this earth and establish His world kingdom. Before that time a number of events must take place. We are aware of them generally, but we should all be aware of them specifically as well. If there ever was a time that God's people needed to know the outlines of future occurrences, it is now. Prophecy has been grossly misunderstood. The prophecy I will focus on concerns the Elijah to come. I guarantee one thing, if this prophecy can be understood the way that the New Testament people understood it, it will open up whole sections of Bible. Those sections have been hidden, in a sense, for so long that we do not really know this principle of what the Elijah is to do before Christ's Second Advent.
  The End Time? Not Yet! - June 2020

The term "End Time" indicates a period of unspecified length before a more defined seven-year period prior to the return of Christ back to this earth. Therefore, three time periods will transpire: (1) the End Time, (2) a seven-year period (also called the Tribulation), and (3) the period of Christ's return also called "The Day of the Lord" which will be a short but undefined amount of time. We cannot yet know when the End Time begins, but as I will show, we are several decades from now. The signs will be obvious as we approaches the End Time.
  Essentials of Prophetic Understanding - December 2006

It is important for us to recognize a major factor in the proof of Christianity in the message God the Father has given to mankind concerning his salvation. That factor is prophecy. This matter is easy to demonstrate when we look at the biblical revelation.
  The Expectation of Christs Second Coming in Apostolic Times - February 1979

This article was first written by Dr. Martin in February, 1979. In this "Remember This" we are leaving it without editing the words of the original even though some of the material is dated with some chronological matters not correct because Dr. Martin had not been able to verify them sufficiently at the time he wrote the article. This is simply because the Holy Scriptures tell us "to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ" (II Peter 3:18) and Dr. Martin did not understand fully the chronology associated with Christ's birth and death.
  Ezekiel, Part 2 - June 2012

This is Part 2 of 2 articles about the Book of Ezekiel. (It follows from the first which is "Introduction to Ezekiel" which contains outlines of this important biblical book.) The main and essential teaching of the prophecy of Ezekiel was to inform God's people that His Temples would be legitimate and valid if the Shekinah, meaning the Holy Spirit, would find residence in them. Before the 5th and 6th centuries BC the Ark of the Covenant was inside the Temple. As I noted before, Jeremiah 3:16 says that from that time the Temple would not be where the Ark of the Covenant was, but rather the Temple would be where the Spirit of God found residence.
  Falsification of Prophecy - May 2010

Today we are beginning to see more prophecy being used and misused, and more falsification than ever before. Prophecy has been a profession for a lot of people for a long time and prophets have been around for a long time, both good prophets and bad prophets, or you might say "true" prophets and "false" prophets. The Bible has as much information about the "false" as about the "true."
  Freedom as God's Gift - July 2008

President George W. Bush gave a highly significant Second Inaugural Speech on January 25, 2005. I encourage you to read the speech at article "President Sworn-In to Second Term." It is a speech written not to America only, but to the world. It "reads" beautifully. It was a carefully crafted speech. The words are powerful..
  Gentile Nations and Israel - March 2008

In the New Testament, one apostle was picked to present the gospel message to the Gentiles of the world, the apostle Paul. So too, a prophet in the Old Testament was specifically selected to do the same thing for Gentiles regarding prophecy. That prophet was Jeremiah. Though Jeremiah's primary task was to go to the Jewish people in his time, he was also ordained to go to all nations of the world. That means every nation. His prophecies reach out to embrace the end time, just before the advent of the Kingdom of God on earth and the Second Coming of Christ.
  Geography in Scripture - February 2011

There is something very special about biblical geography. Unlike the study of ordinary geographical matters that might be undertaken in our schools and universities, the geography of the Bible has a great deal of spiritual and symbolic teaching that is not normally understood by the general public. Even the average student of Scripture knows very little about this important aspect of biblical teaching.
  Geography, A Prime Prophetic Truth - January 2018

This article concerns a very important prophetic indication, one which is not only neglected by most prophetic interpreters today, it seems to be avoided altogether. That subject involves what could be called ?rophetic geography.?That is, where will end-time events take place, and to whom. To what peoples will those end-time prophecies pertain? Many people are confused about this subject. It is no wonder they are confused over prophetic teachings today when this basic prophetic truth is not comprehended by the majority of prophetic teachers.
  Geopolitics of Israel, Ancient and Modern - July 2008

The founding principle of geopolitics is that "geography" plays a significant role in determining how nations will behave. If that theory is true, then there ought to be a deep continuity in a nation's foreign policy. Israel is a laboratory for this theory, since it has existed in three different manifestations in roughly the same place, twice in antiquity and once in modernity. If geopolitics is correct, then Israeli foreign policy, independent of policymakers, technology or the identity of neighbors, ought to have important common features. This is, therefore, a discussion of common principles in Israeli foreign policy over nearly 3,000 years.
  The 'Great Generation' and Modern Prophecy - December 2002

There is a central prophetic teaching profoundly evident in scriptural interpretation. It is what we can call the cyclical theme in prophetic understanding. This is the involvement of set (or standard) chronological periods that God has devised to provide clues to the reader of the Holy Scriptures as clues regarding the true meaning of prophecies. In some sections of the Scriptures, this principle of cyclical attribution of time is of paramount importance. It is the duplication or repetition of historical events that God devised to occur on earth by the divine scheme He originated before the foundation of the world.
  How to Fully Escape the Great Tribulation - June 2001

In the Gospel of Matthew, Christ Jesus prophesied of a major time of trial to occur near the End of the Age which he called the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). That time of trouble begins with the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation in the holy place of the Temple in Jerusalem (Matthew 24:15). Indeed, every major prophecy about the End-Times (both in the Old and the New Testaments) has to do directly (or by a pointed inference) with certain events associated with a Temple in Jerusalem.
  How to Identify False Prophets - April 1997

This subject is one of the most important that any Christian ought to understand in a profound manner, but it turns out that this is one of the least known doctrinal and prophetic themes that those who love the biblical revelation will encounter in the world today.
  How Israel Will Conquer the Middle East - December 1994

The title of this Prophetic Report has within it the word "conquer". This is a word that often has accompanying its meaning the connotation of force and power. The word in national contexts usually gives people the impression that a total conquest is indicated by which the armed forces of a nation are used to compel other states into submission.
  How to Prepare for the Future - March 2000

We are all familiar with the biblical principle in Proverbs 6:6-11. The moral of the account in Proverbs is the admonition to be wise and to provide for someone else to farm the land for you when you have to travel or if you are called on by your brotherly ruler to perform military duty for the safety of the nation. You make sure the government takes care of your land in a proper condition while you serve your country in war. This short article tells you how to prepare for potential future crises.
  The Importance of Egyptian History - July 2003

One of the most significant Gentile nations on earth, as far as the Bible is concerned, was and is Egypt. It was once a powerful and influential government. Anyone traveling to Egypt and viewing its ruins, today, will find out that fewer than 10% of the ruins still remain. When you look at these ruins you find that they were amazing feats of energy and expertise going into building the ancient monuments and temples of ancient Egypt. One is awestruck by the grandeur that once graced that country.
  The Importance of Kosovo in Prophecy - June 1999

