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September 2002 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

This month’s article is titled "The 7 Miracles of John." Originally a taped lecture from 1976, the complete transcript is available on the ASK website along with the audio so you can "read-along" while you listen to Dr. Martin speak.

I highly recommend this as a learning experience. You use two of your senses, sight and hearing. Dr. Martin’s familiar, strong voice brings alive the words on paper. You hear his inflection, emphasis and the pacing of his voice—just as if you were present for the lecture in 1976, 26 years ago. Dr. Martin spoke quickly in those days, full of vitality, so it is helpful to follow along on the written transcript.

The print version of this article is edited down to fit 14 pages, while the core and essence of the lecture is maintained. The subject of the lecture are the 7 sign miracles in the Gospel of John that took place during Jesus public ministry. The 7 Signs of John are, in order:

  1. The Marriage in Cana (John 2:1–11)
  2. The Ruler’s Son (4:46–50)
  3. The Impotent Man (5:1–47)
  4. The Feeding of the 5,000 (6:1–11)
  5. Walking on the Sea (6:15–21)
  6. The Man Born Blind (9:1–11)
  7. The Sister’s Brother, Lazarus (11:1–44)

An 8th Sign occurs after Jesus’ resurrection. It was given privately to the apostles.

  1. The Draught of Fishes (John 21:1–14)

Additional material on the 8 Signs can be found in an excellent article in E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible, Appendix 176, titled, "The Eight ‘Signs’ in John’s Gospel." Dr. Bullinger noted several interesting associations between the various sign miracles,

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For those of you who noticed something awkward in the printed [not the internet] July Article "The Prophetic Birth of Our Civilization" last month, your perceptions were correct. It occurred when our direct mail marketer misprinted and inserted two incorrect pages, front and back. We and they regret any inconvenience. A replacement copy has been sent out. Please throw out the incorrect copy. (The Newsletter is fine and will not be replaced.) The internet article is correct, with no major errors.

That article by Dr. Martin was especially excellent and you should "archive it" for future reference. Babylon and the nation state surrounding it will once again become a center for commercial and political power. Events from that part of the world in the next few months will be front page news, rivaling events in Jerusalem and Israel for headline space. Perhaps soon we will see the rebuilding of Babylon to become a major center of influence as prophesied in the Bible. Dr. Martin’s "Prophetic Birth" article gives precise background information on the foundation of the "Babylonian System." All governments—from the Axial Period of Jeremiah to the present—arose and were organized within this Babylonian System.

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Be sure to look frequently at the "Breaking News" section of the ASK website for additional published material and information—occasionally there is even some real "breaking news"! Seriously, I have been able to put up some substantial articles that should interest you. The ASK website is your best way to obtain the monthly articles. Of course, you can print the internet articles to read at a later time. For ASK the website is the most cost-efficient, and time-efficient method for us to communicate around the world.

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The ASK article for October will be Dr. Martin’s prophetic study "The Rebuilding of Babylon." The insertion of this information into the schedule was called for by the threat of war in the Middle East that would involve the region of ancient Babylon, a few miles south of the modern city of Baghdad in the nation of Iraq. We shall all see if near-future events will necessitate a new capital and commercial center for that land. Babylon will be rebuilt. That much is certain because the biblical information is clear about that fact. What is unclear are the circumstances of how that will occur. It was decided to get this information to you as soon as possible so you can understand the conclusion of events regarding Babylon from the beginning. [The scheduled article "The Secret of Ancient Religion," will be presented in February, 2003.]

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We hope to have the first video clips of the July 13th Meeting of ASK running on the website shortly, perhaps even before you read this Newsletter. At that presentation I (David Sielaff) as Editorial Director gave a presentation about the past, present and future of ASK as a continuing resource of plain and understandable biblical and historical information from material produced by Ernest Martin since 1974. Much of that material has been by only a few people. A good portion of my presentation was a tribute and a perspective on the work of Ernest L. Martin. The part that you have as participants of ASK helps move all of us forward toward the "restitution of all things." This is something God will do. To the extent that we participate in that endeavor, it will be to our joy. It will be done by having good information drive out bad guesswork, truth drive out falsehood, plain biblical teaching drive out doctrines of men, and common-sense activity driving out elaborate (often silly) ritual and tradition.

Be assured that any generosity you are comfortable with toward ASK, for sharing this wonderful knowledge of the Bible, is received with gratitude and prayers. It helps us produce research material with the goal that it is plain so that anyone who can read—or listen—can understand. Thank you so much for all the help you have given, enabling us to put some of the plain teachings of the Bible into the hands of people around the world.

Thanks for everything. May God bless each of you abundantly.

David W. Sielaff

Ramona Martin/ASK

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