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April 1999 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

The work environment at ASK (in turning out the research and written materials) requires me as well as Ramona to be active all days and even nights to get the jobs accomplished. It is arduous work. We, of course, are not complaining because the results are satisfying in the sense that they can provide people (including Ramona and me) with the basic truths of the Holy Scriptures. The messages are important. For this reason, I have been working overtime and have now finished my brand new book on the doctrines of the New Testament. It is called: "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine." This book is now in our hands from the printers. I hope that each of you will order it. It is 564 pages in length and is replete with the main teachings of the Gospel of Christ. There is no book more useful in showing an overview of the grand vista of doctrine that the Bible provides so that we can know with assurance what salvation in Christ really means, and that we and the rest of humanity will be saved by the Father and Christ Jesus. The world needs the knowledge of this book. It is well worth the $19.95 we ask for it.

And yet, there is much more to do. Right now I am active in the final composition stage (obtaining many pictures, photographs, drawings, and also making many geographical measurements) in completing my new book "The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot." I have even discovered of late, a great deal of new (and exciting) historical and geographical material that will make the matter of the Temple's whereabouts as simple as knowing the ABC's. This new book on the true location of the Temple of Herod will be published in late Summer, 1999. It will bring a new dimension of historical and religious comprehension to the peoples of the Middle East, and also the world. The information it contains is revolutionary.

Indeed, we should begin to look for some outstanding prophetic events to start soon in Jerusalem. As a matter of fact, the End-Time teaching of the Gospel of Christ to the world at large will even begin in Jerusalem. That time will emerge when God and Christ cause a spark of spiritual power and awareness to be sent into the minds of all the people of Jerusalem (whether they are Jews, Muslims or Christians). In Zechariah 12:10 we read of a yet future event (soon to occur) that will cause the people in the area to have a change of heart regarding the teachings of Christ Jesus. That is a time when God sends forth a Spirit of Grace (in a powerful and universal manner). It will result in the people of Jerusalem (including even the leaders of the land of all religious persuasions) to begin to repent of their former obstinacy to Christ Jesus and adopt a positive attitude to the teaching of the Gospel message. So profound and certain will be their response that even the rulers of the land will begin to mourn over their past rejections of the simple and plain teachings of the Holy Scriptures regarding Christ and the Gospel (Zechariah 12:11 to 13:6). This spark of spiritual input by God Himself will create a flame that will finally reach out to emblazon the world with the truth. You and I are presently helping to provide the essential foundational teachings upon which the whole world will finally obtain the truth. But we have to be zealous in this.

This means that the time is soon coming when everyone in the world will have to make an important decision. The world will have to decide whether they prefer the truth of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures (which are the most glorious and wonderful teachings known to man) or continue to accept a much watered down version of church doctrines that have been erroneously devised by the councils of men. It is "watered down" doctrines that are presently being taught in most of the churches of Christendom. Many ministers and priests themselves do NOT like what they are required to teach. Believe me, I know for a fact that many ministers of Christian churches (especially those who have gone through the main academic seminaries) realize that the Holy Scriptures teach that all mankind are destined to be saved through the merits and actions of Christ Jesus, but they cannot preach to their congregations this sensible and theologically sound doctrine. Indeed, if the ministers and priests would openly proclaim that "All humans will be saved" (as the Bible plainly attests), they would be defrocked by their boards or the hierarchies of their denominations. They would soon be on the street looking for another job. The same thing applies if the present clergy gave up the nonsensical teaching of the Catholic and Protestant "Trinity."

If the absurd teaching of the traditional "Trinity" were not so widely accepted in contemporary churchi-anity, the teaching would be considered a theological embarrassment of the highest magnitude. Its teaching makes not the slightest sense to any human today. Yet, Catholic and Protestant "Trinitarians" have the nerve to say that they believe in One God (that is, a single, monotheistic God) but that One God is actually reckoned to be Three Persons! Goodness sakes! Let us be honest with ourselves. If Three Persons make up a single God, does "God" have three heads, six arms and six legs (among other parts of His Person)? The truth is, "Trinitarians" realize they are worshipping three individual Gods, NOT a single personality called (in a monotheistic fashion) "One God." That is the plain meaning of the doctrine as expressed in English (and it is also compliant with the Greek and Hebrew words they use to explain it). Please tell me in a common sense manner how "One Monotheistic Person called God" can be "Three separate personalities called Gods"? One does not have to be a graduate of Harvard or of Oxford to understand the unreasonable implications of this theological incongruity that is being forced on the Christian world today. In fact, the doctrine is the height of ridiculousness. Any rational person would have to agree with me on these matters. The truth is, the time has come to abandon such childish and "Disneyland" ideas and return to the truths of the New Testament.

