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January 2001 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

"The Forgotten Prophecy ó the Twenty-Fourth Day of the Ninth Month (Kislev 24)"

This New Yearís Day (January 1st) began the first day of the new twenty-first century. It was also the precise day on which the third millennium from the time of Christ Jesus made its inauguration. Time is short. We will soon experience some wonderful prophetic occasions that will stagger the mind. The beginning of this new century as well as the start of this new millennium will witness some of the most exciting and interesting times in world history. Prophecy is about to be fulfilled in such an ostentatious manner that all people on earth will begin to realize that God is actively engaged in the affairs in our world civilization (including the prolonged election of Bush to the presidency of the United States).

We are entering the period of time mentioned in the Holy Scriptures as the Time of the End. Most of you who are reading this Newsletter are destined to witness some marvelous fulfillment of major prophecies that have been written in the Bible over 1900 years ago, and some as long ago as 3000 and even 3500 years ago. In future Newsletters I hope to catalogue what those particular prophecies are. Most of them involve events that will develop in the Middle East (and several of them I have not written about in detail before). They are destined to be so magnificent that their occurrences will reach out to embrace all areas on earth. Each of you reading this material will be affected. And, if the Book of Revelation means anything at all (which it does, and the prophecies therein are some of the most graphic), this world should get ready to see the personal and intimate involvement of God and Christ Jesus in world affairs in a concerted and definite manner. There will be no doubt of Godís intervention.

It appears that many of these significant predicted events of the Bible will occur within the next few years in advance of us (even in the first three decades of this millennium). Among these coming events there will be fulfilled a hitherto "Unknown Prophecy" (to many people, including some of you readers). This prediction provides a specific date in which one of the most outstanding biblical prophecies will have its commencement and then fulfillment. The prophecy of which I am speaking is a prognostication that has been couched in mystery. It has been (and still is) hidden from all interpreters of the scriptural revelation. It is even an unknown prophecy. But its fulfillment will be an event that will usher in the most important of prophecies dealing with the Second Advent of Christ Jesus back to this earth. And, this prophecy precedes those associated with the Second Advent. It is most significant and definitive.

This prophetic report from God himself is so essential to know (and to be aware of) that the fulfillment of it leads us from a specific event soon to occur in history that will renew the world into a time of universal peace and prosperity. And, get this point. All of the events associated with this prophecy will occur BEFORE the Second Advent. If there is one prophecy that you ought to know (and to be fully aware of) it is this unknown prophecy that the Christian, Muslim and Jewish worlds have completely skipped over and certainly ignored. Indeed, if it was ever "known," ALL people have forgotten it. I came to realize this fact over 45 years ago when I was a freshman in Ambassador College. This is when I first mentioned this prophecy to some of those ministers in charge of that institution. But what I told them fell on deaf ears. Since that time, I have verbally mentioned this prophecy and its consequences to scores of people (even making a cassette taped lecture of 60 minutes on it), but I have not written on it extensively. The time has come, however, to reveal it in its full glory. This has been impressed upon me because of my historical and geographical work on showing the true location of the Temples in Jerusalem. Now that the real site of the Temple is known, it is a simple outcome to the Temple research that this important prophecy can now be emphasized (and understood) by all who love the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Without the Temple research, this major prophecy would remain closed.

Believe it or not, I have been severely criticized by a few readers for my (what they call) emphasis on "Temple studies." I have been told that such "studies" have little to do with us Christians today who believe the New Testament and its teachings, and that my time should be considered too valuable to concentrate on such peripheral subjects. How wrong these people are who hold such opinions! True enough, anyone who reads my extensive research on proper doctrine written in my book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine" realize that the Temple itself and its physical teachings for fleshly Israel mean little for us today who understand "the Mystery" given by the apostle Paul in the latter part of his ministry. But in spite of this, many people have not recognized the fact that ALL PROPHECY of the near future involving people on earth today has a theme to it that intrinsically involves the Temple and its reconstruction at Jerusalem. This reconstructed Sanctuary will be what the Jewish people will call their new Third Temple. And there is a precise prophecy about its rebuilding. It is a prophecy that starts with a specific date in the Hebrew calendar. And though the prophecy was given over 500 years before the time of Jesus, it has not been fulfilled. It is one of the most comprehensive prophecies ever given. I call it: The Forgotten Prophecy ó the Twenty-Fourth Day of the Ninth Month (Kislev 24).

I am introducing this prophecy to most of you in a written format though I have verbally taught it openly and candidly to those who were savvy enough to ask about its fulfillment for the past twenty-five years of my professional career. Up to a few years ago, I thought it was a "secret" type of prophecy that only certain Jewish authorities would appreciate and understand when the time for a new Temple would be consecrated. But I am now changing my mind. It has become evident (through the research studies into the real site of the Temple) that even the modern Jewish authorities are oblivious to the location of their former Temples. They have no more knowledge of the true area of the Sanctuaries than the most heathen of the Gentiles in the world. But since the prophecy that I will soon disclose speaks of all the world becoming peaceful just before the great wars and judgments occur that are associated with the Second Advent, I believe it is prudent to inform the whole world (not just Jews alone) of this outstanding prophecy. After all, the prophecy involves all on earth. So, it is time that the world becomes aware of it. You who read my material from ASK also need to know this forgotten prophecy. The events that it describes will involve you, but the world is oblivious to it.