We have all heard of the country called Yugoslavia. It was a modern country created after the First World War out of provinces that once comprised the old Austro-Hungarian Empire that then ceased to exist. It was ruled after the Second World War by Marshal Tito who died in 1980. Since then, the name became somewhat famous to us in the United States with the introduction of the automobile called the Yugo. It attained fame (or rather infamy) as being the worst engineered automobile in the world. And then the nation becomes more in the news when civil war broke out among its various provinces.
  Increased Knowledge at the Time of the End - December 2002

The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 that all of the events mentioned in the Holy Scriptures before the time of the Exodus on down through the period of David and Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and through the post-Babylonian period, these things were written under the divine influence of God to help us at the end of the age understand what the truth of prophecy and of doctrine is suppose to be.
  Into the Holes of the Rocks and Caves - November 2003

When the judgment of God comes on the earth shortly before the Second Coming of Christ back to this earth the Bible states that the Kings and leaders of the earth go into hiding to preserve their own lives, even though they wish they would die. They will go into, or under, the earth out of fear. They are terrified.
  Introduction to Ezekiel - November 2010

The name Ezekiel means the "one whom God makes strong." He was a younger contemporary of Jeremiah. The two lived about 600 years before the birth of Jesus, when Jerusalem was on the verge of being conquered and destroyed. Jeremiah for some years before had prophesied the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and the Temple. The people of God were doing things which were not correct, and they were being chastised. Ezekiel also prophesized the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple; but he was more interested in Temple affairs than was Jeremiah.
  Introduction to Isaiah - September 2010

So significant is the Book of Isaiah to the people of God throughout history that it can be compared in influence with the Gospel of John in the New Testament. A copy of the Book of Isaiah discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls was the only biblical scroll complete in its entirety. The words of that manuscript go back over 2200 years. They agree amazingly with the Hebrew text from which we get the translations today in the Bible. Even secular scholars have been given more confidence in the Holy Scriptures. The discovery of this Book of Isaiah links us with the Old Testament period. We can now have greater assurance that we have a Bible that is quite reliable indeed.
  Introduction to Jeremiah - October 2010

Look at the name "Jeremiah." The names of the various authors of the books in the Bible are significant, and that is the case with Jeremiah whose name means, "YH is high," God is high. That is, the God of Israel is the highest of the Gods. He is supreme. No god of divine stature and power can equal or compare with the God that Jeremiah served. This presentation is about the message of the Book of Jeremiah and the prophecies given by God to this major prophet.
  Iran in Prophecy - April 2006

Historical events in the Middle East can alter the shape of the political environment very quickly. In fact the region is used to experiencing abrupt changes in authority and influence. The Bible has some very interesting things to say about Iran in prophecy, anciently called Persia.
  Isaiah, Part 2 - October 2011

This is Part 2 of a series of articles on Isaiah. The first article was "Introduction to Isaiah." An outline of Isaiah is in that first installment. Refer to it often as you read the other installments. These articles are derived from lectures Dr. Martin gave in 1998. We have records in the Book of Isaiah, prophecies and predictions given under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that will shake this world to its foundations, the final outcome of which will be the Kingdom of God. We know from New Testament teachings associated with those of Isaiah that Jesus Christ will finally come to be King of Kings and Lords of Lords. Universal peace is prophesied finally to come to earth. We find those prophecies in several places in the Book of Isaiah. But the universal peace that we all want is yet years in advance of us and many events must take place before that time.
  Isaiah, Part 4 - December 2011

The Book of Isaiah is so important to Christian interpretation within the New Testament revelation that this Part 4 is about the standards of teaching that Isaiah presents to the world. The principle doctrines concerning the role of Christ Jesus in history, in prophecy, and even redemption, are found in the Book of Isaiah. They are extracted and used by Jesus himself and by the New Testament apostles so that the role and the manifestation of Jesus would be understood in a proper way.
  Isaiah, Part 3 - November 2011

We now focus on a most important prediction of the Old Testament concerning Christ Jesus. It can be understood only by looking at the New Testament explanation regarding its fulfillment. The prophecy is about the arrival from the house of David of a newborn king who, when He becomes an adult, would rule not only all Israel but the totality of the world. It is called the Immanuel Prophecy because of the name of this young child. This individual would come with the rank of God upon Him. No one else in the Old Testament or the New came with the name of Immanuel.
  Israel and Judah: 1 Saul and David - August 2014

The experiences written in the Old Testament are written for you (and for all of us), as the apostle Paul says. "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning [instruction], [why?] that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope" (Romans 15:4, KJV). All the Old Testament writings are for us today. Therefore, it is useful for us to study the complete word of God, including the historical books. Prophecy cannot be fully comprehended until the history of Israel and Judah is better understood. This article begins a multi-part study of that history.
  Israel and Judah: 10. The End of Absalom - June 2015

Absalom made himself king and entered the capital of Jerusalem. King David fled Jerusalem, crossed the Kidron Valley, and went over the Mount of Olives. He, his troops, and followers continued east toward the Jordan River. People in Israel and Judah begin to choose which king to give their allegiance: Absalom or to God's anointed, King David. All these events are part of the prophet Nathan's declaration of God's punishments for David's adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband, Uriah the Hittite.
  Israel and Judah: 3. David, Philistines, & Uzzah - October 2014

In this portion of the history of Israel and Judah, King David continues to consolidate the kingdom given him by God (2 Samuel 5:2 and 1 Chronicles 11:2). This presentation begins with a mention that Hiram, a powerful King of Tyre recognizes David's authority as King, and looks favorably upon him, offering help to construct a new palace. Then, David's sons and daughters born in Jerusalem are listed. Next come accounts of Philistine attacks on the new kingdom. Lastly, King David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem, with tragedy occurring on the journey.
  Israel and Judah: 13. Mighty Men and the Census - October 2015

Last time we ended by considering 2 Samuel 23:1-7 containing the last words of King David. That section interrupted the sequence of events in David's life. Now we come to another section about David's heroes that supported him from before he became King of Judah. The infamous census that David conducted is the last text in the Book of Second Samuel, but that brings us only half way through the Book of Kingdoms. As David's story approaches its end, important information still needs to be conveyed from the biblical texts.
  Israel and Judah: 14. David's Life Nears its End - December 2015

King David is frail and nearing the end of his life. Those around him begin to position themselves to keep or improve their political power with the new king after the great King of Israel is unable to rule or dies. As usual, David is underestimated even in his infirmity. Advocates of Solomon as the heir to the throne appeal to David. He gives orders that crush all opposition. David advises Solomon, prepares for the Temple construction, and designates officers for the administration of the kingdom and religious affairs.
  Israel and Judah: 15. David Organizes for Solomon - January 2016

King David continues to arrange the kingdom to hand over an efficient and powerful government to Solomon. David focuses on the religious structure of his kingdom in 1 Chronicles chapters 23-26. The religion from the Law of God given to Moses, is central to the life of Israel; it is its social and constitutional backbone of Israelite society. In chapter 27 David focuses on the military, tribal, and civil organizations. David's preparations for Solomon's construction of the Temple after David's death are discussed in chapters 28 and 29.
  Israel and Judah: 16. David Dies, Solomon Reigns - March 2016

THE SITUATION: We begin with 1 Chronicles 29 verse 10. In verses 1-9 David tells the leaders and people of Israel that God chose Solomon to be his successor as King of Israel. One of the first major tasks for him as king was to construct the Temple of God that David was not permitted to build. David collected all that was needed for that construction. First Chronicles and the early chapters of First Kings now give differing (but compatible) narratives regarding King David of Israel and the approach of his death. Let us look at the final prayer and blessing by David.
  Israel and Judah: 17. Solomon's Early Reign - April 2016

