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July 13, 2004 

Restoring the Original Bible is Online

Commentary for July 13, 2004 — Another Book Is on the ASK Website

As you may have noticed from the NEW sign on the ASK Frontpage, after some delay the latest 1994 edition of Dr. Ernest L. Martin’s book Restoring the Original Bible has begun serialization on the ASK Website. Each week a new chapter will be presented. This first week’s installment has the Table of Contents, a short “Preface” written by me, and an “Introduction” by Dr. Martin describing the mission and purpose of the book. Each week a new chapter will be presented.

Some of the longer chapters of this book may be split into more than one segment (as we have done in other on-line books). It is not easy to read a book from a computer screen; and this will break up your reading into smaller, easier-to-understand portions.

This book describes the need to consider the Bible in its proper book order so that it tells the story of God and salvation the way it was meant to be read. It also explains clearly, from internal evidence contained in the Bible itself, how the Word of God was put together as a unit. In other words Dr. Martin describes from God’s Word itself what scholars have called the canonization process, and he does this without resorting to suppositions and deductions about the process. God describes through the words of those who wrote the Bible how He put the Bible together. It is a fascinating story; and in fact it is somewhat of a detective story.

The History of the Bible

Nothing less than the history of the Bible is contained in this book. As a result this book is heavy on historical background and evidence as well as biblical proofs. If this book is new to you, the information will fascinate you and put you in awe of how God operates through the generations to preserve His Word.

As always, as with all our publications, the purpose of this book is to open up the Bible for your understanding and not to have you join any group. Its purpose is not to tell you what to think, but rather to show you what the Bible clearly says as God intends His Word to be understood.

In the Bible God uses simple words to communicate complex concepts. He starts simple in the book of Genesis and progressively increases the sophistication of His communication to every son or daughter of Adam through to the Book of Revelation.

With the proper framework or skeleton or roadmap (choose your metaphor) you can “know your place” whenever you pick up and read a passage in the Word of God. This will increase your appreciation and understanding so that God’s mind and thoughts can be communicated to you. This is what God intends when you read the Bible. This book will help you with that understanding.

Simple Language

So we present this major scholarly work (written in simple language) to you as a service of the ministry that ASK provides to the world. It is our hope that you will want to own this book and purchase a hardcopy of the book for your own, to pass to friends, relatives, or even to challenge those who have issues with the Bible. If you know of any new Christians, this book will “hook” them into the Bible and they will grow in faith much faster than otherwise.

By putting this book on the ASK Website, we are also providing this book to those who for reasons of income or politics or family or religion cannot purchase or have a book about the Bible in their possession. God knows who you are even if you never communicate your thanks to us. Enjoy this book. You will never read anything like it. It will open the Word of God to you.

David Sielaff

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