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February 23, 2005 

Fellowship Question

Commentary for February 23, 2005 — Where to Go?

QUESTION: Dear Sir, I would like to know where I could attend a Bible study or a service around _______. I do not mind traveling 40 miles to get there.

My last correspondence with ASK was back in 1999, then it quit coming. My records must have gotten lost somehow. I was once a member of the _________ Church of ___. I quit around 1980–82. Thank You.


Charles ______

ANSWER: Mr. ______, ASK does not recommend a Bible study or a church. We are totally nondenominational and nonsectarian. You are completely free to do as you wish in that regard.

If you find a group that teaches the Gospel of Christ — i.e., that you and all human beings are ALREADY saved through the blood and resurrection of Christ Jesus (rather than what you must DO to be saved) — be sure to let us know. That message is what the Bible clearly teaches. Anything else is works.

Personally I would not waste time with groups that teach the false doctrines of trinity, hell, and so-called immortal soul. The first of the three is a pagan lie. The other two are the experiences of demons. These teachings are not biblical, nor are they true.

Some feel that groups teaching those doctrines are good at “teaching Christian living.” I have spent time and effort attempting to relate to groups who teach such doctrines, for the purpose of learning the “good” from them, and have been rejected for my efforts. Christian living is basic common sense influenced by God’s Holy Spirit, Christ’s example, and the “deportment” teachings of the apostle Paul.

In regard to your last correspondence with ASK, you were likely removed from the ASK mailing list due to your lack of response to us. You did not return the return mail cards. Good stewardship demands that we not send ASK material where no interest or response is shown.

Dr. Ernest L. Martin’s teachings are increasingly available to the entire world through the ASK Website: Most ASK material and even some entire books are available free on the ASK Website. More will be available in the future. It is our intention to eventually put the entire teaching legacy of Dr. Martin on the ASK website.

If your last contact with ASK was in 1999 you have a great deal of catching up in your re-discovery of excellent Bible teaching provided by Dr. Martin’s work. Best to you,

David Sielaff

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