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October 2000 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The prophetic teachings of the Holy Scriptures are about to come into full bloom and you will begin to see them happening on a regular basis. That is because we are now on the threshold of the period that the Bible calls the Time of the End. This is when Christ Jesus will begin a series of prophetic events beginning in Jerusalem and the Middle East that will ramify throughout the rest of the world in a systematic and unstoppable manner. In a word, God is about ready to intervene in world affairs in a profound way that all people on earth will conclude that only the God of the Holy Scriptures (the sacred texts from Genesis to Revelation) are the one responsible. Many of you are going to live to see these things happen right in front of your eyes, and there will be no uncertain doubt that God is indeed working with supernatural and inspired accomplishments.

The period of the End-Time will start with God doing two things. One: He will soon take the scales off of peoples’ eyes that God Himself has placed to obscure the true visionary application of His prophetic events (Isaiah 29:9-24), and, two, God will send a powerful outburst of His Spirit (which He calls a "spirit of grace and supplication") on the people of Jerusalem and the area of Israel and Palestine (Zechariah 12:10) that will cause the present Peace Talks to be successful to the joy and happiness of all the parties concerned. To accomplish this, God will truly have to dispense an outpouring of His divine Spirit to the populations now inhabiting Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine. But that will be done. It is as certain as today’s rising of the Sun. Of course, as Jesus plainly said, we cannot know the day or the hour when these things will be in evidence (Matthew 24:36), but we are given sufficient hints and clues that help us establish the general period for these End-Time events to commence. Certainly, we are getting close to their fulfillment in all their glory. The Peace Talks now being held between the Israelis and the Palestinians are a prelude to this countdown period of prophetic accomplishments. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the Middle East in particular.

This is where you come in. God said that He will do nothing unless he first reveals His immediate and remote intentions to "His prophets" (Amos 3:7). Those "prophets" do not include Ernest L. Martin (or any of you reading this Newsletter). Those "prophets" are those who wrote in the Holy Scriptures and placed their predictions in a logical and sequential order (to be understood chronologically and subjectively when the time would come for God to open the eyes and unstop the ears of His people). What you and I represent are the children of God to whom He reveals in a historical and geographical way what His secrets are (Daniel 12:4,9). What it means is that God’s people (I am talking to each one of you personally) will then be able to comprehend just what God said would happen at the period of the Time of the End that He stated over 2000 and even over 3500 years ago. Get ready for some exciting and earth-shaking times that will involve you.

What God is about to do is called by Him (through His prophet Isaiah) "a marvelous work and a wonder, for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid [from view]" (Isaiah 29:14). This "marvelous work and a wonder" involves the comprehension of the words of a book that no scholar, wise man, philosopher or human scholar of any people can decipher on his or her own ingenuity (Isaiah 29:11,12). The prophet Isaiah said that the book of which he was writing in chapter 29 contains a vision concerning Jerusalem or Zion that Isaiah affectionately calls "Ariel" (the Lion) (Isaiah 29:1-8). In the vision even the kings and their armies cannot discover where the real "Zion" is (or was) located. The vision states that when the armies approach "Zion" to reap of its riches and glories, the armies find NOTHING at the spot. They see no mountain or high eminence whatever as "Zion" is repeatedly described as denoting in the various biblical texts. On the other hand, they witness an area that is cut down to the bedrock. Where once was an exalted mountain full of glory and esteem, is to the observers of the prophecy at the time of its fulfillment as a rocky and dusty area of ruin with the remains of the former "Zion" located below the ground (in the underworld as with the abode of a familiar spirit – that is, a ghost – that lurks around a grave) (Isaiah 29:4). The area has become unclean and as impure as is a cemetery or sepulchres to the ancient Jews (see Matthew 23:27). It is a deprived area that is forlorn and in contempt and in disdain by all peoples. But God will soon take the scales off of peoples’ eyes and they will witness the true locale of former "Zion" – and they will be utterly amazed and shocked at what they observe.

