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December 1999 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

One of the most important Prophetic Reports that I have written will be presented to you in January, 2000. You can get it by requesting the January issue. As all of you now know, we are required to adopt a new mailing procedure for sending out Prophetic Reports. We now ask that you return the enclosed coupon with your request for the new written research. This Report will then be sent to you with next monthís Communicator. This new information (much of which I have not published before) will set the stage for understanding the new Millennium that is just around the corner. Indeed, the last year of the 20th century begins with the New Year on January 1st 2000. The 21st century actually begins with the year 2001 a little over a year away. But to give you a major prophetic outlook before this 20th century ends, I am writing this brand new Prophetic Report that will place in your hands details of the future as indicated in the Scriptures so that none of you will be surprised when these prophesied events occur.

The title of this new Prophetic Report is: "Coming: The Greatest Revolution in Human History." This new revolution will not be a violent one in which people will take up weapons of war or external force of threats to accomplish their wishes. It will be a revolution of the mind Ė a change in attitudes. There will be a major difference of philosophical principles activated in a benign way that will result in a respect and an appreciation for the opinions of other peoples (racially, politically and even religiously). In the main, this new revolution will be utterly peaceful in nature, but its outcome will be awesome and powerful. Its consequences will result in the greatest advance in human civilization since the creation of Adam. All of this is prophesied to occur before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth.

People in the world are already beginning to sense that something major and world-changing is just on the horizon. And they are right. One of the greatest alterations in the manner in which we in the Western World view our present society is on the threshold of happening. It will result in a very different type of society (both in a religious and even in a political sense) within the next 28 to 64 years. A future book I intend to write will explain why I concentrate on the years I have just mentioned. But even now, things are well beyond the preparation stage. This advance in civilized concepts will involve each of you personally. What will evolve is a new understanding of past history, especially the history of the holiest of areas on earth Ė I mean it will embrace the actual and unadulterated history of the City of Jerusalem. The reason why the proper history of that city is so important is because that very metropolis (which means "Mother City" of the Jews), is also the prophetic "Mother City" of the Muslims (because Muhammadís important Night Journey to heaven supposedly took place from Jerusalem), and it is also the "Mother City" of the Christians because every significant event associated with the life of Christ and the message of salvation for mankind centers precisely on that city. Soon, the attention of the whole world will be on Jerusalem.

To show how the world is beginning to sense that something breathtaking is about to be revealed concerning the historical and archaeological status of the Holy City of Jerusalem, the editor of the prestigious archaeological magazine "Biblical Archaeology Review" for Nov./Dec., 1999 (Hershel Shanks) titled his main article in the magazine with the provocative title: "Everything You Ever Knew About Jerusalem Is Wrong (Well, Almost)." The fact is, Mr. Shanks is correct. Then he gave in his article a few small tid-bits of change that must be made (thanks to the archaeological digs in the area of the Gihon Spring over the past two years, among them is the discovery that the Gihon Spring was located WITHIN a major wall that surrounded early Jerusalem). But the CATASTROPHIC CHANGES that the title of his article suggests make the minuscule discoveries that Mr. Shanks mentions to pale into insignificance in comparison with the final outcome (though even minor facts are important in showing the truth).

The outstanding alterations in the proper recognition of Jerusalemís history (facts not now recognized by our modern historians and archaeologists) are revealed for the first time in my new book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot." I have placed research information on the Internet for the past two years showing some important details of these vast and awesome changes that scholars will have to make in their appraisals of the past history of Jerusalem. Of course, Mr. Shanks and all other scholars who deal with the history of Jerusalem have had those details of my historical and archaeological suggestions available for their perusal. No wonder that Mr. Shanks is so confident in stating as the title of his principal article: "Everything You Ever Knew About Jerusalem Is Wrong." He is so right. The present history is wrong! The present scholars are wrong, including himself (and I will also include myself a little over four years ago)! All of us have been wrong! Soon will be a dramatic and immediate re-appraisal of the history of Jerusalem to evaluate. The information in every encyclopaedia, every atlas, and every scholarly book on Jerusalem up to now will have to be jettisoned. We are in a new era in comprehending the history of Jerusalem, and its results will be traumatic.

