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December 8, 2003 


Breaking News for December 8, 2002 Dr. Martin's Blockbuster book

Chapter 1 of the book The Tithing Dilemma (we've sold over 100,000 of these small volumes) is now available FREE on the ASK Website. The title of Chapter 1 is, "The Sin of Tithing Today."

Every week a new chapter of this free book will appear until all 14 chapters are available on the website. (The "Introduction" is already available.) You will finally understand the truth as to who should give tithes, who can receive tithes, and under what circumstances. If the tithing laws are not followed precisely, you are sinning against God. No one is authorized to receive tithes today. In fact, it is impossible to properly tithe today!

This book is also availabe for purchase, see The Tithing Dilemma (ASK, 1997).

I recommend you buy 2 or 3 because you will likely loan or give this book to friends and relatives. Give a copy to those who believe or teach that tithing is in force today.

Use this book to challenge organizations and teachers who have taught error for so long. However, use it wisely and without anger. After all, YOU are the one ultimately responsible to God, not other people. They have done what they have done. You should do what is right.

David Sielaff

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