This is precisely how the area of former "Zion" is today. Though a few houses are located in the area of the former Temple, one can witness junk piles or rotting food and unusable household items (filthy dumps) in the very region of the former Holy of Holies and the Temple site. You can see the remains of large ritual baths that people used to cleanse themselves spiritually before entering the Temple now filled with junk and debris that is rotting in front of your very eyes. All of this is happening, while the modern Israelis clamor over their most holy of places (the Wailing Wall) which is a wall of Fort Antonia that contained the Roman Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus and the Temple to Augustus Caesar and the Roman Empire. Christian interpreters are no better off. As for Christians, they revere a spot for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ that was the former Temple of Aphrodite (Venus, the Goddess of Sex and Fertility) rather than the Mount of Olives where Christ was truly resurrected. As for the Muslims, they have turned the Dome of the Rock (since the time of Abd Al-Malik in 692 C.E.) into the place where Mohammad made his supposed Night Journey into heaven, and where you can see an imprint of Muhammad’s hand, the hairs of his beard, and a cave that was supposedly created when the Rock under the Dome wanted to accompany Mohammad into heaven but it was pushed back part way and forbidden to go on that journey with Muhammad. The truth is, however, all of these things just mentioned ARE BASED ON PURE FABRICATIONS that the religious leaders in the past have devised as outright lies to deceive the people. The religious authorities have invented false holy places for Jews, Christians and Muslims that are as wrong as a three-dollar bill. The deception even includes the location of the biblical "Zion." Indeed, what has happened to God’s true "Zion"? It languishes in a junky and dilapidated area outside the walls of Jerusalem (the least desirable of any region in Jerusalem) with people daily turning their backs on it and holding the area in disdain and disrepute. This is sad for the eyes to see.

All of you should read Isaiah 29 once again. I am completely convinced that this particular prophecy is just on the threshold of being fulfilled. God is about ready to take the scales off of peoples’ eyes and show them where the true "Zion" was (and is). The words of a book (the Holy Scriptures) will become clear and plain. God will do a marvelous work and wonder [miraculous occasions] that will result in turning wrong doctrinal and prophetic teachings right side up. These are the very scriptural directions (the doctrines and teachings of God) that the people have "turned upside down" (Isaiah 29:16). It is this act of God that will soon bring to pass the concluding verse of Isaiah 29: "They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine" (Isaiah 29:24). Yes, even the realization of proper doctrines (both of the Old and New Testaments) will result from this miracle of God when He does His "marvelous work and a wonder" to let the people of Israel, Palestine and the world to know the true story of "Ariel" (the real "Zion") that the people have forgot. You should get ready to see the fullness of Isaiah 29 to be accomplished.

You and I (those of us who support ASK) are in a unique position to help the people of the world understand the truth of the identity of the real "Ariel" ("Zion") when God opens their eyes and ears to discern spiritual and true historical information about Jerusalem. Even our recognition of proper doctrine (says God) depends on the fulfillment of this vision found in Isaiah 29. And indeed, most of you are going to live to see this very prophecy administered in front of your eyes. Times are short! This is one of the main reasons why all of you should be behind the efforts of ASK to get this essential knowledge to the world. All of you who read our material on the Internet (for which we make no charge, nor do we concoct passwords to reach our Web Page and numerous writings, nor do we plead for your addresses to badger you for funds through the mails) need to be behind our efforts in a decided manner with your support. We need to continue to be actively engaged in teaching the important biblical themes to the world. Your common sense tells you this is right.

