ASK Commentary
January 10, 2002 

Dr. Martin Recovering

Dr. Martin has returned home to recuperate. He is to do NO WORK (such as composing at the computer or carting around books for research) for at least ONE WEEK. Dr. Martin's physician feels he can get back to limited work in 10 days time, and probably back to full-time work in six weeks. He has really been working hard for the past four years in particular and he now needs a brief rest. Thank you so much for your prayers for him and his recovery. He said to tell you all that he is praying also for you. You are a wonderful group of brothers and sisters in Christ that is always an honor to work with in getting out the Gospel of Christ. Let us keep optimistic and with our faith strong in God's grace and care. As a closing verse for each one of you, Dr. Martin wants each of you to read Jeremiah 33:3. He has selected that verse to be your guide into greater and even more wonderful truths. Keep your eyes on the Web Page. We will keep you up to date on matters, and Dr. Martin himself will be online in a few days. May the blessings of God be with you all.

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