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February 2002 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

Circumstances surrounding Dr. Martinís recent death necessitated postponing the advertised article "My Differences With Some Jerusalem Archeologists" until a later date.

In the aftermath of Dr. Martinís recent death a number of you requested information about the subject of prayer. This is understandable because for decades Dr. Martin presented expositions on the Bible in tapes, articles, books and on the Internet, which became a substantial part of the learning experience about Godís word for so many people. As a result, many people felt close to Dr. Martin as a beloved teacher, very likely the longest relationship they have had with any teacher in their lives. Over the years there was great comfort in the familiarity of the sound of Dr. Martinís voice and the cadence of his prose. Now that source is seemingly gone. But as this Newsletter evidences, looking back at previous information made relevant by recent events can help us understand Godís will and our relationship to Him and His creation.

This month we are presenting the transcript of the audiotape "The Essentials of Prayer" which is a message about the nature and importance of prayer. This article is a nice companion to Dr. Martinís book The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine, but covers a topic not discussed in that book.

In a plain straightforward manner Dr. Martin explains prayer and how it relates to Godís will. Dr. Martin lived these words. This is as it should be. God frequently uses His answers to our prayers to enact His will in our lives. And sometimes He uses us as agents to fulfill His will for others, in answer to their prayers.

Consider the exposition about Godís will as a bonus included in this article. You will read and learn what Godís will is for YOUR life ó from the Bible, simply explained, easily understood, yet profound in its implications, if realized and applied in your daily life.

When I first heard this information in the original tape, I made the teachings a part of my life. I later forgot that the source of the information was from Dr. Martin, but I did remember the Bible verses. I remembered them so well, and thought about the principles set forth so often, that I considered writing an article about the very information that I heard from Dr. Martin in 1995. I had forgotten that I first encountered this aspect of Godís will from Dr. Martinís exposition of Godís word, but I never forgot the ultimate source of that teaching, the Bible. That was always Dr. Martinís intent, to teach us so we may become mature Christians. Now let us work to that end.

Finally, we thank you for your contributions during these difficult times that make it possible to continue freely sharing with as many as possible.

David W. Sielaff
Ramona Martin/ASK

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