Solomon is the sole ruler of the united Kingdom of Israel. Solomon inherits much from David - a vast empire with kings who owe fidelity to him as their superior, great wealth from David's conquests, a nation with a growing population and, as we shall read, great celebrity because of his wisdom. He also begins to fulfill the commission given to him from YHWH as told by his father King David. For this we have two accounts, one in First Kings and the other in Second Chronicles, but they parallel each other less than usual.
  Israel and Judah: 18. Temple Interior and Dedication - June 2016

THE SITUATION: The narratives of the description of the interior of God's Temple built by Solomon, and the accounts of his dedication of that Temple, are presented in the books of 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles. There were reasons the descriptions were so detailed. Like the details given to Moses for the construction of the tabernacle, the pattern of the Temple and its manufacture was given to Solomon by his father King David, who received those details in God's own handwriting (1 Chronicles 28:19). Every indication is that Solomon followed God's pattern precisely.
  Israel and Judah: 19. Solomon's Glory and Death - August 2016

Solomon's sole reign is progressing. Temple construction was completed, the Ark of the Covenant installed, and the Temple dedicated. YHWH accepted the dedication prayer of Solomon for the Temple by bringing fire down upon the altar and the sacrifices. The glory of YHWH filled the Temple (2 Chronicles 7:1-3). After a great celebrations of 7 days, Solomon dismissed the people and all returned home filled with awe of God's power and love for His people. YHWH remained active in the affairs of Solomon.
  Israel and Judah: 2. David as King - September 2014

The people of the twelve tribes of Israel had a form of unity when confronted with a common enemy such as the Amalekites near the border of Egypt (1 Samuel chapter 15). Armies from both the ten northern tribes as well as from the territory of Judah fought in that battle. However, King Saul did not have complete sovereignty over the twelve tribes. Samuel the prophet was commanded by God in 1 Samuel chapter 16 to anoint King David to replace Saul at some future time. The people of Judah also anointed David as king. Others desired Saul's descendants to be king.
  Israel and Judah: 20. Civil War and Division - October 2016

The Situation: Solomon has died. He left the kingdom of Israel with wealth and power. When great rulers die, subservient foreign nations test the new ruler. They delay payment of their tribute, which often puts the treasury of the new great ruler into deficit, especially if many nations stop paying tribute. Solomon's son Rehoboam has ascended the throne. He has many challenges, foreign and domestic. God has plans for the people of Israel because their sins, particularly the idolatry of their leaders.
  Israel and Judah: 21. Good Kings, Bad Kings - December 2016

THE SITUATION: Rehoboam, King of Judah and son of Solomon, has died. Rehoboam's son Abijah is anointed to rule from the throne of David fulfilling YHWH's prophecy up to Abijah's time (2 Samuel 7:13-16, "forever" means "for the age"). Abijah attacked Jeroboam, King of the northern Kingdom of Israel (also called Samaria). Jeroboam still rules and he is antagonistic and at war with Judah to the south. While wars and battles are highlighted in these biblical texts, they occur for a reason. There are also long periods with no great wars and times of peace.
  Israel and Judah: 22. Evil Kings of Israel - February 2017

Following the order of texts in the books of Kings and Chronicles, in this article the focus is on four kings of the northern Kingdom of Israel only during the long 40+ year reign of their contemporary "good" King Asa of Judah. Great disruptions takes place during a period of 12+ years, with usurpers rising one after another. The kingdom of Israel began with Jeroboam I, founder of the first dynasty, followed by his son Nadab who ruled for two years. He was assassinated by Baasha who ruled for 12 years. Baasha's son Elah reigned?ut not for long.
  Israel and Judah: 25. Jehoshaphat and Other Kings - August 2017

Ahab, King of Israel, has died, succeeded by his son Ahaziah who reigns for a short time. Ahaziah is followed by his brother Jehoram. All performed evil and idolatry in the eyes of God. Jehoshaphat continues his reign as a good King of Judah reverent toward YHWH. During this time, the prophet Elijah leaves the scene and Elisha, his successor, begins his prophetic ministry. Some miraculous events of Elisha's are reported. Of course, wars are continually brewing.
  Israel and Judah: 26. God's Miracles Through Elisha the Prophet - October 2017

This entire article involves Elisha the Prophet, his work, and exploits. God used Elisha as His agent to perform twice as many miracles as Elijah did. Several are presented in this article. Elisha also preached to the people of the Kingdom of Israel, and taught "the sons of the prophets" about the Law of Moses. Elisha succeeded Elijah and took his position to became a teacher of teachers. There are no biblical writings by Elisha, only narratives about him performing God's deeds as His agent.
  Israel and Judah: 27 Elisha and the Rise of Jehu - December 2017

This episode of the biblical history of Israel and Judah begins with a good story of the beneficial effect of the work of Elisha the prophet. Then things turn dark when the kings of Israel and Judah become the subjects. Two anointings occur, one to have an evil result, and the other with Jehu, a soldier of Israel, being anointed King of Israel by Elisha. Elijah the prophet (Elisha's mentor and predecessor) shows he is still alive in the flesh when he sends a document to the King of Judah with an indictment from God, proclaiming his doom. Elisha gives Jehu his marching orders.
  Israel and Judah: 28. The Reign of King Jehu of Israel - February 2018

YHWH had Elisha the prophet anoint Jehu as the next King of Israel. Joram, the current King of Israel was in the city of Jezreel recuperating from a war wound he received in battle against the Syrian army. Ahaziah, the King of Judah, was staying with Joram during his recovery. Joram's mother, the lovely Queen mother Jezebel, was also in Jezreel. This episode opens with Jehu leaving the fortress city of Ramoth-gilead and traveling by chariot to Jezreel to confront Joram.
  Israel and Judah: 29. Athaliah and Joash of Judah - April 2018

Athaliah was the mother of King Ahaziah of Judah, who ruled just one year, recently assassinated by King Jehu of Israel along with several of Ahaziah's relatives who traveled to Israel to visit their king. In Jerusalem Athaliah takes control of the throne and consolidates her power. She was the only female to rule in Jerusalem, although she is not counted as one of the Kings of Judah. We begin with the aftermath in Jerusalem of Athaliah's seizing power. Then we soon learn of another king of Judah, who was known by two names: Jehoash/Joash.
  Israel and Judah: 31. Prophets, Writings, and Kings - August 2018

This episode begins the interplay of three prophets with the Kings of Israel and Judah. Those three prophets wrote books of the Bible. Their relationship and interaction with the Israel and Judah saga is examined. Then the reigns of the last six kings of the Kingdom of Israel over 42 years are given in just 34 verses. Dated from the reign of Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah, the kings and people of Israel fell deeper into disobedience and idolatry. YHWH? patience ended as His prophets were rejected.
  Israel and Judah: 32. Jotham and Ahaz of Judah - October 2018

King Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah has died. Uzziah's reign was peaceful and he was a good king, except he made the serious mistake of entering the Temple. YHWH punished Uzziah with leprosy. His son Jotham now reigns as a good king. Judah is a prosperous kingdom, with Jotham as its powerful king, peace with its neighbors continues during most of his 16-year reign. Jotham's death gives way to one of the most evil kings, Ahaz of Judah, who also rules 16 years.
  Israel and Judah: 33. Isaiah and the Death of Ahaz - December 2018

