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January 3, 2002 

What is Ahead for 2002

On New Year’s day a major change in societal affairs has taken place in the world and you are living to see it. It figures into End-Time affairs. It is really a preparation for the great uniting of nations that is prophesied to occur just before the Second Advent of Christ back to this earth. That event was the change-over of twelve European nations from their old currencies (some of which have dated back 800 years or more) into a single currency known as the Euro. Gone are the Mark and the Franc. Gone are the other colorful currencies that once were sprinkled over the face of central Europe (from the Azores islands to the fjords of Finland). This change will have an effect on world affairs. I will keep you abreast of just what they will mean for the United States, Britain and the rest of the world in the months ahead. Believe me, this peaceful alteration in currency is a significant achievement and should not be underplayed in its importance for the world economy as a whole. Indeed, it is just a precursor of many other outstanding CHANGES that biblical prophecy predicts will occur in the next few years that will have a direct bearing on YOUR OWN life because the world is getting smaller all the time. What happens in one part of the earth, now has repercussions in all areas of the globe.

I have long been telling all my readers of these changes. One such revolution is going to be in the field of religion. A time of great change in Christian teachings and beliefs is just on the Horizon (Judaism will be especially affected, and even Islam will experience the wake of the revolution). The coming few years in advance of us will be a time of revolution in historical and biblical knowledge. What will occur in the world is a return to the real teachings of and an appreciation for the Holy Scriptures, and it will come as a cultural shock to people in the western world.

The fact of this happening is as certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun. The reason I can be sure of this is because it is prophesied in the Bible. I have shown (over the past few months) the prophecies about these revelations in biblical and historical knowledge that will begin to sweep the world. What I want all of us at A.S.K. to be aware of are these prophesied changes so that we can be prepared for them and take advantage of this revolution in knowledge to get out the Good News of Christ’s message to this world.

Most of us at A.S.K. have already had experiences in going through cultural and emotional shock. Many of us have been in organizations which we thought to be “the true and only Church of God” on earth, only to realize that we were simply members of a human organization that in reality did not resemble the “true ekklesia” (often translated “church”) that Christ established. Not only were many doctrinal beliefs very different from what the early ekklesia believed, but man has established hierarchical governments to rule church members that are the exact opposite concepts of what Christ commanded for his people And these errors embrace Sabbath-keeping churches as well as those who adhere to Sunday as their day of worship.

A little over a decade ago we observed great political changes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and Germany, and now the Euro in currency is a reality. But more things are coming. We are soon to witness the same thing throughout the western societies in regard to the established churches in Christendom. The western world will soon begin to experience “cultural shock” that will transform Christian beliefs in the few years ahead of us. It will be an understanding of real biblical history and teachings that will start the revolution. 

All of us will be a part of the coming revolution. We can either rejoice in it and take advantage of it to teach the truth to the world, or we can stand back and retain our old ways or even slip into a stage of resisting the changes that will be going on all around us. I hope that we of A.S.K. will be rejoicing in the changes for good that will be going on and that we will actively be taking part in them for the betterment of all people in this world.

I readily admit, however, that change is not pleasant. All of us are naturally reluctant to rock the boat with the cultural traditions that have dominated our lives since our births. But there are major changes on the horizon that will drastically alter those traditional concepts and beliefs to which we have become accustomed. It will be similar to the time when Christ was crucified and resurrected from the dead. Believe me, those two events (which occurred within a three day period of time) profoundly changed the course of history. Palestine back in the first century went through a “cultural shock.” The same thing is ready to happen at the period we are now entering (called in the Bible the “End of the Age”). The mature Christian will not only be able to cope with these changes, he and/or she will take advantage of them.

This is one of the principal reasons why God has already let most of us go through “cultural shock” (often more than once). This has given us experience in order to help others in the world go through the changes successfully. Even though I do not want to repeat some of the traumas in my life that I have had to experience in order to know the truths of Christ, I must admit I am thankful to God for the events that have strengthened me in the faith. I believe those past experiences will help me better teach the Good News of Christ to this world in greater power and conviction. The same thing applies to each of you reading this "Breaking News" section on our Internet Web Page. We all have gone through valuable experiences which aid us in teaching the truth properly.

Let me tell you, however, some pleasant news. Some of the top professionals in the field of ecclesiastical history in the USA and Great Britain are now analyzing my historical research and they are seeing the real value of it. Besides that, people in Israel also have been in contact with me about the prophesied matters dealing specifically with that country. ASK is in existence to promote the truth of these matters to the best of our abilities. Things are looking very up-beat indeed. I want you to know that real progress is being made in getting out the truth. But much more needs to be done.

There is no question in my mind that these truths of the New Testament (which are really old truths that have long been hidden from the attention of the world) are now ready to be given to all on earth. All of my past training as a professor of history and theology (and even meteorology) with the research I have done for over forty-five years is now beginning to get to the attention of the top scholars who have a real influence over what people think in this world.

God is about ready (I firmly believe) to give this world a big dosage of the truth -- His real truth. And all of us at A.S.K. (you and ourselves) are at the forefront of this endeavor. But sadly, it seems that it is the churches who are the main opponents to any new truths being given to people in the world. This is because many ministers and priests do not want the ordinary people to know what the truths of the Holy Scriptures really state so that they can keep on controlling the lives of their members and exacting the tithes and offerings from them in an erroneous manner. This is plain speaking, but it is the truth. It seems that church organizations run by men are the last to want any change whatever. But they are soon going to get a big shovel-full of change. A revolution in biblical and historical knowledge is underway.

Thank you for your continued help in our efforts. Believe me, we need your support (and your prayers) now more than ever. I wish that I could thank each one of you personally for every dollar and pound that you have sent (and will send) to help ASK in getting out the Gospel to the world. And now I can say that all of you who are in the twelve nation European zone that now has the Euro, we equally need your help in our mission to teach the world the truths of God and Christ Jesus. In fact, for all of you in the rest of the world, I want to thank you too from the bottom of my heart. Indeed, let me tell all of you collectively that we appreciate your help. All of you who need receipts for funds you contributed to ASK last year (the year 2001), please let us know and we will send them to you. And though we are a small organization (compared to the giant churches of this world), I believe that all of us can express a satisfaction that we are doing the work of our Elder Brother Jesus Christ in a way that is pleasing to Him and our Father in heaven. Thank you sincerely for your personal help.

Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

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