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March 1999 

Dear Associates, Students and Friends:

There is some good news I wish to share with all of you on the mailing list. The next five to ten years will be the best years in an economic and social sense than has ever happened in the history of the world. While other biblical interpreters (who for the most part have their heads in the sand) are telling you that nothing but gloom and doom are on the immediate horizon, I am giving you what the Bible actually prophesies and, let me tell you a fact, it is the exact opposite of what the majority of prophetic interpreters are stating. The reason they are so wrong is because they have adopted the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant (and Pentecostal) interpretations of prophecy that are about as far off from the truth as the teachings of a hound dog. I say this without the slightest doubt or arrogance. They are doing harm with their false "catastrophes."

Why are these interpreters wrong? It is simple to explain. They claim to teach what the Holy Scriptures state, but they have adopted some of the most pagan doctrines and teachings imaginable that have no more to do with biblical truths than the teachings of Mickey Mouse. Believe me, they ought to have their heads examined for the nonsense they are teaching. They boldly proclaim the pagan doctrine of the "Immortality of the Soul," also that Jesus had long hair like the pagan gods, and they deny the biblical teaching of the resurrection from the dead by saying that Mary (the mother of Jesus) is now alive and in heaven. This type of teaching is utter nonsense and has nothing to do with the truths of the Holy Scriptures. Mary is still dead in her grave, and she will continue to be dead until the resurrection of the dead at Christ's Second Advent. Mainline Catholic and Protestants (along with the Pentecostals who hover in their shadows) are so bibli-cally uneducated that they continue to teach such anti-biblical doctrines that they derived from the pagans of Greece and Rome. Since they are so wrong on these simple doctrines of the Scripture, it is no wonder that their prophetic teachings are as erroneous as a three dollar bill. If you want truth, then have NOTHING to do with these Catholic and Protestant errors of doom and gloom. The so-called "Christian economists" are as far off as they can get. They seem to be interested in saving themselves, than the nation or the world!

The truth is, we are in for some good times in an economic and social sense. True, there will always be temporary bear markets (so, expect them), but for the first time in world history, we have the ingredients for harmony, good will, reconciliation and prosperity that have not been seen for centuries. For the next ten years the world will experience relative good times (especially the United States and our allies). But, don't get complacent. The harmony will not last long. We only have another ten to fifteen years of prosperity before the climactic events depicted in the Books of Daniel and Revelation begin to blazon forth in their full fury (but even here let us be careful because I am still unsure of certain chronological matters that several of us are working on that may extend the period a few years). Whatever the case, for us who are Christians, we should take the bull by the horns and make the most of our present prosperous situation.

Why do we have this present prosperity and tranquility? One of the main reasons is to give the world back the Holy Scriptures in the original dress. This world will soon have this original Bible restored. I am enthusiastically behind The Original Bible Project (under the direction of Dr. James Tabor, Dr. Robert Kuhn and Mr. Robert Ellsworth). Dr. Tabor has been promoted to full Professor by the University of North Carolina. This is a much deserved promotion. This new translation is the essential tool in getting the people of the world back to reading the Holy Scriptures in the manner that God the Father and Christ Jesus intended in the first place. The Original Bible Project (OBP) is in the hands of competent individuals, and I urge all of you to support financially (and prayerfully) their endeavors. But you must understand that the OBP is a separate organization from ASK (it has its own Board and its own financial needs). I personally feel that the OBP cannot be associated with the controversial subjects that we of ASK deal with all the time. We need to keep the OBP free of doctrinal bias and denominational prejudice. This is a project that fully qualified academics should handle (such as Dr. Tabor, Dr. Kuhn and Mr. Ellsworth) in the peaceful environment of the University, and not in the explosive arena of "revealing the truth and also straightening out false doctrines" that Ernest L. Martin is actively engaged in promoting. I encourage you to support OBP as much as you can, but please send your donations directly to OBP, and not their donations to ASK. (however, do not leave ASK out since we need your support too). The fact is, we are two different organizations (both are "not-for-profit") that mutually respect each other. We have different roles to pursue.

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. We can now offer you a brand new book from ASK titled: "The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine." This new book is 564 pages in length and it takes the place of our former research works titled: "The Biblical Manual" and "The Home Bible Course." This is the book that you have all been waiting for. It sums up all of the essential doctrines of the Holy Scriptures into a readable and easy-to-be-understood format. There is also brand new information that none of you have ever seen that will make the biblical revelation come alive with your full comprehension. It brings the most complicated teachings of the Bible into an arena of simplicity. You can now order this newest publication of ASK. I wish it were possible, but this 564 page book cannot be given away free (except to those in prison, out of work, or in other indigent circumstances) because it costs us a great deal of money to produce. You are actually getting a bargain for the $19.95 price of the book (plus $3.20 shipping and handling). The money to pay the printer of this book came out of our ordinary operating expenses. If you would like to help us replenish those operating funds (which we have to have for the work to function), then I will send each of you an autographed copy for an extra $25 (plus the cost of the book and shipping and handling). This extra amount will help us keep available the limited reserves we need to operate. It is not that my autograph is important, but it is my gesture of letting you know how appreciative I am of your extra help that you give to ASK so that we can continue to get out the Gospel of our Elder Brother each month. You will be pleased with this new publication. It is a book that will put into your hands all the main doctrinal teachings of the New Testament into a simple format. It shows the freedom we have in Christ.

Also let me mention that we have not abandoned the taped lecture program. I wrote in last November's Communicator that we were changing our dispatch regime for handling taped lectures. By the month of June I hope to offer a four taped lecture series covering all the Book of Jeremiah. Three to four months after that, I will have four tapes on the Book of Ezekiel, and then three to four months later there will be four tapes on Daniel. We will provide a handy folder for each of the four taped lectures. So, in essence, you will still get a tape a month, just like you did formerly. This procedure helps me in my work schedule.

To get next month's Doctrinal Report, send back the enclosed coupon with the entry mark checked. The new title is: "The Diamond Rule." This is one Report that everyone should read. You have heard, no doubt, of the "Golden Rule." A few years back my dear wife Ramona and I went to southwest Wyoming and visited the site of the first department store of J.C. Penny (for all of our overseas readers, J.C. Penny is one of the top American department stores). His first store in that small town was called "The Golden Rule." Mr. Penny was a religious Christian man and he wanted people to know that he would treat his customers like Christ said: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As far as I am aware, Mr. Penney always followed that "Golden Rule" in his dealings and he has to be commended for it. But, there is a "Rule" better than the "Golden Rule." I call it the "Platinum Rule" (which is a notch up from the "Golden Rule"). The "Platinum Rule" is: "Do unto God as you would have God do unto you." I will show you how God expects you to treat Him in this new Doctrinal Report and how the "Platinum Rule" includes the "Golden Rule" in how we should treat God's creation called humanity. But what is even better? It is the "Diamond Rule." The "Diamond Rule" is: "Do unto God as you would have Him do unto you, if our positions were changed -- that is, if you were God and He were you." In other words, how would you treat God the Father if you could take His place in heaven with all His power, and He could take your place on earth with only your human power? You will be amazed at the answers to this intriguing point. It represents a cardinal doctrine of the New Testament that you have probably heard nothing about. Now is the time to reveal this important doctrine that we can call "The Diamond Rule." God wants you to adopt this "Rule." To find out what it means, send for next month's Doctrinal Report. Until next month,

Ernest L. Martin

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