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March 21, 2002 

ASK Video Presentation

I encourage you to go to the “ASK Videos” section below to view the short presentation on the Star of Bethlehem. It is located at the bottom of the homepage. Click on the television set icon. No special software is required.

It was produced (independently from ASK) as a joint effort by Griffith Planetarium and MSNBC presented in under the topic “Mysteries of the Universe”. The presentation is based on the historical scenario in the latest edition of Dr. Martin’s The Star That Astonished the World (1996). The presentation acknowledges that Dr. Martin’s has the “best solution” to the celestial events, the “signs in the heavens,” surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

It has appeared on the MSNBC website after Thanksgiving for the past three years. If you have not seen this before, you will gain an understanding of what was seen by the Magi, in a very brief manner, when they came from the East at the time of the Birth of Christ at September 11, 3 B.C., according to the scenario.


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