Ahaz of Judah, one of the most evil kings of Judah, continues his 16-year reign. Ahaz and Judah have survived the onslaught of the armies of Syria and Israel, but the Kingdom of Judah is badly damaged. The Assyrians enter the picture as noted in the last episode "Israel and Judah: 32. Jotham and Ahaz of Judah." Yet YHWH has chosen Ahaz to receive a most important prophecy. True to form, he rejects wanting to learn about the prophecy and then offends YHWH even more.
  Israel and Judah: 34. Death of the Kingdom of Israel - April 2019

King Pekah of Israel and Rezin, king of Syria, invaded, devastated, and seized the wealth of the Kingdom of Judah. The prophet Isaiah told King Ahaz of Judah that Rezin would die and Israel would cease to exist (Isaiah 7:4?). Hoshea murdered Pekah and usurped his throne (2 Kings 15:30). Hoshea was the last king of Israel, an independent kingdom for 240+ years. In this article, we focus on the northern Kingdom of Israel, their sins, the many reasons for God's severe judgment, which He now fully inflicts upon them ?eliminating them from the kingdoms of men.
  Israel and Judah: 35. Reforms of King Hezekiah - August 2019

King Hezekiah became the ruler of the Kingdom of Judah during the last days of the Kingdom of Israel. Judah was a vassal of Assyria when Hezekiah's father Ahaz died. Hezekiah immediately initiated religious reforms that reversed pagan religious practices demanded, paid for, and spread by Ahaz. During the first years of his reign, Hezekiah renewed YHWH's covenant with the people of Juda and with some of the people of Judah. Hezekiah's reforms were not popular with the pagan religious authorities of Judah, the Judean nobles, and many of the people.
  Israel and Judah: 36. King Hezekiah and Assyria - November 2019

King Hezekiah became ruler of the Kingdom of Judah during the last years of the northern Kingdom of Israel. Judah was a vassal kingdom of Assyria when Hezekiah's father Ahaz died and he initially continued Judah's subordination to Assyria. He cleansed the Temple, restarted the sacrifices, and reversed his father's pagan practices. Hezekiah's reforms were not popular with the pagan religious authorities of Judah, some of the Judean nobles, and many of the common people.
  Israel and Judah: 37. Hezekiah and God's Salvation - March 2020

THE SITUATION: The Kingdom of Judah is occupied by the Assyrian army. Most of Judah's army is dead or scattered throughout the land while King Hezekiah, the prophet Isaiah, the nobles of the kingdom, and the people in the capital of Jerusalem are surrounded by the Assyrian army. The Assyrians have not attacked yet, but Jerusalem was offered more chances to escape devastation. The rabshakeh, a spokesman for Sennach?rib, calls for Jerusalem's surrender. Hezekiah's messengers report to their king.
  Israel and Judah: 38. Hezekiah's Reign Ends - August 2020

The Kingdom of Judah is saved. God destroyed the Assyrian army besieging Jerusalem, accomplished by a mysterious plague. Every one of the Assyrians surrounding the city died. The Assyrian king Sennacherib returned (most likely he fled in terror) to Assyria where years later he was murdered. Most of Judah's army is dead or scattered while King Hezekiah, the prophet Isaiah, the nobles of the kingdom, and the people in Jerusalem survived the siege.
  Israel and Judah: 39. Kings Manasseh and Amon - November 2020

King Hezekiah has died and Manasseh his son became ruler of Judah (2 Kings 20:21 and 2 Chronicles 32:33). Manasseh had a long reign ?fifty-five years. Manasseh was more evil than any king who ruled the people of Judah or Israel. Manasseh was followed by his son Amon. He too was evil and ruled only two years. The reigns of these kings were not good for the people of Judah. YHWH's anger increased, and the harshest of judgments of YHWH upon Judah became inevitable. Judah would suffer for violating their covenant with YHWH.
  Israel and Judah: 4. The Ark Arrives in Jerusalem - November 2014

In this portion of the history of Israel and Judah, King David continues his attempt to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. He is successful, but the details are important. Psalms are interwoven into the narratives of Samuel-Kings and Chronicles. The administrators and officials operating the sacrificial system of the Ark are identified. The nations received God's notice in expressing the importance of the Ark coming to Jerusalem. David's first wife Michal also comes back into the narrative as problems arise with her reaction to David's personal mode of celebration.
  Israel and Judah: 41. Josiah, His Renewal, and Death - August 2021

King Josiah of Judah has grown in knowledge and wisdom. Discovery of the Scroll of the Law in the Temple surprised everyone in the Kingdom. The king, nobility, priests, and people all have failed to obey Israel's covenant with YHWH. Severe judgments will be the penalty. Josiah takes responsibility and takes action to lead the people to renew their Covenant with YHWH. Will God change His mind as He has done in the past?
  Israel and Judah: 42. Judah's Last Kings, 1 - February 2022

King Josiah has just died, three to four years before the collapse of the Assyrian Empire. He was the last good king of Judah. After he died, Josiah's reforms were repealed, idolatry quickly returned because that was what the kings and religious leaders wanted. The last four kings of Judah followed after their evil ancestors, even though God's prophets warned them about the horrors to come. In addition to the books of Kings and Chronicles, there is a great amount of historical information in the writings of Jeremiah.
  Israel and Judah: 43. Judah's Last Kings, 2 - October 2022

This episode focuses on the prophecies and historical narratives from the perspective of the prophet Jeremiah during the reign of Jehoiakim, one of the last Kings of Judah. Jeremiah's historical narratives give valuable background different from the histories in the biblical books of Second Kings and Second Chronicles. Some of the prophecies from YHWH through Jeremiah are difficult to fit into the historical settings of biblical chronology. Remember, Jeremiah greatly loved the people of Judah and Jerusalem. He dreaded God's righteous judgments that would soon come.
  Israel and Judah: 5. David Desires to Build a Temple - December 2014

This installment will cover one chapter of Second Samuel and one chapter of First Chronicles. Portions of Psalms give other information about these events. All these passages center on King David's desire to construct a permanent structure, a Temple, to contain the Ark of the Covenant, designating the presence of God, and to embellish the place where YHWH has placed His name, Jerusalem. God's response was very unexpected and in fact, He warned David he should prepare to die, because God would take David's life. David replied quickly and with great fear.
  Israel and Judah: 7. Conspiracy and War - March 2015

King David and Israel's armies had been victorious in several battles because "Yahweh saved David everywhere he went" (2 Samuel 8:6, 14; 1 Chronicles 18:6, 13). The enemies of Israel next began to conspire with Hadadezer, the former king of Zobah and other enemies of Israel. They organized and gathered their forces for battle. But first, King David took care of "old business" in the persons of potential rivals, the last living heirs of King Saul. This is an example of the adage, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
  Israel and Judah: 8. Bathsheba and Rabbah - April 2015

King David and Israel's armies were victorious in several battles because "Yahweh saved David everywhere he went" (2 Samuel 8:6, 14; 1 Chronicles 18:6, 13). The Ammonites precipitated a war, although other, more powerful conspirators used them for their own purposes. A grand alliance of enemies formed to attack Israel on two occasions, God continued to give Israel the victory. The enemies were defeated and the Ammonites retreated to their capital of Rabbah (2 Samuel 10:6-14). Joab was sent to attack Rabbah. David stayed in Jerusalem and encountered Bathsheba.
  Israel and Judah: 9. Rape and Murder - May 2015

