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The Magnitude of the End Time Crisis - April 2022

The End Time crisis will not only occur on earth, it will also take place in the heavens, plural, which are (1) the atmosphere immediately above the earth, (2) what today we call "outer space" to the edge of the physical universe, and (3) even the heaven where God resides. Scripture tells of visible heavenly events occurring in history. When Christ returns, the number of spirit beings opposing and supporting Him is so great that the readers and listeners had little understanding of them. Today we often hear about large numbers, even if we do not fully grasp their significance.

The Key to Old Testament History - March 2022

The key to Old Testament history is a prime factor in the comprehension of prophecy. The foundation of all Bible prophecy is a proper understanding of Old Testament history. Most preachers and theologians are unaware of the significance of history, and it needs to be rectified. In fact, even doctrinal truths in Scripture are solidly anchored to the interpretation of scriptural history.

Israel and Judah: 42. Judah? Last Kings, 1 - February 2022

King Josiah has just died, three to four years before the collapse of the Assyrian Empire. He was the last good king of Judah. After he died, Josiah's reforms were repealed, idolatry quickly returned because that was what the kings and religious leaders wanted. The last four kings of Judah followed after their evil ancestors, even though God's prophets warned them about the horrors to come. In addition to the books of Kings and Chronicles, there is a great amount of historical information in the writings of Jeremiah.

Redistribution of Wealth - January 2022

The "Redistribution of Wealth" is a current topic in the world today. The human attempt to redistribute wealth is a process to grab power. Human leaders will soon find that God holds all power. God redistributes wealth, as He distributes people (individuals, tribes, and nations), when and where it pleases Him to do so. God distributes resources that vary in value throughout history. For example, crude oil in biblical times had different uses and value than today. Today oil is a highly valued industrial commodity.

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