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September 2000 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The most dangerous personalities in the universe are angels. True, some angels are benign, but even these God often charges with folly and wrongdoing (Job 4:18). One must remember that even Satan the Devil is an angel who appears as an "angel of light" (like pure and unadulterated "righteousness") (II Corinthians 11:14,15) and at the same time he has been (and is) a "murderer from the beginning" (John 8:44). The fact is, there is NOT a single angel (even the highest of the archangels) who can claim to be perfect in his character and being in absolute and thorough obedience to God and to Christ Jesus. Simply put, they may be glorious when God uses them for specific purposes (both in conducting natural phenomena on earth and in the universe and in helping to spare Godís people from time to time when God directs them), but they are no substitute for God, our Heavenly Father and Christ Jesus our Elder Brother.

As for us, we have NO angels that mediate between us who are Christians. We have Christ Jesus himself (I Timothy 2:4-6). It is actually a sin for any of us to petition an angel for any help whatever in our times of need. This is NOT what they have been created to do or how they are to function in our lives. True, God can send one angel (or a legion) to help each one of us in our hour of need, but the mature Christian (such as we are) should let God and Christ Jesus to be the ones who do the dispatching. We should never initiate such encounters. If we do, we more often than not will be engaging an angel that may not have the credentials from God and Christ that you might think. Just because an angel appears to you does not mean that the angel is from God (or represents God).

This brings up the next series of Doctrinal Reports that I will begin writing with the October issue of the Newsletter. What I will offer next month (and this research article is so important that EVERYONE of you on the mailing list should order it), is an introduction to my new book, which I am beginning to write, titled: "Angels ó the Facts and the Fictions." You are going to be amazed at what the Holy Scriptures actually teach about angels. Indeed, if you really knew the role that they have played (and do play) in the lives of humans, you would be one of the most educated individuals in the world, and I would hope one of the wisest. The truth is, angels have caused more harm on earth than they have good, and in the age just on the horizon to us (which God speaks of in the Holy Scriptures as the Time of the End), they will play an effective role of evil and wrongdoing that even you who have the first fruits of the Holy Spirit would be on the verge of believing those angels in their teachings. Believe me, they are going to look very good in their demeanor towards humans on this earth. Already we are seeing a flurry of activity in the media in which (through television programs and books that the general public like and adore) the angelic community is displayed as almost always righteous and benign. This teaching is about as far from the truth as anyone can get who understands the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

This is the time to be forewarned about the impending invasion of angelic forces to this earth (and they will NOT be "good angels"). And I fully intend to fully expose this whole "angel business" in all its scandals. That is why I feel it is time to write this major book that will amaze and startle people with its biblical revelation of the truth about the angelic principalities and powers. And, as a prelude to this introductory article that I will write for next month, you should read the following "Temple Update" for September that is enclosed with this Newsletter titled: "Lingering Idolatry in the Temple of God." It will provide you with some surprising facts regarding the role that angels have had in producing idolatry into the nation of Israel in the past and into the world as a whole. The article will set the stage for my preliminary research on angels that will begin next month. Be sure to return the enclosed coupon so that we will be able to send this biblical knowledge to you. You will not be disappointed in the understanding that it will give to you.

There is a note about our office procedure that I would like to mention. It regards our Internet Site that we have had in operation for about four years. It is time to let you all know that Ramona and I want to thank all of you wonderful associates who so kindly responded to our recent surveys as to whether you are currently reading and printing directly off of the A.S.K. Web Site. Even though most of you indicated that you cannot yet access the Internet, your response helps us to effectively budget your hard earned contribution dollars towards the research and sharing efforts of A.S.K.

We especially thank all who are willing to lend an additional helping hand with getting our Fatherís Good News out by giving your permission for us to replace your name on the A.S.K. Post Office List (called the Snail Mail List by Internet users) to a brother or sister who is not yet Internet. But should your circumstances change in that you need to return to the "Snail Mail List," simply drop us a line and we will be happy to accommodate you. Meanwhile we are confident that our Father is pleased with our collective efforts. The fact is, the Internet has proved to be one of our most successful ways of getting out the Gospel to the whole of the world. We are being read in some of the most remote places I have ever heard, and people are downloading even scores and hundreds of our pages and having them printed with their own printers. People can get to our Web Site 24 hours a day every day of the month and year. This is truly a marvelous and convenient way of teaching the Gospel to the world. What is beneficial is the fact that people can tune in with complete privacy and they are never hounded by us for attention as most churches and religious organizations have to do to make ends meet. Yes, we do ask for funds to operate (and God expects us to do such), but that is simply to call your attention to what all of us know is needed to provide a FREE service to all who can access the Internet. We also try our best to offer our other publications FREE as long as we have the funds supplied by you with even extra contributions that are needed to keep those who cannot send offerings to get the Gospel FREE. Of course, someone has to pay somehow, and we should all know this.

Some of you may have noticed in the last issue of Biblical Archaeology Review that there was a full-page ad that offered most of my major books with a special insert at the top showing the artistís impression of the Temple Mount and Fort Antonia as it existed in the time of our Lord. The main ad in the BAR was to introduce to the archaeological world my new book: "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot." I have authorized this advertising insertion for the next few issues. We also have appeared twice in the daily edition of the Jerusalem Post and also in the International Edition of the Post. We also will be in a news magazine in Israel (which is in the English language) called The Jerusalem Report. This magazine is like Time or Newsweek in its editorial motif. All of you who receive Charisma magazine will see our ad in this monthís issue. I feel it is time to start advertising in these media functions that are available. And already, we are starting to get good returns from these outside magazines and newspapers. I will let you know in due order what the outcome will be as we proceed. What we are doing is to try to get as much attention as we can about our publications and books so that the teaching of the Gospel can be dispatched to the world. In all of them, we are advertising our Web Site that will introduce people to the vast amount of written and audio material that we have available for the general public to read and to appraise. We want to thank all of you personally for helping us make these things available. This shows that all of us are doing our part in teaching the Gospel and in showing our appreciation to the Father and Christ Jesus for the things they do for us and the salvation they give us all.

In closing, we want you to be assured that we welcome your E-mails, letters, and phone calls regarding any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Also, for your convenience, and because we still need your financial assistance in order to continue sharing, we will include a blue return envelope with your contribution receipts. Keep your eyes open on affairs that are happening in the Middle East, and in particular Jerusalem. That is the area where prophecy has its central theme located. If we know what is occurring there, we will be apprised of what we can expect even in our own countries in other parts of the world. This is the time to "watch" (as Jesus said), and we should do it with vigor and enthusiasm. We are on the threshold of a major revolution in thinking and social affairs. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem. What happens there will reflect upon the history of all countries. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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