A new story arc begins in the book of Second Samuel. It involves Absalom, King David's son. This entire narrative is the fulfillment of the punishment promised by God because of David's adultery and murder of Uriah the Hittite. The story arc begins with an incident involving David's firstborn son, Amnon, and his daughter by another wife, Tamar. She was Amnon's half-sister, and Absolom's full sister. Amnon rapes Tamar; David's response is interesting, as is Absalom's response. Then things turn worse for David and his kingdom.
  Israel Should Cease its Military Conquests Post Haste! - October 2001

There is a plain and obvious reason for the recent terrorist attack on the United States. It revolves around a central issue that is utterly evident to any unbiased political observer of world affairs. The evaluation I make is not an unrealistic and naively simplistic conclusion of what some people consider a complex subject. The matter is easy to understand. The essence of the whole problem (and the knowledge of what I am going to say about it) is of paramount importance and my assessment hits the proverbial nail on its head.
  Israel and Judah: 24. Jehoshaphat and Ahab's Death - June 2017

Ahab is still King of Israel, proceeding with his evil pagan religious agenda in spite of many prophets giving warnings of judgment to him, his family, and the people of Israel, while YHWH continues to show His power and love for His people. Jehoshaphat was one of the "good" Kings of Judah who instituted great religious reforms, and had the Word of God taught to the people by high court officials. We should contrast the two rulers: the end of an evil ruler and the reign of a good one. This month's article takes us through the death of Ahab and beyond.
  Jeremiah, Part 2 - February 2012

This is Part 2 in a series of articles on the Book of Jeremiah. The first article is "Introduction to Jeremiah" that contains an outline of Jeremiah. Refer to it as you read this installment. These articles are derived from a series of lectures Dr. Martin gave in 1999. At the end, a portion from a 1994 lecture by Dr. Martin is appended.
  Jeremiah, Part 3 - April 2012

I will show you how important Jeremiah is in all of the major epochs and eras that God has introduced in the world from Jeremiah's own time to our time today. I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of Jeremiah because he not only concluded the old civilizations that existed before his time, but he introduced the Babylonian civilization that you and I are in today. The prophet Ezekiel understood Jeremiah's important role, as did Daniel. In fact, Daniel's prophecies have no relevance unless they are appended to, based upon, and associated with the prophecies of Jeremiah. Daniel's prophecies cannot be analyzed in isolation from Jeremiah's prophecies.
  Jeremiah, Part 4 - May 2012

Jeremiah's prophetic career lasted 40 years, but he was still around after that prophetic period was over (See Jeremiah chapters 40 to 45). During that time he gave advice to those in Judah who were on their way to Egypt. Later we find that Jeremiah was among those in Babylon (2 Chronicles chapter 36). So, although Jeremiah had a 40-year commission to take the message of God to the nations of the world with power and authority, he was around for several years later. This article focuses on the importance of sabbatical years.
  Israel and Judah: 40. Josiah and Discovery of the Law - March 2021

Young King Josiah was anointed as a "good" King of Judah at age 8. This episode examines Josiah's early reign and gives background to a significant discovery made in God's Temple. This all took place during the prophetic ministries of Jeremiah and Zephaniah.
  Just Who Is an Israelite Today? - October 2004

Some prophetic interpreters believe that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples, along with the Belgians, Dutch, the Nordic nations and a smattering of Swiss, French and Germans are descendants of what has been called the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel." It is claimed that these northern Israelites were taken out of their geographical regions in the Middle East that they inherited under Moses and Joshua, and they are now in the regions mentioned above. It is felt that the prophecies of the End-Time, specifically those that mention "Israel" in distinction to "Judah," refer to the above peoples and not to the Jewish people called "Israelis" today. Is there any evidence to support such a belief?
  Keys to Understanding Modern Prophecy - December 2001

The Holy Scriptures are the standard guide for the recognition of all knowledge that God has planned for mankind dealing with the past, applying to the present generation and what He has designed for all future eras. All prophetic parameters that are destined to occur are within the power and sovereignty of God's all-encompassing plan and they are actively placed into force through the divine attributes of God's authority. God is the one who has determined the outcome of all historical events to occur on earth long before this globe came into being.
  Israel and Judah: 23. King Ahab's Decline - April 2017

The prophet Elijah challenged hundreds of false prophets to prove whether Baal and Asherah, or YHWH, was the true God. The false gods Baal and Asherah did not respond. YHWH responded, honoring Elijah's challenge. Fire came down from heaven to consume the sacrifice on the altar. Elijah ordered the people to kill the false prophets. They obeyed because YHWH showed Himself to be the true God of Israel (1 Kings 18:20-40). Elijah prayed for the drought to end, YHWH answered Elijah's prayers with rain (1 Kings 17:1-7 and 18:41-46).
  Israel and Judah: 30. Kings Amaziah & Uzziah of Judah - June 2018

Both Amaziah and Uzziah were judged to be "good kings" by the writers or compilers of Second Kings and Second Chronicles. The two kings were "good" compared to the consistently evil kings of Israel and most kings of Judah. Below is a chart of the reigns of these two kings of Judah. Their reigns of 81 years, add up to one year more than the combined rule of David and Solomon.
  The Lake of Fire: Where is it Located? - February 2010

The new information in this article may come as a surprise, but it can be shown from the Bible and history that the Lake of Fire is presently in existence on this earth! You could be taken there, see it for yourself, and come away without your hair being singed. Incredible? Not at all! This is one article that all biblical students should read. It is not a "quack theory" given simply to gain attention. It is a serious study with practical information about this intriguing subject.
  The Land of Israel in Prophecy - December 1991

Many readers of the Bible have misunderstood a variety of important prophecies because they have not paid close and strict attention to geographical terms used by the prophets which show where their prophecies would take place. It is common practice to gloss over place names as being relatively unimportant to modern readers of the Holy Scriptures
  The Life and Times of the Antichrist Part 1 - August 2009

The Bible prophesies two types of "millenniums" that the world will experience. The first is a false millennium which will last only about 3 1/2 years, and is identified in the Bible as a worldwide empire of the Antichrist. The second is the true millennium - a universal world rule that will last for a literal 1,000 years headed by our elder brother Jesus Christ.
  The Life and Times of the Antichrist Part 2 - September 2009

It is essential that we carefully analyze the eight kings in Daniel's "Book of Truth" (Daniel 11:1 to 12:3). This is because the apostle John in the Book of Revelation specifically mentions these same eight kings as being of paramount importance in comprehending the historical occurrences just preceding the Second Advent of Christ. We will discover that the apostle John gives a running commentary regarding those eight kings - and in particular he describes in detail the last three, which are the 6th, 7th, and 8th kings.
  Magnitude of the End Time Crisis, Part 2 - September 2022

Part 2 of "Magnitude of the End Time Crisis" series focuses on the spirit entities that both oppose, and support, the plan of God and Christ to reconcile all of God's creation. Evil humans led by evil spirits will target, seek out, seduce, control, remove, or kill people before Christ returns. Believers in God, especially Jews and Christians, will be their primary targets threatening the world system under their leadership.
  Major Prophetic Events for the Next Seven Years - March 1997

