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November 2002 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

This month’s article is titled "New Discoveries in Chronology and Prophecy." It comes from the edited transcript of an audiotape (not available for copying or distribution) presented by Dr. Martin in 1989. It is an excellent overview of issues regarding endtime prophecies and events, and the interplay between important sections in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

The information contained in this article can only be properly understood by looking at the articles referenced in the footnotes on chronology. They are available on the ASK website for downloading and printing. I would almost say they are necessary to understand this article. You will be missing out if you do not look at them. This month’s material is somewhat complex, and those articles are necessary to fully comprehend this month’s article.

All this is essential background for next month’s article. The information in "New Discoveries" will provide you the historical, prophetic, and the overall biblical context to help you understand the concepts in Dr. Martin’s final article, "The Great Generation," written shortly before his death in January 2002. That article will be presented in an "as is" condition. The text and thoughts are not completely developed to the extent that Dr. Martin’s articles were usually. The intellectual power of his biblical understanding is present, but not the "finished" quality of a fully edited article. Archived data on Dr. Martin’s computer indicate that the article was edited only twice, not his usual 6 or 7 times.

As you will see in this month’s article and next month’s article, there are a lot of events that God needs to "pack" into a prophetic timeframe. Remember too, that the prophetic timeframe is not determined by us or by our understanding of Scripture, but by God the Father’s sovereign will, according to his own timetable. And everything will work out as planned, perfectly, and it will all make perfect sense to everyone in the fullness of time. There shall be no lack, there shall be no question, there shall be only praise, awe and wonder. God’s will shall be done in heaven and on earth. Now is the time for all of us to pray for increased understanding of such matters, so that God’s people may be the first informed of future events contained in the Bible as they occur.

–––––– – ––––––

I have had occasion to travel this past month across the United States, updating a few ASK supporters about the past, present and future of ASK and to present other items of interest. I will discuss some of these in the future.

One initiative that has begun slowly was to reach out to select government officials in the United States and inform them about Dr. Martin’s evidence of the true site of the Jewish Temples. As a result, two particularly high-ranking members of Congress have been notified about this information and its potential for peace accommodations over the Al-Haram Al-Sharif area as a starting point that could lead to even greater accommodations over the larger environs in Jerusalem. I felt it was desirable to approach our own government officials first about this information, to perform "due diligence," before other interested parties are contacted.

Dr. Martin’s evidence should not (and does not) threaten anyone’s real political interests in the region, in spite of initial emotional reactions by those whose traditions are threatened. In some cases unsupported and unhistorical tradition must give way to truth. Emotion should not be allowed to be a barrier to truth—or peace. In general, everyone should be happy that the Temples were actually located 1/3 of a mile south of the Al-Haram Al-Sharif, the site of Fortress Antonia.

It is not my intent for ASK to enter the political realm except as someone who is aware of many of the relevant political and religious issues, and to inform those with interests in the region what the historical and biblical realities truly are, and how every individual, party, group or government can benefit from this information.

It is not my intention to "force prophecy" in a way similar to those of the zealots during the 1st century C.E. just before the Jewish Wars against Rome which led to the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem. I do not seek to fulfill prophecy by such actions, nor do I have a prophetic or political "agenda" in contacting government officials. However, if giving decision-makers information can be useful to help stop large-scale killing, then I will do what can be done.

One Congressman requested more scholarly support for Dr. Martin’s evidence before he could politically "kick it upstairs" (my words, not his). I am pleased to say that this support is building—again slowly, but surely—as the quality of the Temple evidence is considered.

–––––– – ––––––

Earlier I wrote about the necessity of having access to a computer to obtain ASK material more efficiently. If you do not have a computer, ask a friend or relative to obtain this information for you. If you have no friends or relatives, ask God to provide some for you (be sure to specify that they have a computer). Behind my humor I am being very, very serious. The Internet and computers are becoming indispensable for giving out important biblical teaching. Practically every library in the United States, and the world has Internet access. Items can be printed there for very low cost. Where there is a will, there is a way. God will certainly honor any request by you, His children, to be more fully informed about His Word. We all must take responsibility to inform ourselves about what God says to His people through the words of the Bible.

Some of us (myself included) have been "spoon-fed" important biblical teaching for many years. While it is the intention of ASK to continue serving you, as much as we can, for as long as we can—and for the indefinite future—you would be wise to take advantage of the resources available while they are available. If you have loaned out books to friends or relatives, and they have not been returned, purchase another copy for your own use, to have on hand. (You have likely forgotten much of what was in that book since you read it last.) If you reread one of Dr. Martin’s primary books, you will find that new information you learned since your first reading puts new light on the book you read years ago.

For example, the material in The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot contributes mightily to the geographical understanding of events surrounding the trial, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as brought out in Dr. Martin’s book Secrets of Golgotha. With the geographical layout in Temples you can follow along in the Bible, say in the books of Luke and Acts, about Jesus’ last days through to the resurrection, even through the early actions of the apostles in Jerusalem. You can understand and visualize what happens where in the Temple complex. Temples together with Golgotha will make your Bible come alive, almost like reading your local newspaper. Try it.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Word has gone out that some ASK books are out of print (particularly The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot and 101 Bible Secrets that Christians Do Not Know). This is not the case. All ASK books ARE IN PRINT and available on the ASK website. Anyone who says otherwise is (strangely) misinformed. Order as many as you like at Isn’t it amazing how rumors get about?

In fact, I encourage you to replace books that you "loaned out" to friends, relatives and acquaintances over the years. I assure you that you will need Restoring the Original Bible for reference in the future.

–––––– – ––––––

In closing, I have been personally awestruck by ASK supporters that I have met who have gone out of their way to show appreciation for the continuation of ASK. I have been told repeatedly by people that they are praying continually for Ramona, for me and for ASK.

No one ever told me such a thing before.

It is surprising how humbling such words from good people can be—words from the heart—words "in season." I guess I have not yet come to terms with such expressions of love and support. I greatly appreciate, Ramona greatly appreciates, all the heartfelt expressions of support and care and sustenance that so many of you offer regularly, and that many of you feel, but cannot express.

Such feelings and actions allow us to continue doing what we do, not because we have a "calling" or a commission or a feeling or a need to do something for God. We are doing what we do because we want to, and because it should be done, and because there is great benefit and appreciation for what we do.

I can begin to understand what motivated Ernest Martin to do what he did, to produce a body of work that may be used as a foundation for the restitution of all things. With your help we will continue to produce further materials that clarify the Scriptures so you can know the very thoughts of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Much needs to be done. Thank you again and again. Each of us—you included—is doing his and her part all to the glory of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

David W. Sielaff

Ramona Martin/ASK

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