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October 18, 2005 

Recommended "Church" Groups

Commentary for October 18, 2005 — What Does ASK Advise? 

Question: Hi David, I am so glad that I have found your website. I have been reading and it is making lots of sense. I live in Brisbane, Australia.  

Is there a church that you know of in this region that would hold similar views? I am currently out of church because of all the rubbish that is mixed in with the vital truth. Regards,  

Answer: Please read the ASK “Mission Statement.” 

Then read Dr. Martin’s short book ABC’s of the Gospel online at for a quick overview of doctrinal information regarding God and salvation. For a more in-depth reading go to Dr. Martin’s book The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine online at as we put all 33 chapters online over the coming weeks. This book clearly explains the biblical basis of the full Mystery of God.

Also, input the word “church” into the ASK search engine and then quickly scroll down through the results. While the word “church” has pagan roots (fulfilled by many buildings and organizations today), the better word to use is ekklesia which is the descriptive Greek word for “assembly.” Input ekklesia (sometimes we have spelled it ecclesia, as in Spanish), into the ASK search engine. One particularly relevant article is Dr. Martin’s “Anatomy of a Church, Part 1. From there you can go to Part 2.  

If you truly wish to interact with a group, why not start one yourself? Call it a book discussion group, a study group, or whatever you wish. Anyone can do so. You do not need anyone’s approval. NO “permission” from so-called religious authorities is necessary. You are entirely free, as a child of God, to form any associations you wish, within the guideline of not offending a fellow brother or sister in Christ. 

For its part ASK does not promote or advocate any organization or group. You are entirely free to do as you wish in that regard. 

Keep in mind that if you “challenge” the leader of a religious group with information you read and proved in your own Bible, you may soon find yourself unwelcome in the group. 

I hope that all this will assist you in finding the answer to your good question.

David Sielaff

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