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February 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The world is now at a crossroad. You and I are at the same crossroad. Which direction will we take when the time comes for us (and the whole world) to make a choice? The fact is, a major revolution for the world is just on the horizon and its ramifications will involve every single person who inhabits the earth. And strange as it may seem to people in the world because they are so out of touch with biblical matters, the "Revolution" will result in a head-on collision with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. And what will the outcome be? The Holy Bible will come back into a profound prominence in people's lives that will surpass the interest shown in the period of the Protestant Reformation. A true "Revolution" in biblical awareness and teaching is now developing.

When I have mentioned this prophesied event to some theologians and preachers, many laughed at my suggestion saying that such a return to biblical teaching in this modern world is not possible. Many people today look on the Bible as being predominantly a book of folklore and religious stories that have little or no historical basis of fact. Even the most prominent theologians and religious leaders accept this erroneous belief as true. Indeed, most people in the academic world now look on the biblical revelation as religious "myth." But the time is soon coming when they will reverse their opinions on a wide scale. I have not the slightest doubt that this will occur.

A "Revolution" is just on the horizon. As I said over twenty years ago that there would be no Soviet Union within ten to fifteen years, that statement of mine has proved to be true. So likewise, I can state with confidence that within ten to twenty-five years, this world will begin to return to the teachings of the Bible with a massive thrust that will exceed in its impact the return to the Bible that took place in the Protestant Reformation 400 years ago.

And God is training you to help in bringing it to pass. Those of you on the A.S.K. mailing list and read our Internet Web Pages who are actively interested in the teachings of the Holy Scripture are at the threshold of a major involvement in developing this "Revolution." What is unique about the majority of us in association with A.S.K. (and supporting the activities of A.S.K. over the years) is the fact that we have all had years of training in the biblical revelation that the vast majority of people in the world have never encountered. Look at the valuable education that most of us have had in understanding and living the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Our experiences were ordered by God the Father and our Elder Brother (Jesus Christ) to make us available to teach others when the real "Revolution" starts that our heavenly Father will soon unleash on the totality of this world. Let me rehearse a few of the wonderful opportunities and training experiences that all of us have had.

The first thing that God did for many of us some ten, twenty, thirty or even fifty years ago, was to put us into a religious organization that caused us to "live the Law of Moses" in our daily lives for several years. As for me, I "kept Moses" for 18 years. Many of you have done the same thing. And what is the result? You and I came to know the Law of Moses (and the Old Testament in general) in a way that we could never have learned in a university or seminary. Others of you were subjected to the teachings of establishment church denominations where the doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul is taught with dogmatism. That is the doctrine that denies the need for the resurrection of the body at the Second Advent of Christ that is plainly revealed in the New Testament (First Corinthians 15). These false teachings promote such nonsense that when a person dies he or she goes immediately to heaven or hell (or to false intermediate places called purgatory or limbo). These teachings have nothing to do with the pristine doctrines as revealed in the New Testament and they need to be jettisoned from us.

True, all these former experiences cost us time, energy and money, but look at the excellent education we got in exchange. We were subjected to the same type of training that the early apostles were exposed to in the first century when they came out of the confusion that was then voiced by the variety of beliefs called Judaism. This has also happened to us. Each of us should thank our heavenly Father for this experience though I guarantee you that I don't want to endure it again. But our training in the Law and also in paganistic teachings associated with the Immortality of the Soul makes you and me able to understand the New Testament doctrine of grace and faith. We need to be vigilant and not return to the Babylonian teachings of the Immortality of the Soul (that engenders so many pagan ideas) or equally to a form of bondage called "law-keeping" (Acts 15:10; Galatians 5:1).

Thankfully, God has been merciful to us. He knew it was NOT necessary for His mature Christian people (which we are at the present) to stay in "grade-school or high school" forever. Once we got our Old Testament training, God then brought us out of rudimentary doctrines to see the glorious teaching of the Gospel of faith, hope and love which is motivated by the New Covenant revelation. True enough, God led us to see that the New Covenant association with Him was much better than having to submit to laws and regulations under Moses which none of us could keep perfectly in the first place. The New Covenant teaching released us (as it did the early ekklesia) from having to rely on the keeping of "days, times, seasons and years" (Galatians 4:10) and physical commandments that could not lead us to any mature spiritual development. But our Father did not stop with the intermediate stage called the New Covenant. He has now allowed us to understand what His final teaching called "the Mystery" (the great Secret of God) is all about that the Father and Christ first revealed to the world about the year A.D.63. That glorious revelation supersedes even New Covenant teaching. We now know the fullness of the education of God in the most mature and spiritual way possible. [By the way, I have brand new biblical teaching that I hope to give you in the next few months that will explain WHY God delayed giving the teaching of "the Mystery" until A.D.63. I will show why it is essential to know WHERE the advanced teaching of "the Mystery" was revealed, and also WHY was the date A.D. 63 selected by God for its revelation? Believe me, there is even a prophecy in the Old Testament that shows that A.D.63 would be the very year in which that full glorious teaching of God would be given to humanity. Future Doctrinal Reports of ASK will explain this knowledge.]

