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April 29, 2003 

New Video on ASK Website!!!

Commentary for April 29, 2003 - "What You Will Be Like"

A video produced by ASK in 1987 has been put up on the ASK Website. It is titled, "What You Will Be Like In the Resurrection." It was intended to be the first in a series, but only this and one other were produced. The other tape will be put on the ASK Website next month.

While the quality of the video is not the best, and the sound quality also leaves something to be desired, the information is excellent, a great presentation of this important subject. All too many people think (if they think about it at all) that God's kingdom and the afterlife will consist of an existence in heaven doing things that have no relation to life today.

As Dr. Martin makes clear, the entire purpose of the creation of mankind is so that God's sons and daughters can themselves become creators.

Watch or listen to this great material.

No transcript exists as yet for this presentation. That may come at a later time. In the meantime Dr. Martin's book The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine, has a wealth of material on this subject.

Resurrection is an important subject, not only in relation to ourselves and our relatives and friends experiences after death, but also in relation to Jesus Christ. As the apostle Paul says, if Christ is not raised, we have no hope. Christ's resurrection is the major proof of the Bible. See the article "A Major Proof of the Bible." See also the article "The Time Periods for the Resurrection ." Do not forget the article, " The Death of Death" which explains the end of the death state for all intelligent beings in the universe, not just human beings. Also, a number of the 101 Bible Secrets are related to the resurrection from the dead.

Chapter 1 of The People That History Forgot is now on the Internet

The first chapter is now on the ASK Website. It relates a problem in Jewish History, why numerous apparently Jewish synagogues have tremendous numbers of pagan symbols contained within them. Others have none. The problem is not their existence, no one disputes that. The problem is that no opponents of Judaism (whether Christian or pagan) ever criticized Judaism for its hypocrisy, supposedly condemning paganism while allowing pagan symbols within their own synagogues. There also is no discussion within Judaism about this "problem" of syncretism and paganism. What is the solution?

The question is raised in the first chapter. The answer comes in later chapters.

David Sielaff

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