This information is found in my new book to be published in the early New Year. All historians are going to discover that the Temples of God (including Herodís, the one that was there in the time of Jesus) were located over and near the Gihon Spring in the southeastern part of Jerusalem, and NOT in the region now called the Haram esh-Sharif where the Dome of the Rock is positioned. This fact will have a profound influence upon the present religious and political negotiations now underway concerning the Holy City of Jerusalem. But there is more to the issue than simply the true history of Jerusalem. If you want to know just what will finally develop in the later history of the world, you should send for next monthís Prophetic Report. It will open peoplesí eyes to passages in the Scriptures that no people in the world had any idea were truth (before reading the research on the ASK Web Page on the Internet about two years ago). This world will soon experience great changes in religion and society. But you can know it ahead of time. You should keep in touch with ASK. We are leading the way in directing people back to an appreciation in the reliability of the Holy Scriptures. When the world finally returns to respect the Scriptures (which they will do), the world will be able to solve major problems in society and religion that have plagued mankind ever since civilization began on earth.

Now for some news from the ASK office. There are several things that have happened with ASK that can make us all rejoice (in our efforts to dispense the Gospel of Christ Jesus to all in the world). One of them is the great success that ASK has had over the past three years with the ASK Web Page on the Internet. It is a literal fact that people from any area on earth (if they have a computer or other device that is hooked up to the Internet) can get the most advanced teaching of the Gospel and of Prophecy anywhere in the world by clicking into our Internet site that is given above. This is one of the best investments that we of ASK (that means you who regularly donate funds to ASK with your financial support) have ever made in teaching the Gospel to the world. People can literally read, and even print out, hundreds of pages of FREE material that we have placed on the ASK Web Page that covers almost all biblical subjects that one could desire. This is our "missionary" activity in providing a FREE service to all of you who want it. Of course, it does cost us a great deal of effort and money to provide this information, but as long as we have dedicated people like so many of you who send in your support each month, we can continue to offer this valuable free service.

But let me make a point. The Internet has placed a heavy burden on me personally. The time has come for me to make an adjustment in procedure in order for me to have sufficient time to perform my required educational responsibilities to all associates of ASK. Up to now I have stated that anyone who wished to get in personal contact with me can E-Mail me at my Internet address: I want all of you to jot down that URL address in case you need to contact me personally in any type of emergency or prayer request. But, I will no longer advertise it to the general public. If I have to devote much time and energy to answer the questions or problems of single individuals, then my duties to serve all Associates is hampered. Indeed, I have to concentrate on helping all Associates in administrating the ASK office and in researching and writing articles. Personal counseling has now become quite prohibitive for me.

Emergencies are different. For them you should use my E-Mail address above (and in that case, I would hope you would use it as often as you like). But for general office requests for literature, or for general questions to be answered, etc., we have created a NEW Internet address. It is": That address will be checked every day so that we can continue to offer you service dealing with ASK office matters. You are welcome to use that NEW Internet address for anything. If you need to contact Ramona personally for any reason, use the NEW address. Of course, for emergencies you should use my E-Mail address or telephone number listed above (and do not hesitate to do so if you need my urgent attention on any biblical or personal matter). I am sure you will understand my dilemma. I can only do so much work in a day and without exaggeration I am available for my work twenty-four hours a day. Because of this, I have to allot my activities to perform my required duties of research and writing in order to be profitable to all of you.

Also this month, you can now order the brand new album consisting of four cassette tapes of a one hour lecture each (total length of four hours). This album is titled: "The Modern Prophecies of Ezekiel." You will be amazed at what Ezekiel has to say for us today, including you personally. Our lectures on Jeremiah were a real success, and I feel that these new lectures on Ezekiel are equally important. We must charge $19.95 + $3.50 postage and handling for the album so that we can meet the expenses for producing them (and to send free copies to those who cannot afford to pay for them). Thank you for your continued support of ASK. Your contributions make this work possible. Our efforts (mine and yours) to teach the truth of the Gospel are needed now more than ever. Thank you for being behind me in doing this work. All of you who need receipts for your contributions for tax purposes for 1999, please let Ramona know. She will send them to you. May Godís blessings be with you all. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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