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July 25, 2001 

President Bush and the Environment

Any sensible person wants a clean and healthful place to live within a perfect type of atmospheric and topographical environment here on earth. Just like we want our own homes to be pleasant and fully supportive for our human existence, so we should want (indeed, we should demand) that our earthly abode be in a perfect balance with the natural ambiance that God has given for us to be productive and to be fit human beings. It is my belief that President Bush and his scientific advisors also want and desire the same thing. But the methods he is advocating seem to be at odds with most of the peoples in the rest of the world. As a matter of fact, the rest of the world has come to the place of criticizing the United States for what they consider to be blatantly anti-environmental in its stance. The United States seems to want a more open and relaxed policy regarding the emissions of carbon-dioxide gases (and other chemical substances) into the free atmosphere that surrounds this earth and in which all humans and other life forms on earth must partake in order to be healthful and prosperous. He is being pictured as the villain -- a very unusual role for an American president to be described. But is President Bush wrong? 

There are biblical themes that speak about these very matters and they show how the God of the universe (the One who created the earth and the heavens) not only views such themes but also what He does to control them and to provide us humans with a proper physical habitat in which to live and prosper. That brings up the matter of this "News Flash." I want to call your attention to a forthcoming article that I am writing on this subject that will put the whole subject into a mature context that may surprise many of you who read my research works on our ASK Web Site pages. It will be the featured article for the September offering and it deserves to be advertised beforehand. It is titled: "Creating Life in Contemporary Times."

This new research study will show that God is presently so interested in the earth and its environment that He is constantly having his spiritual authorities (who govern physical matters on this earth) to monitor our human habitat on a daily basis. So concerned is God that the Scriptures show He is actually creating new forms of life at this very moment (hundreds and thousands of them) to keep our environment safe for human habitation. This is to allow us to have a healthy and prosperous abode on earth for our welfare and good. Yes, the Holy Scriptures actually teach that these things are being done (and they also have been accomplished in the past) to keep our earth in the proper chemical and temperature balance that will not only sustain life here on earth, but to make it so that we can have an abundance of good things.

This is one research article that all of you should read. It will show many examples of God's creative powers even in our present period of existence. God has not gone afar off and to let the earth and his humans to "fend for themselves." In no way. God is very active in His attention to all factors involving our contemporary human existence. What we will discover is the fact that our present warming trend in all areas of the earth has been designed by God Himself as a benefit to mankind for this time in which we now live.

I believe that you will rejoice to know just how much care and concern God and Christ Jesus have for even the smallest details of matters dealing with the environment on earth. It is in very good hands. We have nothing to fear for the moment. True, we should be prudent and NOT "dirty" our atmosphere and perform uncontrolled actions on the land surface on which we live, but it is really God who is in control of keeping these things operating in a manner that will benefit all of us who make up the human race. This article will set the matter straight.

Keep your eyes on the ASK Web Site for more exciting news on these and other matters. The prophecies of the Holy Scriptures are just on the verge of taking place in all their glory. God has not forgotten us. He is at the controls of all things, and that includes you, and our mysterious and wonderful environment in which we live on earth.

Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D. 

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