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March 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

All people in the world are about to receive some stunning revelations from God that will cause even the kings and rulers to begin recognizing that there is a God in the universe. The divine Power will soon unleash His irresistible and omnipotent resources of correction and rebuke upon the inhabitants of this world. This is because of their disbelief in Him and for them showing a lack of respect for His authority that He so abundantly shows through the natural circumstances surrounding us. Precise and pre-determined events are on the way that will dovetail remarkably with the prophetic statements of the Holy Scriptures. All of you who will live within the next two decades will eventually attribute those miraculous prophetic events (that are just on the horizon) as the manifestation of God the Father’s supernatural displays as He begins to re-introduce His Son Jesus Christ back to this world. We will not have long to see these things beginning to occur in history. This is why all of us who love the teachings of the Holy Scriptures will soon find a grand ally of our faith commencing to engage His inescapable powers within the environment of our celestial and terrestrial spheres. When God begins to show His power and force, it will be in a manner that glorifies His existence and His divine authority. The world is on the verge of seeing these preternatural events take place.

One of the prime geographical locations on earth in which God will start to show His power in a decided fashion will be the area of Jerusalem (which now lies within the boundaries of Israel and Palestine). I have just returned from a ten day visit to Jerusalem. I was asked to come to the Holy City to visit the Christian authorities at the "Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center" (the word "Sabeel" is an Arabic word meaning "the Way to a Spring of Water"). The director is Dr. Naim Ateek who is an Episcopalian minister. He read my book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" and soon began to see that what I had researched was indeed the truth. He felt that all the various authorities in Jerusalem ought to be aware of the historical and geographical truths of my book. Dr. Ateek literally introduced me to well over three score academic, political and church dignitaries in Jerusalem to whom I spoke personally or lectured in several meetings. One of my significant lectures was at the Al Quds University [Al Quds is the Arabic name for "Jerusalem."] at which I spoke to about 50 academic people (archaeologists and historians) about my new research on the true Temple site. The whole meeting was televised for Arabic distribution. Later, at the Albright Archaeological Institute I was interviewed by the leading Arabic newspaper in all of Palestine about my historical research that shows that the true Temples of God were located over the Gihon Spring on the southeast ridge and NOT within the Haram esh-Sharif near the Dome of the Rock. I was received with the utmost courtesy and good-will by all the people I met (over 100 persons). I got no negative comments from any of the participants. Dr. Ateek also saw to it that Chairman Arafat (who is President of the Palestine area) was personally given my book on the Temples. I have been invited to see him privately when I return to the Jerusalem area. I certainly look forward to any such meeting so that the real teaching of the biblical revelation can be placed in the hands of the rulers who now comprise the leadership in the world.

There have been many Jewish authorities who have also expressed a real interest in my historical work. They need this true teaching as much as the Christians and Muslims. All people need to realize that the secrets of God are now beginning to be revealed to this world. The scales over the eyes of the people (as we are told in Isaiah 29 and 52:13 on through all of 53) will soon be taken away and the world will begin to observe many of the truths of God. I was amazed at how readily the Arabic and certain European authorities in Jerusalem were keen on accepting the real teachings of the biblical revelation as being of paramount importance. It is prophesied that the whole world will soon be biblically oriented.