Without doubt, you and I have been blessed with the advanced and mature doctrines of the New Testament that ordinary establishment Christendom does not have a clue as to what it means. With this knowledge that God the Father has now dispatched to us (as revealed in the New Testament), Christ is about ready to let the world know what that knowledge actually entails. In a step-by-step way, God is soon going to reveal once again the fullness of His teaching on why humans were created and placed on the earth in the first place. There will be a "restitution of all things" (Acts 3:21). And you and I (all of us who understand the final teaching of God called "the Mystery") are the prime people whom God will use to restore His divine truth to the world. This outpouring of the mature revelation of Godís divine truth will develop quickly. That event is just ahead of us. It will not be a long, drawn-out process. It will happen speedily and in a way that will startle the world. It will develop in the same fashion that God caused the Soviet Union to shatter into non-existence in a very quick order just about ten years ago. In a similar way, God will soon start His own "Revolution" in knowledge. It will take mankind a few years to grasp its scope of meaning. As a beginning strike of the prophetic clock, part of that initial revelation involves locating the true site of the Temples in Jerusalem. God has graciously revealed that biblical and prophetic knowledge. We now know that teaching concerning the Temple. We will not have to wait long until the whole world recognizes it.

Our Father will soon open the door of opportunity so wide for each of us to teach the Gospel (that is, for those of us who love Him and His divine word the Holy Scriptures), that within a period of the next three decades the whole world will come to know the basic (yet mature) teachings of the biblical revelation in a way that no one would have thought possible a few years back. Though now, most people are still unaware of the "Revolution" in biblical knowledge that God is allowing to hover just over the immediate horizon to us, it will not be long until God opens that door of knowledge wide. You are being trained by God the Father and Christ Jesus (our Elder Brother) to participate in this explosion of true knowledge. A process of education is essential to our calling.

In closing, I want you to know (as brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus) that your support of A.S.K. is helping us to call attention to the authority of the Bible to the world. True enough, I didn't call you to know the truth. God did! But He expects you and me (and all the others associated with us at A.S.K.) to teach the truth to the world without flinching in our responsibilities. We are not ordinary people (though we are no better than anyone else). God reckons us as His very children who are presently (and legally) sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven in Christ (Ephesians 2:6). Each of us is accountable to the head of the Family (the Father) to teach the truth to this world. It is a private family obligation, not one in which we have been commissioned like the apostles. Once we understand that we are members in an intimate way of the only Family of God, we should understand that we each have a responsibility to get the truth out to this world. You can do that by your generous contributions to keep our teaching the Gospel possible (and especially on the Internet as a free service). God expects this of His children. Thank you so much for your continued support of our teaching efforts. If you feel benefited from our work, we cannot do it without your funds. Send back the coupon and contributions for the March Doctrinal Report titled "Maimonides ó Saint and Heretic." This report will be an eye-opener in showing what strange teachings orthodox Judaism now advocates. Until next month, Ernest L. Martin

PS. Last month I mentioned in my Newsletter that Kislev 24 on the biblical calendar was equivalent to December 23rd on our Roman (our modern) calendar. I got the date from an Internet calendar without checking in Spier. The date is wrong. I should have looked up the matter in the authoritative Spierís work that I have in my library. In actual fact, Kislev 24 in 2001 A.D. (this year) will occur on December 9th. Sorry about the oversight. I am pleased to tell you that two of you readers (so far) have let me know of this mistake, and I thank them for it.

Up to now, I thought Ernest L. Martin was always PERFECT in what he states. Now I realize that I am not. I am only joking of course because I know, and all of you know, that I often have typos in my works (much to my chagrin when I read them), and I can attest to several times in my compositions of the past where I have made observational mistakes. We should also grow in knowledge. Some of the accurate teachings that I give today I would have held in error some 45 years ago when I first started to teach Theology in a professional way. But I have grown in knowledge. Still, thank God, I know that I am human like the rest of you who read my material, and I do make observational types of mistakes at times. Please let me know when I do and I will appreciate your corrections. Yes, such mistakes can and will be made from time to time. These things, however, in no way detract from the essential teachings from the Holy Scripture that I maintain are correct in their main thrust.

The vast majority of the teachings I present to the general public are in accord with the true doctrines and statements of the Holy Scriptures. I would be happy to meet in any conference with the top theologians and historians (on any of the subjects that I deal with) if any of them wish to challenge my theological and historical teachings. I have not the slightest doubt that what I state in my articles and tapes is basically the truth of God. True, we still need to grow in the grace and knowledge of God (and I have a long way to go to comprehend ALL the teachings of God), but what has been stated by me in my recent writings I am more than willing (and able) to defend as approaching the utmost accuracy of truth. As mentioned above, if anyone wishes to challenge the research, then set the date and the time and I will be there to answer any questions ó IF the challenger can also get three top scholars from the most prestigious universities and seminaries also to be there to argue their cases with me. I am supremely confidant that the teachings I am presenting to the world are in precise accord with the Gospel of Christ Jesus. With every good wish.

Ernest L. Martin

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