A great revival regarding matters of religion is just on the horizon. The prophetic events that will appear during the next seven years (from 1997 to 2004) will have religion as their central theme. Though it will take a further twenty years for the full bloom of prophetic teachings to develop in the political sense, this preliminary period we are now entering will provide the religious foundation on which the whole of future prophetic history will be based.
  The Massing of the Planets - April 2000

The Holy Scriptures forbids (and condemns) the use of Astrology in trying to understand matters dealing with your own life or in the present and future affairs of political leaders or nations on this earth (Isaiah 47:12,13). That art is really a false religion based on Babylonian and heathen doctrines that have misused the "signs of the heavens" that Christ Jesus mentioned in Luke 21:11. True, there are prophecies of "great signs in the heavens," but these are visible signs that all people on earth will be able to observe and they are not dependent upon the regular motions of the celestial bodies to interpret them. Such visible signs that astounded the ordinary people in the past (and have astonished even secular astronomers today) occurred in the 18 months' period surrounding the birth of Christ Jesus into the world. There will be future signs of this nature (and even new ones like exploding stars in certain parts of the sky) that will signal events of the End-Time, but the simple movements of the heavenly bodies that astrologers depend on each day for their predictions are NOT what the Holy Scriptures are talking about.
  Matters of Prophecy in Daniel - March 2013

This article is compiled from two sources, both by Dr. Martin, a 1984 audiotape "Matters of Prophecy in Daniel" and a 1989 article "New Discoveries in Prophetic Understanding." Both deal with background regarding the prophecy in the Book of Daniel called "The Scripture of Truth." The End Time has to do with events leading to the Second Coming. There are things which we ought to be watching for, events prophesied to accompany that period of time.
  Megillot in Prophecy - April 2010

Prophecy is a way God proves himself. There is no question about that. Throughout the Old and New Testaments there are many, many prophecies. Prophecies are important and we know that they are interesting. The main reason they interest each of us is because we feel we may be living in the period that many of the prophecies will take place. The Megillot has some very interesting prophecies for us today.
  The Minor Prophets for Today - September 2012

This article is about the books of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. The Twelve Minor Prophets all represented one book put together in a particular order. The order of the Minor Prophets also relates to Temple imagery, as I explain in Chapter 6, "The Design of the Old Testament," in my book "Restoring the Original Bible."
  Modern Prophecy: 1977, 2016 - July 2016

Many of Dr. Martin's early articles still have relevance today, though he changed his understanding of several prophecies, even as he grew in grace and in knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). When change was warranted by new evidence, he never hesitated to "change on a dime" to correct teaching. While our understanding of the Scriptures advances, the entire subject of proph-ecy seems to become more complex the deeper we dig into any area of study.
  Mosaic Prophecies for the End-Time - May 2010

God proves Himself by stating prophecies that later come true. The farther into the future that prophecies take place, the more powerful God appears to be, because it helps show that He governs all affairs on earth and in this universe. Moses gave some prophecies that deal with end times before Christ's return. We need to know about those prophecies.
  The Most Significant Gentile Nation in the Bible - July 2006

What is the most significant Gentile nation of the Bible? I suppose when you enquire about the word "significant" a person should ask, significant in what way? What I am getting to is this: what is the most significant Gentile nation in relationship to the nation of Israel in the entirety of the Bible, from Genesis all the way through the Book of Revelation. There is one nation mentioned, constantly coming in contact with Israel, and most people do not really know much about these people called "the most significant Gentile nation," because they have not really looked at the prophecies related to them in a proper way.
  Mystery Babylon the Great - September 2003

The apostle John was taken forward by the Spirit into the Lord's Day (Revelation 1:10). What he saw did not occur simply on a Sabbath or a Sunday, but he was transferred in vision to the great end - a time period known in the Old Testament as the Day of the Lord. This is the period which includes Israel's redemption, Christ's second coming and the establishing of God's Kingdom in the Millennium. The seven churches of Revelation needed a prophetic message of what was going to occur in that period - so, the Book of Revelation was given by God "to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass" (Revelation 1:1). The book concerns the evil "things" that will exist at that crucial time in history.
  New Discoveries in Chronology and Prophecy - November 2002

This will be an overview of biblical chronology with an emphasis on understanding prophecy relating to the end time, soon future to us. We need to see in detail what the Bible records will happen in the end-time generation so we have the tools to comprehend what God says will occur in our contemporary historical environment.
  New Prophetic Prophecies Concerning the End Time - December 2023  ** UPDATED **

Historical events prophesied to occur during Christ's Second Advent can now be understood as never before! The sequence of those events is especially revealing, and very different from what most people believe today. This article gives a countdown of major events within the last year before the second advent of Christ. It gives an outline of the prophetic scenario, backed up by plain biblical teaching.
  Who are the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel Today - July 1990

The first essential point that must be recognized if one hopes to understand the truth about the Northern Ten Tribes is that they were never "lost" to the Jews of Palestine in a geographical sense. While all people on earth (whether Israelites or Gentiles) have been spiritually "lost" until the sacrifice of Christ for their sins (Matthew 10:6; Romans 5:12), all the twelve tribes of Israel were very much in evidence to the people of Jerusalem in the first century.
  Oil Soon to be Discovered in Israel - January 1981

There can hardly be a doubt that the nation of Israel is sitting astride great quantities of petroleum. It is there waiting to be found! There are several reasons for believing this. For one, prophecies in the Bible show that Israel is destined to become a powerful force in the Middle East before the establishment of the Millennium (Zech. 11-14). In order to do this, the nation has to greatly increase its economic position.
  Origin and Goal of Western Civilization, Part 1 - March 2011

There is an essential truth which is vitally important to make the meaning of Bible prophecy and history intelligible. There is a central theme and a prime goal which has dominated the thinking of people within Western civilization since the time of Nebuchadnezzar in the 6th century BC. It is a truth that can help unlock an understanding of history and prophecy over the past 2,600 years. We will examine what the central goal of Western civilization has been, how it is very much in action today, and how it will find a complete fulfillment just prior to the second advent of Christ back to this earth.
  Origin and Goal of Western Civilization, Part 2 - April 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is Part 2 of Dr. Martin's tape and writings on the topic "Origin and Goal of Western Civilization." Part 1 focused on the period of the Neo-Babylonian Empire and its role in the beginning of the Babylonian system and Western Civilization. Part 2 focuses on the Persian, Greek, and Roman advances of Western Civilization. The entire world at present, East and West, embraces the economics of this Babylonian system that began in the 6th century BC.
  The Past as a Guide to the Future - August 1993

The Holy Bible is not a "history book," but it is a is a book with history as its principal ingredient. This is because everything in it was written within an historical environment and all its pages contain historical data. Even the doctrinal issues that are mentioned within its pages have historical meanings associated with them and one of the reasons that so much doctrine is misunderstood today by preachers and theologians is their lack of applying the historical meanings relevant to the contemporary periods to which the writings referred. After all, the early teachings of the prophets and the apostles were written within particular historical contexts and the words they used reflected the meanings of the societies and times in which they lived. Writing in this way is an essential reason why the Holy Bible can be considered an historical book, and people who study the Bible are "historians."
  Personal Safety During End-Time Prophecy - November 1999

