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February 2, 2003 

Welcome to the Updated A.S.K. Homepage

Commentary for February 1, 2003 — A New Look, but the Same Expansive Information for Your Spiritual Growth

Welcome to the new look for the ASK Homepage. We are so pleased with the new appearance and more efficient presentation. Nothing has been removed!!! It will be easier to navigate so you can get to the information you want and need more quickly and as efficiently as possible. Let me give you some tips on how to navigate this new webpage.

Allow me to bring to your attention some new features of the ASK Homepage, and some old features you may not be familiar with. The ASK Homepage has new section headings:

ASK COMMUNICATIONS — leads you to the latest Commentaries and monthly Newsletters. Clicking on "Commentaries" gives you "news tidbits" that inform you about biblical and current events. (You are reading the "Commentary" now.) The link “Newsletters” introduces the latest the monthly articles, with links. This section also contains archives of past articles.

BOOKS ONLINE — gives you books FREE for you to view and print for your instruction and edification. This section will grow over time as we add more books and booklets. We rotate chapter per week of these books so that over time you will have available the entire book. Usually several chapters are listed at once.

» The small booklet ABCs of the Gospel has just begun on the ASK Website. Each week one chapter (there are a short Introduction and 9 chapters in the booklet) will be presented FREE for reading and printing the entire booklet over time. These are short “digest-sized” articles that introduce biblical subjects that are expanded upon fully in Dr. Martin’s book, The Essentials of New Testament Doctrine. The “essentials” are in reality a complete explanation of the full Gospel of God, including the Mystery. Your understanding of the Bible will take a giant step toward the “full knowledge” (epiginosis, 1 Timothy 2:4) of God.

» The small book The Tithing Dilemma is more than half-way through its first cycle on the ASK Website. Its Introduction and 14 chapters makes ministers angry and churches shudder as Dr. Martin reveals the truth about tithing, who should tithe and who should receive tithes. You will be surprised to learn the truth about tithing. (For some fun ask your local “religious authority” some of the questions put forth in the Introduction. You may be surprised at the non-biblical answers you receive.)

» The book 101 Bible Secrets has been available for 2+ years on the ASK Website and it is one of our most popular and enduring features. These short articles (also “digest-sized”) give little-known facts that you would be hard put to find elsewhere. These are tidbits of biblical information that Dr. Martin compiled over his decades of study.

ASK ARTICLES — is an archive of work published and inspired by Dr. Ernest L. Martin over the years since ASK's founding. These articles are grouped by subject. They were originally published monthly, accompanying the newsletters, although here the articles are listed individually. Future articles will be appearing generally reflecting pre-ASK material produced by Dr. Martin, information that still reflects his latest understanding on various subjects. For example, older material on the Jerusalem Temples written before his latest research (not reflecting his latest understanding) will not be repeated. The ASK Website will reflect the latest information that Dr. Martin published, and research based on his work. (I will occasionally publish work that I have written, based on Dr. Martin's work. DWS)

ASK BOOKS FOR SALE — lists a revolving selection of featured books. The full list is shown when you click on "More Books

The “Central Graphic” — is not clickable, but near the bottom it has a brief “Introduction to ASK” narrated by Dr. Martin. If you have not listened to it, please take time to do so.

FEATURED ARTICLES — contains four cycling graphics that you can click on that announce articles of interest, including the latest major ASK articles. Try clicking on these.

MULTIMEDIA — is composed of two sections: (1) Audio Lectures and (2) Video Presentations.

Some Audio Lectures are available for purchase, although most of them are FREE for your listening over the ASK Webpage. In addition, some of the Audio Lectures are audios of articles so you can “Read and Listen.” (The articles were transcripts of important audio tapes that Dr. Martin produced over the decades.) This allows you to listen to Dr. Martin’s voice while you “read along” with the written article. Also, be sure to listen to the 3-hour interview of Dr. Martin by Jeff Rense from November 2001. The interview covered Dr. Martin's Temple evidence for two hours and the Star of Bethlehem for the final hour. Fascinating stuff!

The Video Presentations are all FREE. I recommend the presentation of July 13, 2002 which will tell about initiatives for the future of ASK. I also recommend highly the short video presentation about the Star of Bethlehem produced jointly by Griffith Planetarium and MSNBC which will explain graphically the planetary dynamics of the Star of Bethlehem and demonstrates what the Magi saw. Of course the full story is contained in Dr. Martin’s book The Star that Astonished the World: The Star of Bethlehem. (See the “ASK Books for Sale” box on the Homepage.) Also look at the Temple Mount video that Dr. Martin produced. It gives you a “fly over” of the Temple as represented by the historical and eyewitness evidence from Dr. Martin’s book The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot.

SITE QUICK SEARCH — is very useful for quick 1 or 2 word searches. I use the “Advanced Site Search” often to search for phrases contained in ALL the articles on the ASK Website. Try entering the phrase “Sons of God” in the “Advanced Site Search” and see what you get. Be sure to choose between “Ask a question” and “Search for a phrase or a word.” This “Advanced Site Search” works very well. Take advantage of this useful tool!

ASK RESOURCES — is the final section on the ASK Homepage. Most are self-explanatory, but I want to point out some features of this section. Do you know that you can make purchases and free-will offerings by credit card through the ASK Website? Yes, you can. Click on the “Order/Contributions” at, should you wish to do so. In addition you can order books and pay for them by credit card, just like most other book-ordering websites.

»Welcome” is the introduction (discussed above) by Dr. Martin and is a type of a “site index” of features.

»About Us” gives additional information about the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge.

»Biography” gives a brief biography of Dr. Martin. It will be updated shortly and will add a short biography of me, David Sielaff.

»Contact Us” allows you to make a comment about the ASK Website or to ask a question, or notify our Webmaster about a problem.

»Copyright” has brief information necessary for legalities and credits.

»Mission” gives briefly the goals and “mission statement” of ASK as an institution.

»Links” provides a brief listing of links of friends and informative websites.

»Order/Contributions” allows you to place an order for ASK materials directly through our Website.

»Policies” has short blurbs on our Discount Policy, Shipping Policy, Sales Tax (Oregon has no sales tax), Return Policy and Payment Policy.

»Site Index” is a complete listing of everything on the ASK Website.

»Site Search” is another link to the ASK Search capabilities that I discussed above.

Whenever there is a major change as we have done with our website, there may be small “glitches” that arise. Let us know if any link does not work, or any other problem you encounter. Contact our Webmaster directly by using our “Contact Us” link.

It is our hope that you appreciate the increased usefulness of our ASK Homepage, and that it is more than a cosmetic change. Enjoy.

David Sielaff

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