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Israel and Judah: 41. Josiah, His Renewal, and Death - August 2021

King Josiah of Judah has grown in knowledge and wisdom. Discovery of the Scroll of the Law in the Temple surprised everyone in the Kingdom. The king, nobility, priests, and people all have failed to obey Israel's covenant with YHWH. Severe judgments will be the penalty. Josiah takes responsibility and takes action to lead the people to renew their Covenant with YHWH. Will God change His mind as He has done in the past?

Israel and Judah: 40. Josiah and Discovery of the Law - March 2021

Young King Josiah was anointed as a "good" King of Judah at age 8. This episode examines Josiah's early reign and gives background to a significant discovery made in God's Temple. This all took place during the prophetic ministries of Jeremiah and Zephaniah.

China in Prophecy - February 2021   ** UPDATED **

There is more in the Bible about China as a people and as a nation than most people imagine. This article presents biblical and historical evidence to show who the Chinese people are and how important they will soon become in matters dealing with the end-time prophecies. The Chinese people before the Second Advent of Christ are destined to accept Christianity in a very strong way.

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