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December 7, 2005 

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Commentary for December 7, 2005 — Where to Start? 

Question: Please “snail mail” me any Bible Study Materials, for private and “small group” study. Also, please send me a Price List of Books you do offer for sale. 
Thank you, Dr. ________. 

Answer: This man, like many others, wanted guidelines on good study materials. Basically, I wrote in reply (expanding my answer in this Commentary):

Dr. ________,  

Please take full advantage of all material on the ASK Website, available immediately — free of charge. While we sell printed copies of books and articles published by ASK, the material on the website is free for your use. All we request is that you give ASK proper acknowledgement. (It is essential you contact us if you wish to reprint for publication any ASK articles or books.) 

Printing pages yourself for Bible or group studies is acceptable use and should cost you about 3 cents per page (perhaps less) on a home printer. All books listed on the ASK website can be purchased and ordered directly at: That is the “Price List of Books” we offer for sale. 

Let me recommend the following items for Bible or group study in the order given below. I strongly suggest that (time allowing) every Scripture in the material should be looked up, noting the context:

(1) Dr. Martin’s small book ABC’s of the Gospel. 
This small book will give you the essence of the Gospel in a very clear, precise presentation, expressed in few words. The entire book is online at:

(2) Then go chapter by chapter through Dr. Martin’s Restoring the Original Bible. 
This book will teach you more about the Bible than any other book available. It will also show, internally from Scripture itself, how the Bible was compiled, structured, and canonized. This entire book is online at:  

(3) Then, after you have completed both of these, go through Dr. Martin’s Essentials of New Testament Doctrine. 
This book is an excellent, profound, and definitive study of New Testament Doctrine, including a clear explanation of the Mystery revealed to Paul and other apostles. It is sure to provoke much lively discussion, and tweak the noses of theological snobs. This book is online (in serial form) at:  

(4) Go to articles of interest on the ASK Homepage. 
Under the “Articles” menu there are dozens of biblical and historical articles under the “Temple Update,” “Doctrine,” and “Prophecy” listings. Under the “Communications” menu are the monthly Newsletters and Commentaries that present unique biblical information. Note also the various videos and audios under the “Multimedia” menu. 

(5) Finally, check everything — always — with your own Bible. 
Go into the original sources and documents and texts as much as you can.

This listing gives you a wealth of materials that could provide years of study, all presented with the Bible — the Word of God — at the core of your work. Remember, everything on the ASK website, though comprehensive in many respects, is intended as a starting point for further research by serious students like yourself. Feel free to stand on Dr. Martin’s shoulders. Let me know of any interesting research findings you may discover.  

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know.  
David Sielaff, Director

The materials I suggest for reading and study are an excellent way to learn, or to review, the basic information about God, Christ, and the written Word of God. Always, always, always remember that the written materials of ASK are to be considered supplementary and helpful, not to replace Scripture in any way. If you read ASK material without opening your Bible, you are cheating yourself. It is something a carnal person would do.  

ASK does not publish, and you should not read ASK publications, simply so that your ears can be tickled or your minds titillated with the latest “finding” or interesting tidbit or treasure of information about God, Christ, creation, or your future that the Bible holds within its pages (and there are many such treasures). 

The Bible is paramount. That being said, a tiny but important part of God’s grace to you is shown by the resource called the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge given so that you can understand the Scriptures more easily. It is a resource to be used to the fullest, so that you may grow in grace and knowledge. Use it. Share it. Live it.

David Sielaff

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