As for teaching you about the fulfillment of prophecy, I have my book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" that clears up much of the historical and geographical matters that have blinded the eyes of earlier people. But we need to get this book into the hands of leaders and prominent people (as well as the general public) as much as we can. People do NOT like to read historical works. They appear too complicated and burdensome to fathom. People buy very few of such books on their own. They need to be told that the information is important and essential for the opening up of the doctrinal and prophetic teachings of the Bible. We at ASK need you personally (and this includes all who read this on the Internet) to help us financially with your generous offerings and contributions (above and beyond the payment of some few books which provide ASK with only a minimal amount of funds on which to operate). We need your generous offerings and contributions on a regular basis with even extra amounts of your funding in order to advertise our works to people through the media. Teaching the Gospel to the world takes resources. What I am asking from each of your personally is for the needed tools to teach the Gospel, and that means we need generous contributions from you (the people whom God has opened your eyes to the truths). This is no time to be lax and lethargic to the teachings of the truth to the world. If you stand solidly behind us at ASK, I believe that God and Christ Jesus will reward you handsomely as you do your part in helping us to teach the Gospel (see Matthew 19:27-29). God says He will respond to you favorably (see especially Mark 10:28).

In conclusion, I want to call attention to a new feature on our Web Page. It is the "ASK COMMENTARY" button that is on the Home Page of ASK ( I will be changing the information in that section on a regular basis. It all depends on the news items appearing in the media. If I feel that some news action is important, I may put my remarks in the "ASK COMMENTARY" section every few days, or every week or two. As an example, on September 27th I put a brand new update to a former article that wrote over a year ago regarding the "Secret Key to the Dome of the Rock." That research has been thoroughly brought up to date with new information that you will find interesting and rewarding to understand. This is why you should check our Web Page at least once a week (if not sooner) to keep abreast of news breaking events that I feel are significant as they relate to the End of the Age. Whatever the case, you should always look at this new feature EVERY TIME you click into the ASK Web Home Page (which I hope you will keep changed with new items on a regular basis). And remember, it is you and your support who helps us keep the Web Page on the Internet so that all people can get the messages FREE of charge. Of course, it is also you and I who pay for it each month as a means to show our thankfulness to God and in recognition of His graciousness for all the wonderful things He has given us over the years.

Oh yes, our expert Webmaster, has recently added another group of past articles for your review and reference. They are listed under "Prophecy" and "Doctrine." As you know, I used to post an occasional past article under "Remember This?" but I received numerous requests to post all of the articles in our archives which I am attempting to do as best we can. However, the Home Page was not designed to handle the volume we are subjecting it to which is resulting in complaints that it is getting piled up and more time consuming to look for the articles. So this is to let you know that our Webmaster is scheduled to present an updated format in the New Year that will be attractive and user friendly. One other point, though the Internet has been around in a public and commercial way for over five years, it is still encountering some "teething" troubles from time to time. If you discover our Web Page off the Internet when you try to click into our site, try again in a few minutes or a couple of hours later. The matter of keeping the Web Page on for 24 hours a day for each day of the year is a task that is sometimes overburdensome to the Computer Servers that we use. Do not get discouraged over some slight delays (at times) in reaching the ASK Home Page. It will soon be on the circuit in short order. I hope that you can understand this matter for the time being.

Again, I want to thank all you brothers and sisters in Christ (you who make up the Family of God on earth) for being behind us in the work of ASK. You are simply the nicest people (and the most informed) of all on earth. Let us do our part working together to bring as many as God may call into that very Family of God of which we are intimate members. Now, in closing, for a special note from Ramona to each of you: Ramona writes:

"I want you each to have a personal note from me directed to you who have seen it in your heart to extend your helping hand in sharing the Good News. It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see that so many of you are giving your permission to send your Snail Mail material to someone not yet capable of receiving the Internet. I especially thank you who are continuing your faithful generosity in contributions towards helping Ernest to keep up his research and the sharing of it" [end of Ramona’s quote].

The reality is that your financial support is what allows ASK to send the monthly material, books and tapes to all who request them regardless of whether the individual is able to pay the cost. I am confident that God is pleased with our collective efforts.

The Doctrinal Report for November will be titled: "Why Did God Create Angels?" If you want to know what the real purpose of angels is, return the coupon with your request for this new research article. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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