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November 1999 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

New understanding of the prophecies is being given by God to all of us (and I mean even to myself) that is truly amazing, and even shocking. Let me tell you a fact. Even I have been astonished at what the Holy Scriptures actually are teaching about events soon to occur on earth. The poor Catholics and Protestants who have relied on antiquated prophetic interpretations are going to be left out in the cold. They will have to change their ways drastically if they want to understand the newly revealed truths of God that are emerging in an avalanche to those who put the teachings of the Holy Scriptures above all the traditional doctrines of man now found in the churches and church denominations. Indeed, many things of our previous thinking about the prophetic significance of the Holy Scriptures are having to be modified Ė and this means on a grand scale. What is happening with this new historical and geographical information is the fact that God is showing us even more spectacular prophetic comprehension than most of us would have thought possible a mere five years ago. We are beginning to be on the crest of a wave in prophetic understanding. Indeed, this is precisely what Daniel said would happen as we progress toward that terminal period in the history of the world known as the End-Time (Daniel 12:4,9). Even the most sophisticated biblical interpreter will have to readjust his or her thinking of what the future holds for us living in this End-Time generation.

Though I have yet a few more days to complete my research book titled "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot," I felt it incumbent to take out time to report to all of you on the A.S.K. mailing list the latest understanding of prophecy concerning the countdown of prophetic events unto the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. So, I stopped writing on the book (temporarily) to bring you the following Prophetic Report titled "The Damascus Phase of End-Time Prophecy." The information in this Prophetic Report is so essential that I had to present you with a thumbnailís review of it because we are soon approaching a new millennium and many people are wondering just what the immediate future holds for us in the world. You need to read the article in the following Prophetic Report. It will make you re-think what the prophecies are telling us. In no way am I personally "a prophet." I am simply relating how I have come to interpret the Holy Scriptures from the extensive historical education that I have had over the past 45 years. When God says: "Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7), He was speaking of those prophets whose writings now appear in the Holy Scriptures. You and I have been privileged to study the words of those prophecies and I believe we can understand what they mean. At least, I am giving you my opinion on what the main prophetic event will be that will usher in the End-Time events. You can read (for the first time) in the following Prophetic Report what I feel that particular event will be. It will be a major tsunami ("tidal wave") that hits the eastern Mediterranean.

We are now entering a most precarious period of time. We are still in the tranquil phase before the holocaust of natural disasters shown in the Book of Revelation. What you should do is to check the biblical references that I give in the following research paper. The Bible is the authority, NOT me. Donít quote me, quote the Holy Scriptures that I show you and you can add your own scriptures to the research. It is now time to read the prophetic scriptures in their purity. This is no time to become lethargic. If we do, then the prophesied events will be the very ones to wake us up. God grants to all of us protection during these times of trials. Please send in your coupon (as Ramona Jean asks in her Office Update below) and we will dispatch to you next monthís article: "Personal Safety During the End-Time Events." This is one article you all need to read for your personal safety. Thank you for your contributions. We need them more now than ever. Thank you for participating with us in funding (with your offerings) the operation of A.S.K.

Ernest L. Martin

Office Update from Ramona Jean Martin

I want to personally give a well deserved toast to our wonderfully dedicated volunteers in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan for their splendid work in helping us get out the Gospel of Christ to the world!!!J J J These selfless associates not only spent their summer vacations coming out to work in our Portland office, but once back home, most of their free time was spent on the numerous time consuming details involved with getting the Jeremiah tape albums duplicated and safely into your hands. To date, 700 have gone out. What a joy this endeavor has been to us. We hope you enjoy the taped lectures. My husband, Dr. Martin joins me in expressing our sincere gratitude to all of you.

While we are ever so grateful for all of the above help, we also hasten to add our appreciation for your kindly attitude towards our mail distribution regrouping efforts during 1999. As you know, included as part of their cost cutting, the U. S. Postal Service withdrew their Mixed Bulk Rate Mail as of October, 1998. This increased our financial payment to the Post Office quite a bit. While we supported this business decision on the part of the Post Office, it sent us scrambling as how to best service our contributors while continuing to include our less fortunate associates who are unable to carry their own financial weight. We wanted to do this without interrupting the sending of introductory material to our first time referrals and to others. We owe all of you our thanks for the relatively smooth transition in this new procedure required of us by the Post Office. We are grateful to you for your patience and understanding. Again, "Thank You."

Additionally, I thank you for your numerous heartwarming letters expressing the desire to help with my exceptionally heavy office load that I had in the past. Considering all my bellyaching for the heavy workload in getting out the mail, I am sure that you are relieved to hear that my office responsibilities have now been reduced to a reasonable week of 40 hours! For varied reasons, you who are at a distance from our office in Portland, Oregon simply cannot help in a "hands on" manner in any sense of the word. Still, there are some simple ways in which every single associate can help in the A.S.K. office without ever stepping one foot inside it. One is to return your coupon each and every month in time for it to reach the A.S.K. office in Portland by the 15th of the month. This one request is so important to the smooth running of the office. All chaos develops when you do not return the enclosed coupon. Our whole mailing procedure depends on the return of that coupon (NOT a letter or special card that you devise yourself). I know that it is difficult to understand why the return of the coupon is important, but please realize that Dr. Martin considers this as essential. Please, oh please, return your coupon each month in order to receive the following monthís offering. If you do not return the coupon provided, I am burdened with the extra work of having to pack your requests on a personal basis! This also prevents us from using the Post Office rules for Bulk Mailings. It means that A.S.K. has to pay additional postage from the normal Bulk Rate of 11 cents to the First Class rate of 55 cents. This is counter productive and it is not spending the money sent to us for spreading the Gospel in a judicious and timely manner. All of this can be prevented by the single task of returning the coupon that we provide each month. It is that simple.

Another way to help would be if you could set aside a specific place in your home (that is easily accessible) to keep your Communicators and Articles from A.S.K. so that they do not get mixed in with other personal papers you might have and even get mixed in with your trash. We hope that you will place A.S.K. material in a handy (but secure) area for your reference and review. Be assured that we are happy to supply you with all the information and past materials that we can, but most of the inquiries we receive have already been answered in previous Communciators or articles or books. So, if I have to send them again, it is a waste of my time and your contribution dollars.

Last and most important. Thank you, my dear fellow associates and friends, for the privilege of being your volunteer servant. I feel truly blessed. My appreciation and prayers,

Ramona Jean Martin

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