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January 2000 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The next ten to fifteen years will be some of the most important that mankind has ever experienced. Things that most people in the world have taken for granted regarding the type of society they have lived in, the kind of philosophies that have guided their lives, the mixture of politics that have become part and parcel of their living, and even the various religious beliefs that people have held sacrosanct and immovable in their minds are about to be shaken to the very foundations. And, NO, I am NOT speaking about the Y2K affair.

Something much bigger and more important is at hand. A new way of looking at the foundational aspects of our civilizations is going to emerge. It will challenge the central concepts that have motivated most of us to be the types of persons we are at the present. Things are on the horizon that will startle you when they are placed in force. And, the changes are inevitable. You will be a part of the great morphemic consequence that will soon begin to take place. And, in actual fact, most of you will approve of the alterations, because they are going to be for the good. But if you wish to resist the inevitable and tenaciously adhere to the status quo (or even to return to what some people call "the good old days"), then you are going to be in for some dramatic shocks that will leave you very uncomfortable with the trend that will emerge in our western societies.

The truth is, the environment that will develop (much of it propagated by the use of the Internet) will bring in a much more democratic society and political ambiance within our western civilizations. This new attitude will also spill over into the manners of life even in the undeveloped countries of the third world, but it will be more evident within the developed countries. This new change will be guided by a decided skepticism of the present establishment to solve the problems of mankind. This is because our ruling societies today are fundamentally based on historical concepts that were developed and put into an intransigent and sacred motif centuries ago when people knew nothing about our problems with the environment and space age techniques and electronic miracles. Even we moderns are amazed at the things we see around us in this highly scientific age. We are able to observe that the potential for great growth and a happy civilization for all are within our grasp, but the tools we are presently working with are antiquated like the Model T of Henry Ford or the electric light bulb of Thomas Edison. We are still backward in thinking. Many Christians are so "horse and buggy days" in their thinking that they believe the Internet is a device of Satan the Devil to destroy the work of Christ. In no way is this true. It is the means to get the Gospel to the whole world, and we at ASK are taking every advantage that God the Father gives us to teach His truth to the world by the Internet.

On the other hand, the Y2K scare is Satanís way of getting some Christians to horde up supplies and cash to protect themselves, that they forget to depend upon the power of God to protect them from the minor inconveniences that Y2K will bring (most of the glitches will be in the third world, and in NO way will such events disturb our civilizations in a great way). The fundamental basis for our present societies is sustained by philosophical and religious concepts that were "set in stone" for most of us in the Dark Ages of Religious and Philosophical superstition. It is time to give up this "doom and gloom" attitude. Listen, God can and will protect you from the Y2K glitches (however, God can bring us to our knees in a moment if we get too pleased with ourselves and we begin to believe we can work out our own problems without Godís help). But Y2K will NOT be the destructive force that some Christian "false prophets" are predicting. We should believe Godís prophecies. What people call "good times" will continue on the horizon for the next ten years (that is, in our western world). But great changes are on tap. The people of the next Millennium will realize that the churches, mosques and synagogues of the previous one thousand years (from 1000 A.D. to 2000 A.D.) were great falsifiers of truth.

Let us look at facts. If a person who lived 400 years ago were transported into our age and saw what has been accomplished scientifically, the person would be dazzled. But if the same person surveyed the teachings and actions of the Roman Catholic Church (or our Protestant Churches), the person would readily admit that those churches had changed very little from those of his day. In fact, the person would be amazed to discover that such churches have only limited powers based on nostalgic themes of the past. They have NO dynamic political or religious thrusts that show them in the mainstream of government and authority (as they once were). Indeed, the person would see how little power they actually demonstrate. Note. World Wars One and also Two (when multiplied millions of people were killed) were inspired by people in Catholic and Protestant nations who paid not the slightest attention to what the leaders of their Christian denominations stated. Why, the churches of the world are about as useless and insignificant in governing political and religious movements on earth as a three dollar bill.

You need to read this monthís Prophetic Report. It will address some of these matters that people in the next few years are going to solve. And organized Christianity (along with organized Islam, and, yes, even organized Judaism, and the organized religions of China and India, etc.) are going to be shaken to their very foundations. They will NOT survive in their former nostalgic patterns that have dominated their reason for existence over the past 400 years. They will have to change drastically. The laity of these religious organizations will find themselves taking over the church hierarchies and demanding that organized churches and mosques and synagogues finally enter the arena of the modern world Ė the world of this new Millennium that is at our doorstep! You need to read the Prophetic Report for this January. It has new information that will enlighten you to events soon to occur on this earth.

There is a companion article that I will provide for you next month. You need to order it with the enclosed coupon. If you want to know more fully what the immediate future holds for you (and for all people in the world), then you should order next monthís Prophetic Report that will come with the February Communicator. It shows the prophetic struggle throughout the centuries by two religious capitals of the world. Those cities are Jerusalem and Rome. And, before the Second Advent of Christ, this article shows the city that will predominate and win the final religious battle. The winner will be Jerusalem. The article is titled: "The Seven Hills of Jerusalem." It is the "Seven Hills of Jerusalem" that will succeed. By the way, it may surprise you that Vatican Hill in Rome was NOT one of the original seven hills of Rome. You will be shocked at the evidence from the historical records that show that our present systems are NOT in accord with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Some major changes will soon come to pass that will bring the world closer to those biblical teachings. They will be non-violent. To know how this will be done, send back the enclosed coupon.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of ASK. We cannot teach the Gospel of Christ without your support. Let me be plain. I fully expect each person who reads this article in the printed edition that we send each month through the Post Office, and also to all those who can (and do) read it on the Internet, to cheerfully send generous contributions to ASK to allow us to teach the Gospel (and especially if you order my research work). Some of you (thankfully a minority) have written me with some of the silliest excuses I have heard for NOT supporting the work of ASK. Some people who read ASK on the Internet or receive our monthly publications must believe that it costs us no funds to produce our work. Brethren, I am trying my best to teach the Gospel of Christ. But I need each of you to actively and diligently support ASK financially so that I can teach Christís message. Frankly, I expect your support. I hope that not one of you will lapse in your duty to help me teach Godís truth. Hey, brethren, I love ya. Until next month, Ernest L. Martin



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