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February 1989 

Here we are within a few weeks of the Bush administration taking over in the United States and the biggest news on the agenda so far is the economic crises (plural) that are facing the new government officials in Washington. The problems (and there are major ones) are not only centering on the United States but there are worldwide difficulties involving the so-called prosperous economies of West Germany and Japan as well as the debt imbalances found in many Third World countries. In spite of these economic problems, I have been saying for the past fourteen years that the world is actually headed for a time of relative prosperity in the next two decades in front of us. This will provide the means to teach the Gospel to the world. But how can I make such a forecast and even remotely be expected to be believed? Is it because of certain economic skills that I think I might have? Absolutely not! The truth is, there is not an economist in the world (and I don't care how prestigious he or she is) who can even marginally forecast proper economic conditions within the next five years, let alone ten, twenty or thirty years.

Why then am I so confident that a general prosperity will exist in the next twenty years within the developed nations of the world (especially the United States/Canada and the nations of Western Europe and/or nations attached emotionally or politically to the United States or Western Europe)? It is because of what the Holy Scriptures state will be in evidence within the generation just preceding the second advent of Christ back to this earth. One of these months (once we get settled in our new office facility in Portland, Oregon), I hope to provide a research study showing precisely what the statements in the Old and New Testaments have to say on this important subject.

Indeed, in spite of what some people may think, the United States (and its partners) will continue to control the real economic factors in world alfairs throughout this period. I do not mean by this that there will not be financial setbacks in the world (and some of them severe), but the United States will still be in the driver's seat to standardize the policy of world economic affairs for at least two more decades. As a matter of fact, I feel that Japan because of its reluctance to open its doors to the imports of other nations (and other factors) and the hoarding of their outlandish credit balance in trade surpluses will be lucky (in the few years ahead) to get 30 cents on the dollar for those surpluses they now have in paper money. West Germany may see the light a little earlier than Japan and realize a better (though substantially reduced) return on their present surplus holdings. The fact is, there has to be an "ironing out" of the economic imbalances that are now facing all nations on earth, and for the next twenty years the United States/Canada/Australia (western nations having large and prosperous land holdings) will continue to control the trump cards. This is needed to get out the teaching of the Gospel that Christ has prophesied will occur. Last month I provided a basic introduction to the subject of world economics with a cassette taped lecture, but details will have to wait for a future written research study. I think you will be surprised what the Bible actually says on these important economic matters.

And now about our move to Portland, Oregon. A dear friend of A.S.K. is building a new two story office facility in Raleigh Hills about four miles southwest of downtown Portland. He has graciously given A.S.K. a ten year renewable lease (at very reasonable rates) for 1800 square feet on the second floor. This is precisely what we have been looking for over the past two years. The owners of the condo units where we now have our office in South Pasadena, California have decided that no business operations can now be performed in these residential units. We simply have to move and when the opportunity was afforded to have a permanent home for A.S.K. in a brand new building within the metropolitan area of Portland, we saw the hand of God in the matter.

What is interesting to me about the Portland area is its similarity (weather wise) to London, England where I lived for fourteen years. My three children were born in and around London and Kathy, my firstborn, is married to an Englishman and has had her home in London for about the last six years. My secondborn, Phyllis and her three children are happily settled in Seattle, Washington (about 170 miles north of Portland) and she loves the weather and the environment. And Samuel is very interested in moving to the Pacific Northwest too. My dear wife Ramona Jean is 100% behind the work of A.S.K. (and I mean in every detail of it) and she finds the cooler weather environment much better than our summertime heat (and too often, smog) in the Los Angeles area. Frankly, we think the opportunity to move to Portland to be a God-send and we thank him for it.

We are going to pull trailers behind our two "Jimmy" trucks and then have a moving company transport most of the office and household furniture to Portland. It will not be cheap to do the move but in the long run we hope to have the proper facilities to do the work of A.S.K. and that we can keep right on with the work without interruption or lacking in our quality of service. Your prayers for a safe move and getting the new office set up will be much appreciated by us. We think this will allow us to produce the work even better than in the past.

What a joy it will be to have a permanent home for A.S.K. Ever since I resigned my post as Chairman of the Department of Theology at Ambassador College and began the work as an independent research organization, we have had to be housed in non-permanent facilities. But now, God is opening the doors for the very type of office space that we have needed. I hope that you will continue to be behind our efforts in every way because we need to get out the educational messages of the biblical revelation now more than ever. I look on the efforts of A.S.K. as a cooperative one (with all of you and us) to get out the Gospel of Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and encouragement. Your support has been the only means I have to get out the biblical teachings. And I appreciate all that you have done over the months and years.

Thankfully, the last two years of my life have been my best time for research study that I have ever experienced. I have produced more work and at a faster rate than at any other time, and I have at least ten major books in mind to write on important biblical, historical and scientific matters {relating to the Bible) in the next few year ahead. There is also the Manuscript Version of the Bible that should be produced. What a joy it has been to have my son Samuel helping me in the work of ASK. I have to give a lot of the credit for getting the job done to him. By performing much of the office work, he has allowed me to have the time to do the essential research (as well as composition, typesetting and editing) that we of A.S.K. have set out to provide to all in the world who love the teachings of the biblical revelation. Samuel has actually had a lot of training in biblical matters even from childhood. From the age of 3 to 7, he was with me in Jerusalem at the major excavation under Professor Mazar and in the last year of his stay he worked on the dig himself washing pottery, etc. So he has got some early training in archaeological and historical subjects. As a matter of fact, you might be interested in going with him during his vacation time this summer to Israel to participate on a dig in the northern part of the country. See his letter at the end of this Communicator.

I must also give a great deal of credit (as will Samuel and my other two children) to Ramona Jean (my wife of just over a year and a half). What a joy it is to have a woman completely devoted to my work and without the slightest desire to interfere with my work habits (which keep me busy on the job of A.S.K. on a twenty-four hour basis). Of course, I get regular sleep, but even then I almost always wake up in the middle of the night and work for one or two hours on my research studies. As an example of her willingness to put my work above everything, when I told her that I had decided that it was in the interest of A.S.K. to move to Portland, Oregon she said: "I'm going where you go," and that was the conclusion to the matter.

Of course, the final decision on moving the office to Portland was decided unanimously by Samuel, Ramona Jean and me after a considerable amount of evaluation on the wisdom of the move. And now, we all see the need of it and the advantages the work will have because of the transfer. I thank God for the cooperation. It is necessary in matters dealing with the work of A.S.K. that there be utter harmony among those in the work. Indeed, such harmony has to prevail in every workplace and in every home to have a fully satisfactory life and a good performance on the job.

It is so essential for happiness and good productivity in one's work to have a good wife (or, as the case may be, a good husband) -- or if one is not married, to have proper and faithful partners around you in your job and social life. Believe me, I wish all of you that measure of happiness (the abundant life) that God desires for us all. As for me, I perform better, as I am sure you do too, when one's life at home and work is filled with harmony and love. Thankfully, that is what I have and I am grateful to God for it. I am also thankful that God has blessed me with all of you who are a part of A.S.K. (who support the work willingly) as well as my family and wife who are behind me 100%. Thank you so much for your prayers on my behalf over the past years during some pretty difficult times and for your prayers now. I will let you know next month about our radio and publishing plans for the near future.

This month we are offering some very interesting and informative material that I hope you will order by marking the yellow card accompanying this Communicator. We are making the move of the office in February. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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