We should all be aware that the prophecies of the End-Time starting in Zechariah 12:10 and on to the end of the book will soon begin to occur. The whole Middle East will be affected. Indeed, the next prophesied event to occur involves the people of Jerusalem and Palestine finally coming to a peace agreement that will last for a space of time prior to the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. The Jewish people in particular are programmed by God to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah (several types of Jewish believers will emerge on the scene). They will realize that their present Mosaic type of religious convictions are NOT even Mosaic any longer, but they are peppered with Kabbalistic teachings and such nonsensical doctrines as a belief in the Immortality of the Soul and other such absurdities (alas) as the Transmigration of Souls from one human body to another. If the Jewish authorities in the time of Jesus and Herod could come back to life (and even those of the later Talumdic period) and witness what present Jews actually believe in their various denominational camps, those earlier people would be horrified almost beyond belief. Indeed, they would think it almost impossible to believe that the present Jewish people would lose the whereabouts of their former Temples over the Gihon Spring and that they have selected a Western Wall that protected the former Fort Antonia. And though the Romans called the area of the Dome of the Rock the "Temple Mount," it was the Temple Mount of the Shrine to Jupiter Capitolinus that was located in the center of the Roman fortress called Antonia. What irony! The whole Jewish nation needs to take the scales off their eyes and begin to view Jesus Christ as their Messiah (which many of the Rabbis down in their heart already know is the prophesied "Emmanuel" – the Messiah). We are going to witness some very interesting historical developments in the next few years. Keep your eyes on the Web Pages of ASK. We will be at the forefront in reporting on the true prophetic events that will soon rock this world to its very foundation. All of this is just around the corner.

As many of you know who read us on the Internet, we were off line for about two weeks through no fault of our own. The particular firm that was our server went out of business for some reason, and we had to find another that is more reliable. We believe we now have such a facility. At least we are back online and all seems to be back to normal. Please let us know of any problems that any of you might encounter anywhere in the world. Indeed, our Internet readers should be aware that when they write us that they wish to contribute funds to keep our Internet presence always online, they can find our address on the masthead that shows where they can send their very much need offerings. It is: PO Box 25000, Portland, OR 97298-0990, USA. When we receive your contributions, we then send you a receipt with a blue envelope with our return address on it. If any of you should ever mislay the blue envelope, you can send us your offerings in any envelope (of course). We truly appreciate the help that you give us each month in order for us to teach the Gospel to the world.

Though we provide the Internet service as a FREE adjunct of our work, we cannot maintain this outreach to the world without adequate funds. I do not like to remind you of these matters each month, but folks, if I do not many are in the habit of forgetting this important need. I personally send my thanks to each of you who have your hearts in this work and contribute your hard-earned funds each month to allow your brethren around the world who are less fortunate to also know and rejoice in the truths of God. I pray that God will bless you all abundantly who provide us with the means to operate.

Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the Middle East. You will find that the prophecies of the Bible are centered almost totally on that area of the world. And what happens there (at this Time of the End) will have a profound effect upon all of us in the world. It is not time to be complacent but to pledge yourself to be enthusiastic for helping to get out the Gospel messages to the world.

Next month I have a most important Prophetic Report to offer you. I hope you all will ask for it. It is titled: "The True Biblical Lands of the Philistines." Everyone needs to read this up-to-date prophetic account that will surprise even Chairman Arafat, the President of Palestine and also Prime Minister Sharon of Israel. When they and the rest of the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators read what the Holy Scriptures teach will happen at this End of the Age regarding the creation of a Palestinian state, they are going to be astonished. I have been teaching from 1974 that a union of ten nations will arise in the Middle East (as shown in Psalm 83) and the Philistines are shown to have a re-emergence in power and statehood. These ten nations will be located in the Middle East. They represent the ten nations mentioned in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. They WILL NOT arise in Europe.

We have long been taught the nonsense by other prophetic interpreters that the ten nations at the End of the Age will be comprised of the former peoples of the Roman Empire that were once located in Europe and their descendants are now there or in other colonial areas of the earth such as the United States, etc. This is not the case. The nations of Psalm 83 (and that particular prophecy of that Psalm) are reserved for this period of the End-Time that we are just entering. I have been revealing these matters for over 25 years and I have not seen any reason to deviate from my essential teachings that I first introduced back in 1974 and repeated over the years. We need to keep our eyes on the Middle East as the central area for the fulfillment of prophecy. Chairman Arafat and Prime Minister Sharon need to read this next Prophetic Report. It will show what the Holy Scriptures state will soon occur in the region that is so important to the world community. You also need to read this Report. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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