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July 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

We at the ASK office are rejoicing in the fact that we now have a brand new Web Site. It has been completely re-designed by our competent Webmaster who has been a professional in computer science for over a quarter century. His artistic creations have produced one of the easiest to use and most attractive Web Sites on the entire Internet. And when you look at the research material that we have placed for everyoneís review, it is quite prodigious in content. More than that, the educational articles are valuable in explaining all the various factors relating to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. We cover subject themes that review just about everything that any reader of the Bible would want to know concerning overall doctrines, prophecies and other teachings that God has provided in his Holy Word. In a word, there is a vast education in biblical teaching on our Web Site.

This effort of devising the new Web Site has taken our Webmaster a great number of hours work to produce (and though the prices he charges are modest in the professional sense compared to others), this new public service of ASK has been an expensive project. As for each of you, you may pay only twenty dollars a month to have the whole Internet at your beck and call, but it costs us several thousands of dollars to create and to maintain the Web Site. We are willing to pay the cost simply because this is the finest and best way to present the teachings of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to all in the world for those who want to know it. This allows us to provide it FREE of charge to our readers. In our view, this is the way it should be. But as you can see, operating such a professional Web Site is not cheap. This is why we ask all of you who profit monthly from our research materials (and to allow us to produce even more in the future) that you cheerfully support us with the necessary funds to keep these essential enterprises operating and functioning for the good of all. Thank you very much for your personal contributions that each of you give monthly to make this service (and all our other publishing activities) an active on-going ministry to all in the world who desire to know the Gospel of Christ. Thank you from our hearts.

As a special message for those of you who are still receiving the monthly Newsletter and article by regular mail (because you consider it takes too much of your time and trouble to access the Internet), you are missing out not only in what ASK produces, but what other professional educators are giving from around the world. In my view, having the Internet access in your own home is just as necessary as the telephone, radio and television. The Internet has become so important for the dispensing of information. You should take time to drop by your local library or Senior Citizen Center. Most public libraries in the United States now offer FREE Internet access. Of course, it stands to reason that this advice does not include you who are house-bound with no way of getting to the library. Nor does it include you who live in some few areas that do not yet have Internet service. But I am informing the rest (in the proper spirit of increasing your own knowledge and to allow ASK to more prudently use your hard earned contribution funds), to drop by your library to inquire about accessing the Internet. Folks, this is not the time or place for self indulgence just because you like to get something in your mail box, or to say that it is more convenient for you to let someone else carry your work load. NO, folks. Now is the time and place to put yourself on the front line of doing our Fatherís work. So, if you are receiving the monthly Newsletter and article, you are part of ASK and I fully expect you to do everything you are able to help yourself and others to grow in grace and in knowledge. Thank you so much for doing your part in aiding us to streamline the work of ASK.

What I am planning for the near future is to present on the Internet at various times during the month new and up-to-date Newsflashes as they occur in the world. I now have the ability to add any new material on our Web Site without having our Webmaster do the task. This gives me the opportunity of coming into your home at various times during the month with personal news items that pertain to prophetic or doctrinal matters that are occurring in the world. Even if I would happen to be in Jerusalem, I could keep each of you up-to-date with written (and even audio and video) entries that you would receive within minutes of them taking place. This is why I want you all using the Internet. This is a tool that has been made available for your education. I hope to use it frequently.

As for ASK, we are passing another milestone in producing research studies. Our Second Edition of our book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine" is now at the printers. I have personally gone over every single paragraph, sentence and word to bring the research up-to-date and to put it into an attractive new dress. Also Ramona and our Compositional Editor, David Sielaff, have gone over it meticulously. It has been completely re-typeset and streamlined. I have added a useful "Topical Index" that will aid you to look up easily cardinal doctrinal issues that impact upon oneís understanding of even the basics of New Testament doctrine. For example, if you want to study how each of you was selected by a divine "lottery" before the creation of the heavens and the earth to be in existence at this time in history (and why you were picked by "lottery" to know the Gospel, while others were not selected), then all you have to do is to look up the entry "lottery" in the Topical Index. You will find all the verses that relate to that significant theme. This is a book that makes the teachings of the New Testament make sense as never before. It is what you, your family, relatives and friends need in order to be aware of why God placed each of us on earth (and why He did so at this very time in history). However, do not order the book yet. It is supposed to be delivered for mailing in a month. I hope to offer it to you all in the next Newsletter. Though some of you bought the First Edition, this one is much better and more useful.

In the next few months I will be writing brand new material on prophetic subjects that are becoming clear in the biblical revelation. I am amazed at how clear some prophecies are beginning to be understood. When I survey the number of necessary subjects that I will have to cover, the task seems daunting and even awesome, but they must be brought to your attention. Indeed, I can state quite dogmatically that this whole world is going to go through a major cultural and societal change within the next twenty years. People are going to start discovering that their past histories which they have been taught in schools, colleges and universities have been wrong. People in the educational professions will realize that a whole new way of appraising the past history of the world (the western world in particular) will have to be engaged. It will be a humiliating experience in some ways because the needed alteration in historical comprehension will impinge upon getting rid of the unfounded sanctity of our traditional religious and philosophical beliefs that touch the very foundations of our private emotions.

Believe me, the change that will be necessary (as viewed by academics and politicians in the world) will be traumatic and difficult to accept. But the evidences that are going to be made available in the next few years will demand a complete reversal of some of our most cherished beliefs about the past. However, it will soon be seen that making the change will result in a far better society and cultural ambiance in the world. All will be benefited in the long run. Essentially, it will result in a return to a belief in the Holy Scriptures in a profound manner. Atheism and agnosticism will begin to take a back seat in all of our educational institutions in the years to come. And what may be surprising to some of you readers is the fact that this change in attitude will occur before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. It will even result in whole nations of people becoming Christian.

As for next month, I am writing a brand new Doctrinal Report on the subject of "fasting." We can read of this topic from the very first part of the Holy Scriptures and throughout the New Testament. You will want to know just where you fit in with this subject. So many people misunderstand why we read of fasting in the Bible (that is, abstain from food and drink for periods of time). What is its purpose? Indeed, a biblical Holy Day will soon be occurring that requires a person to fast the whole day. It is called "The Day of Atonement." Should Christians participate in such fasting? You all need to read this new Report. It is titled: "The Ritual of Fasting." You will be amazed at the truth. After you read this research article, you will have no more questions concerning the doctrine of fasting in the Bible.

In closing, I wish to thank each of you for helping us at ASK to make our service available to all in the world who wish to tune in to our Web Site, and to receive our written material each month. We need your prayers that our work will be useful to all people. I truly feel that God the Father and Christ Jesus are pleased with the work that we are doing at ASK (and that includes all of you personally who support us with your contributions). But having an attitude of prayer (not only in the sense of petitioning God for favors and grace, but also in praise and thanksgiving to God and Christ for their protection and attention to our needs) is a spiritual exercise that inspires in each of us a proper demeanor to God. It also shows a respect for God's teachings. In a word, I wish to thank each of you for your prayers on our behalf. I pray that each of you, too, will be blessed by God and His divine Son Christ Jesus in every way. When we are concerned with one another, we are also blessing ourselves. In spite of any problems we may have (and we have plenty), remember we are Godís own children. He will not fail us. May God bless each of you abundantly. Thanks for everything. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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