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August 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

Each of you needs to know just who you are in the eyes of God the Father. In actual fact, you are right now at this very moment considered by your Father as being a "Prince" or a "Princess" of God. You are a part of the Royal Family of God and sitting (with Christ) on a glorious throne on the right hand of the Father himself (Ephesians 2:6). My new book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine" (Second Edition) is now at the printers. This book is the most important one that I have ever written on the matter of what spiritual doctrine and teachings of the Holy Scriptures really are. If all goes well at the printers, I will be able to offer you this new edition that has been completely edited throughout and presented in a brand new style. It will show to you in no uncertain terms "Just Who YOU Are." You are no ordinary human being, but a special individual selected especially by God by a divine lottery before He even designed and produced this vast universe that we now observe with our telescopes. YOU are important. In fact, God is re-creating Himself in each of you (and in all other humans on earth).

In fact, you are a part of a very small group of people whom God elected before the world’s foundation (by picking your very name and DNA factors) to be born at the very time you were and to be citizens of the country you now are. See Second Timothy 1:9. Your position within the divine Family is so special, that if YOU (and I mean YOU personally) were to be left out of the Family of God in the future (or at any time), God would reckon the Family to be deficient and even marred. He has made a place in that Family for YOU (and only YOU). But He also has places for the rest of us, and for all in the world and universe. It is a glorious future that you have in front of you. This is one reason why you need to keep in contact with ASK (the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge). I will be writing a series of articles in the coming months that will enhance the full meaning of what our human (and eventually our "divine") existence will be as we get closer to the Second Advent of our Elder Brother, Christ Jesus, back to this earth. That event is not too far in the future. We are on the threshold of much more learning and a profound knowledge of what the Holy Scriptures actually teach. You to God are a special person indeed.

For September, I will be offering a brand new Prophetic Report – which will be a scientific/scriptural report -- that you should certainly send for and read. It is titled: "Creation of Life in Contemporary Times." This report shows how God is creating billions of creatures (insects and other small creatures) on earth every single day in our modern period. New species are being developed by the express creative powers of Almighty God and He is giving them to the world every single day in this year 2001. This creation will go on until the Second Advent of Christ. God shows this creative genius that He possesses in the Bible. Do you know where? You should read this Prophetic Report, and you will find out. It is glorious teaching indeed. Thank you for your financial support each month that makes these research articles possible for ASK to send out to you (and to all in the world who ask).

Folks, in closing, I want to share with you how heartwarming your response has been to my July Newsletter appeal for your additional help by going Internet if and when you can do so. Of course, some of you have written that you live in an area that the Internet still does not reach or that you do not have a library within reasonable driving or bus distance. Others are housebound or elderly so a trip to the library is a hardship for you. I understand this and as I mentioned in the July Newsletter, it is not my intent to place a hardship on any one. But for those of you who have expressed a desire to contribute more or work as a volunteer in the A.S.K. office if you could, I thank you for hearing my plea and acting on it if and when you can (and a number have told us that you hope to go Internet within the next year or two). Brethren, it is such an encouragement to me that so many of you are so cheerfully taking this opportunity that our elder brother, Christ Jesus and our heavenly Father, and making it possible for us to spread the Good News of who we are throughout the world. The Father eventually will show all humans just who they are in the scope of His divine creation. But for now, He has selected YOU as a person (among an elect few) to know of their destiny. Thank you helping us to serve you better by your efforts to streamline the work of ASK. May God’s blessings be with you. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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