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December 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The season of Christmas is once again beaming its attractiveness to our eyes and its appealing satisfaction in many other ways to our human emotions. This noel may be even more nostalgic and acceptable to many Americans and those in western civilization because we have recently had our system of values shaken to the core by the recent terrorist attacks on the two WTC towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington.

Nations from around the world are expressing their sorrow over the incidents, yet to some peoples who do not share our western values in matters of religion and societal existence, they seem more resistant to expressing a resounding horror at the tragedy. This is because some nations feel we deserve to be punished for our ways of adopting idolatrous religious beliefs and in not helping all people in the world to come to the same recognition of freedoms that we possess. Some feel we Americans are party to the design of some people to attack them and trying to wedge a foothold in their countries or among their revered systems they have inherited from their own traditions.

As for me, Ernest L. Martin, I am fully American and it is difficult to me to understand why all people in the earth would not want to be as I am and inherit the freedoms and the right to express our own opinions as we in America have. One of the freedoms we have is the right to practice our own religious beliefs without hindrance, as long as what people believe and practice do not interfere with the rights of others who wish the same benefit. If people in my society wish to dabble in outright idolatrous worship (that is condemned in the Holy Scriptures) that is fine with me, as long as what they believe (and do) does not impinge upon my right to do otherwise.

Now for my wife and me, we do not observe any of the Christmas celebrations that many in what is called Christendom practice. Indeed, there is not one word in the Bible that advocates celebrating Christ’s birthday, let alone on the ancient birthday of the Sun God that the Constantine Christians imposed on the world in the fourth century.

The Bible and history (along with astronomy) show that Christ was actually born on September 11, 3 B.C. I have a major book titled “The Star that Astonished the World” that shows this. That book is accepted by the most prestigious of astronomical observatories around the world as being accurate and that it makes sense. This book also shows the true history and religious meaning of Christ’s birthday, and that it has nothing to do with December 25th as the day of His birth.

Now the Bible tells Ramona and me (and all of you who love the teachings of the Holy Scriptures) “not to learn the ways of the heathen” (Jeremiah 10:1-4). This is why we have nothing to do with the celebration of Christmas because of its pagan origins and that it promotes a number of lies and falsehoods (indeed, in the eyes of many children Santa Claus has taken the place of God and Christ in giving gifts and good things to children).

Most people today know these things to be true, but Christmas has become a real “fun” time with most people. Even mature Christians have reasoned that it is OK to lapse into a little “fun” (as they call it) and join society in their festivities. And since mature Christians know that their salvations are secure in Christ, they simply give in to societal beliefs and go headlong in celebrating the heathen celebration. They usually use the excuse that they are doing it for their “children” or “grandchildren” and that they would not celebrate it otherwise.

What kind of true teaching is such nonsense for our children and the community at large? And look what happens. This is the time that many Christian organizations have to go begging for funds in order to teach the Gospel to the world because people have spent it on their children or themselves during the Christmas celebrations. The people forget all about Christ and His work, and spend the money on themselves and family members to make them feel good at pagan holidays. This is not proper.

I hope that all of you who have your hearts in the work of ASK, will NOT lessen your contributions during this pagan festival season in order that our efforts in teaching the Gospel to the world are not jeopardized. Why not make this Christmas season different? What if all of you who are planning to observe Christmas this year, in thanksgiving to God for His protection and the knowledge of His truth simply send the money you would use to perpetuate the heathen Christmas to the work of God that you think deserves it (and I would hope that you would keep ASK in mind during this time when funds are needed and so often mis-spent).

Ramona and I are working on December 25th just like any other work day. Why not forego Christmas this year and obey God this time and NOT practice paganism as do the heathen. It would be wonderful if you did, and I am sure God would bless you for it. Next month is the New Year.

My Prophetic Report for January is “Water Management in Herod’s Temple.” You will find this to be one of the most interesting engineering articles you have read for a long time. I hope you will send in your coupon. We will send it to you. Be sure to get on the Internet and to view the ASK Web Page for new material throughout the whole of the month. May the blessings of God be with you all. Your brother in Christ, 

Ernest L. Martin

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