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June 2000 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

Here we are at the start of the twenty-first century; indeed, at the dawn of the third millennium since Christ was born on earth, and this world still continues to be shrouded in what the Holy Scriptures call spiritual darkness (though some people who claim modern day Christianity as their religion might suggest we are in the "light"). This is true because the Bible says in the clearest of language not to make statues or icons that resemble any form of deity (those images are plain and simple idolatry), and Holy Writ tells us that it is a shame for a man to have long hair (and that Jewish men could not enter the Temple of God with long hair), but our modern religious society has the gall to show even Christ Jesus with having long flowing hair down to his shoulders just like the long hair that identifies the evil angels who are punished in the bottomless pit (Revelation 9:8). This practice is not "light."

There is even a new mini-series on television in the United States that shows Jesus in the same old pagan fashion that he has erroneously been depicted since the fourth century (making him look like a heathen god with his long hair – which the real Jesus DID NOT HAVE). We even hang similar pictures in our churches, our homes and put them in our Bibles. This is just one manner in which modern Christians have gone thoroughly astray (into spiritual darkness) against the commands of the Holy Scriptures. And what about Muslims? They have their ancient meteorite stone (an idol of the early Quarish tribe of the Arabs) embedded in the Ka’aba in Mecca that even Muhammad could not rid the Muslims from adoring. And even our Jewish friends flock to the "Wailing Wall" in a similar way to the Muslims (which happens to the western wall of Fort Antonia – NOT the Temple – and that the Jewish people in the first century held in disdain and in contempt). The truth is, our Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) are filled to the top with idolatrous ways and pagan teachings that the Scriptures utterly repudiate in the clearest of terms.

But why do we humans carry on the way we do and still arrogantly say we are trying to be "God’s people" (and I include myself within this appraisal as having been or still am subject to such paganism and false ways and sometimes I even find difficulty in believing such actions are wrong). This is because God has blinded our eyes from seeing the simple and plain truths of the Scriptures. Read Romans 9, 10 and 11 for God’s answer. Also read Isaiah 29 where God says He is going to remove the blindness from the eyes of people in the world who have turned the teachings of God upside down (Isaiah 29:16). I personally believe that the time has come when God will take the scales off our eyes and the stoppers from our ears (see Isaiah 29:9-15). As prophesied in Daniel 12:4 and 9, the book of God that He has closed up and sealed (the book that contains God’s essential knowledge of doctrine and prophecy) is destined to be opened and made plain. God is going to reveal the knowledge of the truth in its full glory. He will start with those of the Abrahamic faiths first: Christians, Muslims and Jews. They are going to find that they have all "turned things upside down" (Isaiah 29:16), and all of them are going to get a rude awakening to the truths of God. As an example, Christians say Christ Jesus was crucified and resurrected from the dead at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, yet the Bible clearly shows those events happened on the Mount of Olives – a mile east of their false spot. The Muslims will discover that the Isra (or Muhammad’s "Night Journey") did not take place in Jerusalem. And those of Judaism will soon understand that the Temple was destroyed just as Christ Jesus said it would be and that it was located over the Gihon Spring, NOT in the area of the Haram esh-Sharif and their Wailing Wall. Indeed, I will prove next month in my "Temple Update" that the early Jewish authorities NEVER paid one bit of attention to the Wailing Wall until the early sixteenth century (a mere 380 years ago), and Jewish scholars will admit that what I reveal is true. The title is: "The Strange Story of the False Wailing Wall." You will want to read this interesting and revealing article next month. You will be amazed at the reason the Jews accepted their newfangled and false "Wailing Wall."

Thankfully, God has graciously opened the eyes of some as we stand at the threshold of what the Bible calls the End-Time. True, we do not know it all yet (and we have a long way to go to understand all of the wonderful truths of God and Christ Jesus), but we are making headway. God is beginning to take off the spiritual scales from our eyes so that we can recognize the truths of past historical events (which are a prelude to understanding the prophetic events that God has planned for the immediate future). To teach these truths, we at A.S.K. need your continued help with contributions above and beyond merely paying for our books and publications. We are already committing several thousand dollars to advertise our books (notably the new book on the Temples) in ten different periodicals and academic journals. This is one of the best means to teach the Gospel to all whom God might call. We also are spending funds that many of you have provided to keep our presence on the Internet as an active and on-going work (and this is a free service to all people in the world who can click in). Some of you have asked me in the past to let you know if extra funds will be needed to teach the Gospel at special times when new avenues are being negotiated and put into place. For all of you who want to help us teach the Gospel of our Elder Brother, Christ Jesus, in a way that will get the world’s attention, this is the time to send those extra funds. We need your help. When you order a book or publication, we need you to pay in full for the work (which costs a lot to produce). True, we try to help those less fortunate who truly cannot afford to send donations or to pay for books, but for the majority, we need you to pay your full share in addition to your regular monthly contributions. I hope that all of you will want to have a part in teaching the new truths you are learning from A.S.K. As for me, I thank you all from my heart and I pray that God’s blessing will be with each one of you. Until next month, your brother, 

Ernest L. Martin

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