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March 2002 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The Sacrificial System of Israel article is highly pertinent to this spring season when discussions about the Holy Days come up. This comprehensive article gives the important meaning behind the origin and reasons for the Holy Days required by God at Sinai for Israelís performance through the times of the tabernacle in the wilderness and in the land, and the various Temples in Jerusalem. It shows how Christ is at the center of the meaning of the Holy Days, as He is the center of everything else involving the life of Israel, the ekklesia and creation.

There is much more than mere symbolism involved in the sacrificial system of Israel. The sacrificial system both points to Christ, and is fulfilled by Christ to the glory of God the Father, even in Christís life as He sits at the right hand of God the Father ó now at this moment. The message of the sacrificial system of Israel also benefits us directly through its teaching as we increase the understanding of our role in Godís plan of salvation. We are recipients of Christís total fulfillment of the sacrifices and observances of days through His actions and works. As a result, there is no longer anything we can do, or should do, or should try to do, to fulfill any of the sacrifices or observances in the Old Testament.

In the next months we will inform you of the status of projects involving books on various topics compiled from materials written by Dr. Martin over the decades. The breadth and scope of Dr. Martinís writings are comprehensive because his interests were so wide-ranging, and his understanding of the Bible was so deep. Although all of the material has been published before (some going back to 1974), the educational value of the information grouped into topic areas will be much greater than the sum of its parts as individual articles. Several books on prophecy alone are being considered at this time.

Bear in mind that while prophecy is important (and interesting), Dr. Martinís latest edition of Essentials of New Testament Doctrine (2001) contains his fullest exposition and understanding of the Mystery of God as revealed in the most advanced epistles of Paul. And, it was written at the height of his physical and mental abilities, with 40 years of research and biblical study behind him. It is truly his epic work, superior to previous editions and compilations on that subject. He considered that book to be the capstone of his lifeís work, more important to individuals than his work on the Temples of God.

All of Dr. Martinís books and articles should be read with the Bible at hand, actively looking up and checking the verses cited ó all the time noting the larger context of the biblical author. Not to do so is to waste much of your time, and dishonor the author, biblical and secular, as well as to act as if Godís Word is of lesser importance. Surely none of us ever intend such a thing. To this purpose Dr. Martinís book Restoring the Original Bible is a basic book for understanding the context of any particular verse. The correct order of the books, the development of the Holy Scriptures (the canonization process of both Old and New Testaments) and the historical background of the books of the Bible are the topic of this book. Unless you understand what is the correct order of a bookís chapters, you cannot fully understand the message of any part of that chapter. Your understanding will likely be "out of context." This is the error of much Christian doctrine today.

As always, we at ASK gratefully acknowledge and thank you for your interest and contributions which allow us to continue the work of this most substantive biblical expositor, Ernest L. Martin.

David W. Sielaff
Ramona Martin/ASK

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