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November 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

This is the time for me to bring to your attention the finest way for all of us keep in contact with each other, even on a daily, or even an hourly basis. It is the Internet. Of course, I cannot force any of you to get your own Internet address so that you can E-Mail people you know just down the block or in the four regions of the earth no matter where a person is located. But I truly believe that the Internet is a great tool raised up by God for all of us who are His children to keep in contact with each other, but also for all of you to keep in contact with me. I plan to update the ASK Web Page (if necessary) on a daily basis in the future. I now have the ability to do this, and I want to mention to you that IF you can also get the $100 machine in the USA that allows you to send and to receive E-Mail plus search all the Internet is a great value. It is just as important as your telephone, radio or television set. In a word, you need to get on the Internet.

Indeed, our beloved nations are now in a state of war and our democratic forms of government that provide us in western civilization with the environment that allows us to pursue liberty and freedom in the best possible way is in jeopardy of being harmed. This is one reason why you need to be prepared to assist your neighbors, friends and relatives by informing them of the teachings of the Word of God in these perilous times as anyone else. Thank you for your continued support of ASK with your contributions. This is the way we teach the Gospel to the world, and you should all be a part of the endeavor by funding our activities. Next month, send in for a brand new article: "The Key to Understanding Modern Prophecy." If there was ever a time to be in tune with the Bible and its teachings, it is now. This is a special report. I urge you to send back your coupon for this revealing research. The following is the Office Report from my dear wife Ramona Jean. ELM

The ASK office from Ramona (who is delighted to report the following):

1) Almost half of ASKís mailing list is now Internet even though it means a trip to the library and/or learning the computer to be so. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU.

2) About half of you who have gone Internet care enough about sharing our Father's Good News that you still maintain your financial support of ASK so that we can continue our collective efforts in sharing the joy of who all of us are. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU.

3) More of you who are Internet are using the ASK SEARCH PROGRAM to find what Dr. Martin has written on any given subject before contacting us to answer your questions. This saves considerable time and cost of personnel. FOR THIS WE ARE ALSO THANKFUL TO YOU.

4) Some of you, because of your particular circumstances over which you have no control, may never be Internet. But you are also helping by reading more carefully Dr. Martinís articles, thus cutting down on so many questions that are already answered in a past article. And your filing of Dr. Martin's past articles in a special place so that you do not lose track of them also saves us cost in time, material, and postage of extra mailings of duplicate material. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU.

5) More and more of you are actively sharing Dr. Martinís articles and books with others on your own expense rather than expecting us to send them it for you. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU FOR THAT.

6) All of the above help on your part has decreased my personal work load over the past 5 years from my former 100 down to 50 hour work weeks. I also want to include in my thanks Charles and Carmen Corder who live in Jenison, MI for helping me send out our books to you all. Like yours truly, their valuable time is on a completely volunteer basis with absolutely no pay for their many hours of service towards sharing our Father's Good News on your behalf. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU.

7) Last and ever so heartwarming are your letters, E-mails, and your telephone calls of encouragement. Be assured they are true highlights of our work day. WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU.

(This article Pre-empts the November, 2001: "The Limits of Archaeology.")

Ernest L. Martin

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