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April 8, 2002 

Jeff Rense Interview

In the "Audio" section of our ASK Homepage is the recording of three-hour interview that Ernest Martin did on the Jeff Rense Show, originally broadcast live—nationwide—on November 21, 2000. It has been re-broadcast five times, including a memorial presentation on January 21, 2002, just five days after Dr. Martin's death. This indicates the importance and respect Mr. Rense has for the information in the interview. We thank Jeff Rense for permission to download his broadcast to the website.

Current events show the importance of a proper perspective on the historical, political and religious nature of the true sites of the Temples in Jerusalem. This is why Dr. Martin spent so much time researching this topic. The ancient city of Jerusalem is increasingly becoming the center of the world's focus and attention just as predicted in Old Testament prophecies. Such correct historical information could lead to a beginning of a solution to the seemingly insoluble problems of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and all of Israel/Palestine/Middle East.

(By the way, Dr. Martin developed additional material strengthening his historical evidence in the months after the interview. This latest information is all contained in the “Temples Update” section of ASK Homepage.)

The entire program is broken down into short segments from the original 3-hour interview. Each segment has a short music introduction.. Commercials are removed. Click on any segment or listen to the entire program. The topic for the first two hours was the location of the true site of the Jerusalem Temples on Mount Zion.

he last hour of the Jeff Rense interview (beginning toward the end of Part 8 and contained fully in Parts 9 and 10) is a description of the Bethlehem Star evidence developed by Dr. Martin in the 1970s, Dr. Martin's scenario about the Star announcing the Birth of Christ is now shown in most planetariums around the world during the holiday season. Go to the "Video" section of the website to view a short moving graphic that visually represents some of what the Magi saw before the birth of Christ on September 11, 3 B.C.E.

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