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January 1, 2003 

January Newsletter and Articles

Breaking News for JANUARY 1, 2003 — The January 2003 Newsletter and the articles “To Preach Your Own Funeral” and “The Death of Death” by Ernest L. Martin are now available. Both were produced in 1979.

The first article discusses how we should deal with the issues of death and dying — our own and the deaths of other people. The message comes from a 1979 audiotape that we present to you both in a written format and an audio format. You can “Read and Listen” at the same time. That means you can listen to Dr. Martin give the message from 1979 on the audio from the internet, while you read along with the written text.

Those who have taken advantage of the “Read and Listen” have found it greatly increases their understanding of the central message, while listening to Dr. Martin's familiar voice.

A second short article, also up and running, is “The Death of Death” also from 1979. It puts a cap on how death will cease, what the scope of that cessation will be and what that cessation of death means for mankind. (This article is not a “Read and Listen.”)

ALSO: Chapters 1 through 4 of The Tithing Dilemma are now on the ASK Website in the lower right hand side of the ASK Webpage.

Soon (hopefully within a week or so), we will be putting up on the ASK Website the first installment of the small book ABC's of the Gospel in its entirety, a chapter each week. This unique book covers the basics that are greatly expanded upon in Dr. Martin's masterpiece Essentials of New Testament Doctrine. The information in ABC's of the Gospel gives you the bare bones, the very basics of the essential message of the Gospel of God for all human beings.

Yes, we did have a small bit of “technical difficulty” and the January Newsletter and Articles were one day late in going up on the website. We hope that the anticipation whetted your appetite for the good biblical information in both of the articles.

David Sielaff

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