In this Prophetic Report I want to present a general answer on having personal safety during the period when the various events prophesied in the Holy Scriptures are destined to occur in the End-Time. The answer will apply either to those in certain ordained spots on this earth that will get the brunt of the divine judgments (or in areas found all over the earth that will receive the peripheral consequences). Some prophesied events, however, are more than local. They are shown to be worldwide and they will be traumatic and earth shaking. But regardless of whether the prophecies are local or worldwide, we should realize that none of those judgments is sent to punish you or to render God's judgment of anger against you or me.
  The Place of Safety - November 1997

Jesus gave a major prophecy about the End-Time on the Mount of Olives just before his crucifixion. He presented the apostles with a prophetic rundown of events regarding the activities of the Antichrist's empire that will prevail at the Time of the End. He also revealed how Christians who will be living at that climactic period in the history of the world will be able to escape the ravages of those judgments that will engulf the whole world. As a part of that End-Time assessment, Jesus told us that there would occur a period of Great Tribulation that would be so severe that nothing in past history could equal it (Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:21).
  When Prophecies Fail - April 2009

It is important for all of us to realize that not one of God's prophecies has failed or ever will "fail" in the sense that they do not come to pass. That being said, God always has the right (and the free will) to decide to delay or even eliminate a prophecy.
  Prophetic Birth of Our Civilization - October 2020

Originally presented 45 years ago, Dr. Ernest L. Martin recorded a lecture on the origins of our current civilization. Jeremiah was given prophecies that were presented to all nations of the world. These were in addition to the prophecies of warning to the Kingdom of Judah. Read how our civilization as it is today was formed in the ancient past in the days of Jeremiah and Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.
  The Prophetic Future of Iraq - April 2003

This lecture is being made on February 25, 1991, the third day of the land invasion of Kuwait by the coalition forces to extricate the army of Iraq from Kuwait. This subject is of utmost importance to all people who want to know what the prophetic future holds for Iraq, its people, and the whole of the Middle East and the world. We can know pretty accurately what will develop in that part of the Middle East because there are several prophecies in both the Old and New Testaments which have never been fulfilled, but they are destined to take place in the last generation of world history just prior to the Second Advent of Christ.
  Prophetic Geography and the Time of the End - September 1992

Prophetic events are important to understand in order to appreciate the power of God to control all earthly circumstances to accord with his divine plan formulated before the foundation of the earth. Those events can be comprehended if two essential factors are applied. One involves chronology (the time the events take place) and the other is geography (the places where the events will occur). In this Prophetic Report we will concentrate on the geographical indications-where the prophetic occurrences for the End-Time will happen.
  Prophetic Trends to A.D. 2005 - March 1995

Some of the most interesting and exciting times in the history of the world are just on the horizon, and they are prophesied in the Holy Scriptures. All of you are destined to be a part of these trends. What is encouraging is the fact that this will be a time when people will once again be looking back to the Holy Bible for the answers to their political, social and economic problems that have plagued the world for almost the past 6000 years.
  Psalms, Music and Prophecy - April 2008

A psalm is a message from God that is given music as its background. You might say that the words, with the singing, music, and the instrumental activity that takes place as the message goes forth, altogether is a type of a divine opera. When the messages of the Psalms are understood in all their ramifications, it will be found that they have detailed teachings for us who live in this period called in the Holy Scriptures, the time of the end.
  The Rebirth of Babylon - October 2002

The rebirth of Babylon is destined to play one of the leading roles in the end-time fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Its influence will be worldwide-affecting all people. Yet the majority of people today have little conception of the prophecies concerning the rebuilding of Babylon. The Bible not only shows that a literal Babylon will exist at the end of our age in majestic glory, but it will be resurrected in the same location as its ancient predecessor in the Middle East.
  Redistribution of Wealth - January 2022

The "Redistribution of Wealth" is a current topic in the world today. The human attempt to redistribute wealth is a process to grab power. Human leaders will soon find that God holds all power. God redistributes wealth, as He distributes people (individuals, tribes, and nations), when and where it pleases Him to do so. God distributes resources that vary in value throughout history. For example, crude oil in biblical times had different uses and value than today. Today oil is a highly valued industrial commodity.
  Saudi Arabia, a Failing Kingdom - May 2016

Saudi Arabia currently is an important country in today's highly integrated global economy. For many decades it has often been the world's largest producer of crude oil. Its oil is high quality and inexpensive to process. Saudi oil keeps an important percentage of the world's economy operating. Yet Saudi Arabia has perilous economic, political, and military challenges that will likely change its borders. Its problems may cause it to fail as a nation, devolve into anarchy, but eventually return to prosperity before Christ returns.
  The Scourge of Y2K - November 1998

We read in the Holy Scriptures that the wrath of God is going to be poured out on this world at a time not too distant in the future. That wrath is the wrath of Jesus Christ. And believe me, he is angry with certain groups of people on this earth. The verses that introduce the wrath of Jesus are found in Revelation 6:16,17. This is a section of Scripture that should be heeded by each of us who respect the Word of God. Believe me, it is a teaching of judgment that should be held in high esteem by all of us in the world. They are powerful words. Those words are: "Hide us [say the kings, great men, rich men, chief captains, mighty men, slaves and free men] from the face of him that sitteth on the throne [God the Father], and from the wrath of the Lamb [Jesus Christ]: for the great day of his wrath [the wrath of Jesus] is come; and who shall be able to stand?" That time of wrath is destined to occur before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. Are we in the world to experience this wrath starting with the year A.D. 2000?
  The Secret of United States Economic Success - June 1998

Let me say at the start that my main profession is that of a theologian and historian. I am not a professional economist who has credentials from the universities or from some of the government agencies. But I am one who has studied extensively the Holy Scriptures and the annals of world history. The Bible and those historical documents contain many references to things which we today call economics. These matters I have surveyed assiduously for the past forty years. What I want to do in this new Prophetic Report is to capitalize on the biblical and historical information that I have accumulated over the years that can help us comprehend the principles of everyday economics in a much better way.
  The Seven Churches of Revelation - July 2008

Much confusion exists concerning the seven churches of Revelation. Some say they are typical of the church during the entire Church Age, another that they are seven consecutive stages or eras of God's Church. It is the purpose of this article to examine the Scriptures concerning these seven churches of Revelation and to come to some important conclusions based on the revealed word of God. But first let's consider the background and timing of this prophecy
  The Seven Churches of Revelation Today - September 2007

The most mysterious book of the Bible is the Book of Revelation. It is a book made up primarily of symbols, but those symbols can be understood, and they are important for us at this end of the age, to recognize and understand. As explained in my book Restoring the Original Bible, the Book of Revelation was written in two stages: the first before 60 C.E., and then it was edited and finalized about the year 96 C.E., and placed as the final volume in the New Testament canon. It is the final version of the Book of Revelation that is important for us to understand. This because its message is almost totally intended for the generation that is just before the Second Advent of Christ. The exact time period is given in Revelation chapter 17 by the apostle John.
  The Seven Hills of Jerusalem - February 2000

It was common custom in the centuries before Christ for people in the Roman world to refer to the City of Rome itself as the "City of Seven Hills." The references are numerous and consistent. And indeed, when Romulus and Remus wanted to build a city in the area of the Tibur River (just inland from the coast to afford a greater protection for the city from sea pirates or from the naval warfare of hostile powers), it was divinely selected, in Roman parlance, that the city had to be on "seven hills." The number "seven" was a universal symbol that signified "completion" or "perfection," and the ancients who founded Rome wanted people to know that this particular city was destined to have a world influence and fame, and that it was no ordinary city that was being constructed in the 8th century BC.
  Signs of the Times in the First Century - July 2004

