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April 2000 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

Six days ago (March 9th) was a milestone in my fleshly life on this earth in producing joy to me personally. I want to share it with you, my brethren and sisters in Christ. I hope that each one of you can also share the results of my joy in the Father and Christ Jesus in a similar and measurable way. This is because all of you who have supported me and my research work (along with all the efforts of ASK over the years) have been the means to make my accomplishments in revealing and teaching the Gospel of Christ a reality. What happened six days ago? The printers of my new book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot" sent me by FedEx the first copy of the 500 page book. It is a fine looking book and the interior is well done with pictures, diagrams, maps (and especially a pull-out illustration in color that is folded in three sections that is pasted on perforated paper on the inside back cover). I think you will rejoice in the information that this new book on the Temples contains. It is chock-full of pertinent and highly readable biblical and historical evidence to show that ALL religious authorities and scholars have for the past 800 years selected the wrong site in Jerusalem for the Temples of God. Not one of the Temples was located where the authorities now state. None was at the Dome of the Rock. They were all over the Gihon Spring.

It is not the mere location of the Temples that is of paramount importance. The true location means much more. The information in this book will be revolutionary to our understanding of the doctrinal and prophetic messages of the Old and New Testaments. It will simply make the historical narratives and the prophetic sequences of the Bible come alive as never before and it will help make plain whole passages of the Holy Scriptures that could not have been known before. It makes chapter 29 of the Book of Isaiah take on real meaning. You should read all of Isaiah 29. The prophecy speaks at the beginning of Mount Zion (nicknamed "Ariel" in the prophecy) "going into a underground grave" where no one would ever see it again and its once former grandeur. God said He would bring a great "sleep" over the later inhabitants of Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-10). Then, starting in verse 11 God gave Isaiah "the vision of a sealed book." No one (even the top scholars on earth – whether Israelite or Gentile) could decipher what the "book of the vision" meant concerning "Ariel." God hid the meaning of the prophecy. God would "proceed to do a marvelous work and wonder" that would completely obscure the significance of the "vision" by turning the understanding of the scholars and religious leaders "upside down" and away from the simple truths of God (verses 15,16). And then, God would once again make the prophecy clear. "In that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book [the Holy Scriptures], and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness…. They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine" (Isaiah 29:18-24). The prophecy shows that Jerusalem will again be brought back "from the dead" (out of its grave). It will once more arise to be seen in its full glory and majesty. God said He will restore its grandeur. That time has come. The significance and relevance of Mount Zion ("Mount Zion" in Jerusalem) takes on new meaning.

You will be absolutely amazed and excited about what this new book reveals to the world for the first time in 800 years. This is not a fairy-tale or a story of Hollywood fiction that can merely entertain a person for a day of reading. No, this book gives truth that deals with the End-Time! It will open up the doors to comprehend many sections of the Holy Scriptures that people have never realized before. In addition, God will soon dispatch on the inhabitants of Jerusalem a "spirit of grace and supplication" ["supplication" means that people will begin again en masse to ask God to help them personally in their lives in matters dealing with their countries and the world at large] (Zechariah 12:10-14). The opening of these essential prophecies of Isaiah 29 is important toward that end. To accompany these new revelations will be the soon printing (for the first time in history) of the original restored Bible with a proper translation with its books returned to the pristine arrangement in which the prophets and early apostles left them for us. This is a time of restoration!

We are living in exciting and important times. This new century and millennium (and soon a great "Massing of the Planets" as a possible sign of a "new beginning" – you should read the accompanying Prophetic Report for April following this Communicator) are being given by God to indicate that this period we are entering is like a "new age" descending on the earth. This "New Age" is NOT the one expected by the so-called "New Agers" whom we have amongst us who wish to restore a false form of Babylonian idolatry and heathen doctrines back into the world. NO, indeed! Something different will occur. We are going to witness a return to the real truths of the Holy Scriptures. Listen, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation and we of the new century and millennium are going to finish it. Even the churches in this world are going to be caught up in this new surge forward regarding the truths of God. Remarkably, this is prophesied in the Scriptures to happen BEFORE Christ returns to this earth at His Second Advent. The apostle Peter referred to it. It is called: "The restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began" (Acts 3:21).

You and I are privileged to be a part of God’s community who are destined to be at the forefront of these restoration activities. It is our duty before God to participate with our efforts, funds and with personal devotions. You have been called to this very purpose (as well as to understand the Gospel and the teaching of the Great Mystery of God revealed by Paul and others in Ephesians and Colossians). This is no time to get lethargic and to be lulled into "sleep" by this unprecedented prosperity that God has now miraculously brought upon the Western World. And indeed, I am convinced that God will bless you abundantly if you get behind the work of restoring all factors of the Holy Scriptures to this world.

Now to the new book itself that is a major step forward in ushering in this new period of knowledge. Because of the wide interest in this book, I asked last month that you let us know if you wished us to reserve a copy for you to buy when the book came from the printers. I thank all of you who responded. It was most helpful in determining the number of books that I needed to have printed. I now request that you actually order the book. If you receive this Communicator by regular post, you can order it by checking the coupon and returning the coupon with your payment (or your request can be invoiced). If you are Internet, you can access the Order Form from the selection bar that you used to access this Communicator you are reading.

Most of you already know that ASK is funded by free will contributions that are in turn supplemented by book sales. Folks, for over 25 years, I have received your letters thanking me for writing the book "The Tithing Dilemma." I have been up front with you on this issue. That book was the very first publication that I wrote after having given up my tenured professorship in a church college. You have written me how the truths of that book (proving that it is wrong to fund Christian organizations through the biblical tithing system) have saved you thousands of dollars that you would have given to misdirected religious groups. Indeed, many of you paid first, second and third tithes plus abundant offerings to a church group. In thanks to me, some of your letters have been accompanied with generous contributions to ASK and to our work of restoring the Gospel to the world. I truly appreciate your faithfulness. But let us also remember that nothing is really "free" in this world. Even though our salvation that we have in Christ is by grace (totally free to us), it is free to us because Jesus paid the price with His own sufferings and death on the tree of crucifixion in order to pay for our sins and to pay our way into God’s Family. He paid the ultimate price for our salvation.

NO, nothing is really "free." Someone has to pay the price and that includes the price of this new book: "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot." Its cost is $24.95 including postage. As you know, it is my policy to send the monthly material and the books "free" to those who notify us that they cannot afford to send contributions or to pay extra for the tape albums or books. It gives me pleasure to lend this helping hand to our less fortunate brethren in Christ. But I cannot do it alone. So, if at all possible, I ask that you send the extra $24.95 to pay for this book in addition to your monthly contribution that you ordinarily send for the material (that you are also receiving this month). Dear brethren, thank you in advance for heeding this request. I believe God will bless you for your extra effort this month. The title of next month’s Prophetic Report is: "Maimonides –the Saint and the Heretic." It shows when the Jewish people abandoned the site of the Temple for the Dome of the Rock. If you wish this article, please check the coupon. 

Ernest L. Martin

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