Thankfully, such changes in doctrinal belief are prophesied to occur. People will also begin to see the nonsense of the prevalent teaching (called the "Immortality of the Soul") now engulfing the Christian, Muslim and Jewish worlds. This false doctrine breeds a variety of other fallacious teachings that church denominations are eager to teach. This teaching demands that as soon as a person dies he or she is wafted off to heaven and continues living with Christ (if one is a Christian) and begins to enjoy what they call "heaven." Nothing could be farther from the truth. Such an erroneous belief allows evil angels to assume the identity of dead people of the past (such as Elijah, Enoch, Mary the Mother of Jesus, etc.) and to mislead humans into believing that those dead people are very much alive and that they are able to perform miracles on their behalf. These false doctrines have brought millions of people into profound error. The biblical fact is, each person who dies (or all those who have died since the time of Adam, with the exception of Christ) remains in the grave in a completely unconscious state until the resurrection from the dead at Christ's Second Advent or at the End of Time (I Corinthians 15). These essential doctrines of the Scriptures need to be understood by all people in the world. To show these truths, I also have another two books in the pipeline: "Angels -- the Fictions and the Facts" and then (because so many people are confused over chronological and prophetical matters of the Bible) I am writing a new work on history and chronology. It will be called "Chronology of the Bible." I will be a busy man.

I have tried my best over the years to teach the truths of the Gospel of Christ and I realize that it is not easy to go against ingrained errors of the church denominations. The difficulties that ministers and priests have in trying to do the same is understandable, but it is still not an excuse for the perpetuation of false doctrines. I would appeal to the ministers and priests to take the plunge (as I did) and begin to teach their groups the real truths of the Holy Scriptures. One of the reasons I wrote my new book "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine" is to place in peoples' hands the basic knowledge of what the Gospel of Christ is all about. You can now order this book from ASK. I am very pleased with the printing and I think you will rejoice in the contents. It is chock full of the essentials. I took time out of my customary work to finish this doctrinal book (because it is needed by all who want to know the truths of the Gospel). Among numerous subjects, it shows what the true Godhead is and why the "Trinity" and the "Immortality of the Soul" are wrong. In fact, is gives the overview of what salvation is.

There is also another subject of the Bible that needs to be understood. It is the one on Geography and its heavenly relevance. You may not realize it in its entirety but there are territorial regions in the heavenly realm where God the Father, Christ Jesus and the angels live (along with other "Sons of God") that have areas on earth named after them. That's right! Not only is there a heavenly Temple (with the former Temples on earth patterned after it), but there is likewise a heavenly Jerusalem, there are also a heavenly city called "Tyre" and other areas called "Ophir, Edom, Moab, Ammon, Media, Javan, etc." This information will be contained in a new Prophetic Report that will be attached to next month's Communicator. It will be titled: "The Geography of Heaven." You can now tour heaven if you want.

In fact, the whole of Psalm 45 is a HEAVENLY SCENE with heavenly geography. The reason that the earthly geographical terms Ophir and Tyre appear in the text of Psalm 45 is one of the major proofs (among many) that the geographical names we have here on earth are counterparts of geographical names in the territory we call "heaven." We are even told of "War in Heaven" (Revelation 12:7) with various angels fighting over those territorial regions as well as their counterparts fighting on earth. Note that the earthly "Tyre" is mentioned in the first part of Ezekiel 28 (verses 1-10) and there is also the heavenly "Tyre" (the earth's counterpart) mentioned in Ezekiel 28:11-19. Psalm 45 means that there is a heavenly "Ophir," as well as an earthly "Ophir." There is (or WAS before it was destroyed) an earthly Temple, and there is also a heavenly Temple (its counterpart). There is an earthly Jerusalem, and there is also a heavenly Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2). There were 24 divisions of priests in the earthly Temple, and there are 24 divisions of heavenly "priests" (or elders) in the heavenly Temple (Revelation 4:4). Indeed, all major areas on earth over which angels have charge ON THE EARTH, have their counterparts in the territory that we call "heaven" in which God the Father and Christ now are. There is yet to be War in Heaven over those particular areas in heaven as well as on earth and we need to distinguish between the two realms. Note that the Prince of Persia (an angelic power) and the Prince of Javan (Greece -- also an angelic power) were programmed by God to fight with the angels Gabriel and Michael (and much of the teaching of Daniel 10 and 11 is still future to us). It is basically heavenly geography that is being discussed in Daniel Eleven (not the earthly counterpart, though the control of the earth does figure into the account as well). The geography on our present earth is simply a reflection (almost an exact one) of the geography in heaven. If you want to know more of this vital historical and geographical information from the Bible, send for this new report: "The Geography of Heaven." You will be amazed at what the Bible actually says about these heavenly regions that are as substantial to people living in them as those areas which are their counterparts on earth. Remember, to get this new Prophetic Report you must send back the enclosed card. You should mark the appropriate box to let the staff know that you want the new Communicator and the new Prophetic Report for May, 1999.

I sincerely want to thank each of you for your continued support of the work of ASK in getting out the Gospel of Christ to as many who request it. I truly appreciate it. We depend on the monthly donations of people such as yourself to keep the work going. All of you who rejoice in the real knowledge of what the Holy Scriptures teach (that we of ASK are devoted to provide) should cheerfully be active in supporting our efforts as the apostle Paul said God the Father expects of His children (II Corinthians 9:7). This is not only your way of showing God that you appreciate Him and His salvation, but it is a way of helping your fellowman also to know the glorious truths you are privileged to understand. As you know, we do try to provide a free service to those who do not have the means to support the work. But our operation is small compared to some of the big church denominations that have tithing systems and the donations of big corporations in the world to support them, I feel we are doing above and beyond our smallness and with important works having a great effect in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. In the meantime, get ready for some very exciting times. Prophecy is just on the threshold of fulfillment in the Middle East and the world. May the blessings of God and Christ Jesus be with you all. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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