The Bible speaks about signs and miracles occurring not long before the 2nd advent of Christ into this world. They will be spectacular and very convincing to the people of the world. The only trouble is that these signs can be misinterpreted by people, even by the wise of the world, even signs that God Himself might give to us. In fact, at the end of the age the signs to occur that will introduce the real Christ into the world could be misinterpreted and help introduce the antichrist into the world. It will be that clever; it will be that close.
  The Strange Ending to Sotah - September 2016

I am re-issuing this reformatted and annotated article because I think few of you have ever read it. Why do I say this? It is because I have not received one question about this article since I took over as Director of ASK in January 2002. Material in a section of the Jewish Babylonian Talmud called the Sotah speaks about Jesus. It gives us background of Gospel events from the perspective of Jewish leaders centuries after Christ's crucifixion. Jewish leaders knew considerably more than most people realize, and they preserved their thoughts and opinions for their own future generations. That information is available for all to read and judge today.
  Surprising Events for the Near Future - March 1992

A religious and political revolution has just begun though most people are completely unaware of it. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, a new historical environment has emerged in the world. What will happen in the next ten, twenty and thirty years?
  The Book of Hosea - October 2012

Hosea is the first book of the Twelve Minor Prophets. In our King James Version it has 14 chapters. Some of the most significant prophecies in the Bible, about Israel and its end-time affairs, are to be found within this book. Some of those teachings pertain to the role of Jesus Christ in His life here on Earth.
  The Coming Revolution in Knowledge - May 2019

[Dr. Martin:] I am no prophet, nor do I have the any prophetic powers to tell anyone what will happen in the near or remote future. I do not have visions, dreams, or voices telling me the future. I hope most of us do not require those things. What I do have is a body of books, the Holy Scriptures. Within those Scriptures are prophecies that can be understood. If a person approaches the prophecies from the historical point of view, reading them for what they actually say (with proper translations), we can begin to understand major events prophesied to occur a few years in advance of us. There is coming a revolution in knowledge.
  The Key to Old Testament History - March 2022

The key to Old Testament history is a prime factor in the comprehension of prophecy. The foundation of all Bible prophecy is a proper understanding of Old Testament history. Most preachers and theologians are unaware of the significance of history, and it needs to be rectified. In fact, even doctrinal truths in Scripture are solidly anchored to the interpretation of scriptural history.
  The Magnitude of the End Time Crisis - April 2022

The End Time crisis will not only occur on earth, it will also take place in the heavens, plural, which are (1) the atmosphere immediately above the earth, (2) what today we call "outer space" to the edge of the physical universe, and (3) even the heaven where God resides. Scripture tells of visible heavenly events occurring in history. When Christ returns, the number of spirit beings opposing and supporting Him is so great that the readers and listeners had little understanding of them. Today we often hear about large numbers, even if we do not fully grasp their significance.
  The Prophesied State of Palestine - November 2023  ** UPDATED **

There is much talk going on in the world at present [2001] calling for creation of an independent "State of Palestine" in the Gaza Strip southwest of Israel on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It was thought improbable that such a "State" could develop. Yet I published a 1974 article that prophecy demanded such a State before the End-Time. In our 21st century it is not IF a State of Palestine is possible, but WHEN and WHERE that "State" will be inaugurated. The region of Gaza will be in such a "State," but other areas will be attached also. The Scriptures have prophetic teachings that can lead politicians in the Middle East to construct the "State of Palestine" along biblical lines.
  The Signs of the Antichrist - August 2023

The major event to occur before Christ'a return is the appearance of the Antichrist. All factors associated with this man are mostly misunderstood by Christians. The majority will agree with the Antichrist. They will think of him as Jesus Christ.
  The Story of Creation - August 2017

Revised in August 2017. For several centuries many people, especially critical scholars, have called attention to the obvious discrepancies between the first biblical account of creation found in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 and the second which commences in Genesis 2:4. True enough, but the narratives are fundamentally very different accounts of creation and in no way are they talking about the same event. The research revealed in this study shows that Moses was giving information from God about two different phases of the creation of the heavens and the earth. Genesis chapters 1 and 2 are not accounts of the same creation. The solution to the Story of Creation is provided in this research study.
  The Two Witnesses - Who Are They? - July 2005

Hardly any personalities of the Bible have been more difficult to ascertain than the two witnesses mentioned prophetically in Revelation chapter 11. The interpretations concerning their role in future events have been numerous and contradictory. Their identities are clear if they are allowed to play the part assigned them by the Bible. When this is done we can know the general commission of these two important individuals. The information in this article could reveal some significant biblical truth.
  Types of Messiah in the Old Testament - June 2006

The word "Christian" comes from the Greek word christos, which in English is translated Christ. To be a Christian means to be a follower of, adhere to, and to believe the teachings of Jesus Christ and that as the Messiah He was resurrected from the dead. The Bible speaks of several types of Christs in a legitimate sense.
  Are UFOs Real - December 1992

The letters UFO stand for 'Unidentified Flying Object.' Technically, any flying object that remains unidentified by humans can be called a UFO. This means that if you are walking down a gravel road and a car comes that causes a small stone to hit you and you are unable to later identify it (because of the mass of small stones on the roadway), that would be a UFO.
  What to Expect on the Day of Trumpets in 1998 - July 1998

The Day of Trumpets for this year (1998) marks the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus. The evidence that proves this has been presented in my book The Star that Astonished the World. In this year of 1998 this Hebrew festival will begin at sundown on Sunday, September 20th. That 24-hour day (from sundown Sunday to sundown Monday) is the 2000th BIRTHDAY for Jesus. This very fact makes it a significant day in the history of the world. Recognizing this as true, what kind of celebration does God the Father have in mind for that day? This will not be difficult to determine if we look at the whole of the biblical account. This means that if we hope to understand this matter properly, we must be aware of what God has done in the past (as well as what He prophesies for our day) regarding the important symbolic activities surrounding this or any other Day of Trumpets.
  Where Islam Fits in Prophecy Today - October 1990

From now on, until the Second Advent of Christ, the word "Islam" (or what some people call "Muhammadanism") will be very much in the vocabulary of all important political and religious peoples in the world. Almost a fifth of the world's population Is presently Islamic in belief and it is the fastest growing religion in the world today. What is of utmost importance to prophetic interpreters is the fact that the vast majority of peoples surrounding Israel and the Holy Land are Muslims (adherents of Islam) and they will figure prominently in all prophetic events which are destined to occur in the end-time generation before Christ's Second Advent.
  Where Does Satan Live? - June 2002

Satan lives on earth, and the Bible almost gives his precise address. You think I'm kidding? Consider: Satan has a home on earth just as God does.
  Who Are the Nephilim - December 2013

This article presents a new perspective to the question "who are the Nephilim?" This is an intriguing but difficult subject, and I do not claim to present the last word on the matter. However, a unique understanding about the Sons of God presented by Dr. Ernest L. Martin in the late 1980s, combined with a verse that I now read with new discernment, a better understanding of Nephilim can be known. Below is a text version of a PowerPoint presentation I gave on September 29, 2013, jointly hosted by the Strange Events Inquiry and Oregon Mufon (Mutual UFO Network).

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