The prophecy is found in the whole of the Book of Haggai, but it bridges over into the next book, the Book of Zechariah (and both books must be consulted and studied in order to comprehend what the single prophetic teaching is all about). It is a unique prophecy in the sense that God gives a precise date in the calendar year when it will commence. That exact day (a twenty-four hour day) will see the start of such physical blessings that there will be no doubt that the prophecy has begun though it will take a year of twelve months to justify its occurrence. While the crops in Israel will be in bad shape because of various circumstances, from the start of a particular day in winter the crops will begin to bring forth abundantly and beyond all expectation. The key verse to the prophecy is Haggai 2:10 and is repeated in verses 18-20. You should read those verses. The day that starts the blessings will be in the ninth month (Kislev, in the Hebrew calendar) and on the 24th day of the month (this is a day before Hannukah or the Feast of Dedication mentioned in John 10:22). "In one day" (within a 24 hour period), God is going to get rid of evil out of the Land of Israel (Zechariah 3:9) and that "evil" will be dispensed to a place in Babylon (Zechariah 5:5-11). This is when God sends a spirit of "grace and supplication" on all those in Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:10ff). All nations of the world will want to hold onto the "skirt of a Jew" and ask to be taught by Jews the truths of God (Zechariah 8:21-23). Great prosperity will then come to Israel (Zechariah 1:17). Good weather conditions will prevail. Peace and harmony will come to the Middle East because of the Jewsí repentance. The nations of the world will be so struck at this prosperity of the Jews that ALL NATIONS will spark revolutions in their own countries to put down their instruments of war (Haggai 2:21,22). Peace will result for this time period throughout the whole earth (Haggai 2:21,22; Zechariah 1:11). People will (erroneously) think the Millennium has begun. What happens on Kislev 24 that will cause this prophecy to start (involving two books of the Bible)? It is laying the foundation stone of the new Temple. But the Jewish authorities will have to know the true location of their former Temples if that is the place that they will select. Wherever they pick, the laying of that foundation stone will be a cardinal time of interest from the point of view of biblical prophecy. God homes in on that very day in this particular prophecy that is written in Haggai and Zechariah. Let us see where this is stated.

Note carefully the single event that Israel performs around which this whole prophecy revolves. They will locate the true Temple site. Then they will "lay the foundation of the Lordís Temple" (Haggai 2:18). The laying of that stone is the key to it all. And though the initial prophecy was given in the second year of Darius, the king of the Persians about 500 years before Christ Jesus, the prophecy has NEVER been fulfilled. Indeed, by the fourth year of Darius (Zechariah 7:1) the Jews of that time were still in poverty and near calamity. Even as late as the time of the prophet Malachi (a hundred years later) they were still in financial trouble (see Malachi chapters one and two). The fact is, that signet prophecy about the Templeís foundation on Kislev 24 in some year HAS NEVER been fulfilled! That day on the Jewish calendar unto this day is free of any commemoration by Jews (either for ill or good) and the day has remained vacant of Jewish celebration for the last 2500 years.

But soon, and I believe it will come in our day, the Jewish authorities will start to build a new Temple (and ordinary Christians, Muslims and other religions) will urge the Jews to build it. Christians such as ourselves who understand "the Mystery" as finally proclaimed by Paul in Ephesians and Colossians have no need to participate in it. But, from the dedication of the foundation stone on Kislev 24 in some future year, the blessings will start to come in abundance to the Jews as these prophecies in Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi proclaim.

In what year will the prophecy start? In the year 2000 (just past), the 24th of Kislev was on our December 21st (the winter solstice), this year (2001) it will occur on December 9th and the next year (2002) it will be November 29th. Will one of these days begin the prophecy? None of us knows the exact year when God will pour out his blessing of "grace and supplication" (Zechariah 12:10), but it cannot be far in the future. Let us do as Christ told the disciples. We should watch world events and learn the prophecies. Let us all be aware of future "Kislev 24ís."

Next month I want to offer a new Doctrinal Report titled: "How God Uses Angels to Govern the World." This is one of the most important research studies that I will present on this matter of the angels. Again, I must also mention that we need your continued financial support to keep the work of ASK advancing. You NEVER hear of the important prophecies I am presenting to you anywhere else. Our work is unique and is of utmost importance in bringing the prophetic as well as doctrinal teachings to all in the world that God is calling. But it does not depend on my teaching alone. You are a very important part of the work. It is your responsibility as a Son and Daughter of God to help us meet our expenses IF you benefit from the research and IF you wish to partake of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures that are presented. You should be willing (and cheerfully) to do your part in helping us get out the Gospel of Christ to the world. And remember, just because all our material on the Internet is FREE to all who wish to use it (and we intend it that way in order to give any in the world the chance to know the truths of the Holy Scriptures), it still costs us a great deal of money [at least, to us] to do the work of research and publishing for the Internet. We need you who read this on the Internet to do your part too by contributing regularly so the necessary work can be dispensed to all. Thank you so much.

Since we are now in the New Year, we will be glad to send you annual tax receipts for the year of 2000 to all in the USA who require them. Thank you from my heart for your support in the past and in the future. I believe God will bless you for it. Again, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year, a Happy New Century and Rewarding Millennium. Remember, the time for Godís intervention in world affairs is just around the corner. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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