ASK Commentary
July 4, 2001 

Word from Europe

This is a brief notice to let you viewers know that I am in Europe. I will be meeting with academic officials and doing research at various libraries (of which I have been a member over the years). This is because of some new developments that impinge upon understanding the history and prophecy of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Indeed, I have been asked by the director to be the keynote speaker at a conference of Arabic/Islamic scholars in Scotland in October, 2001. My time is jam-packed with meetings and research while on this two weeks' trip, so I will not be able to meet with any Associates in Europe at this time. The ASK office in Portland, Oregon, USA is operating as usual and at full capacity. All your orders for publications will be expedited in a timely fashion. I will have an important prophetic report to give to all of you on the Internet when I return.

What happens in Jerusalem is so significant that prophetic events centered in that area now involve even peoples and societies that are in other parts of the world. Keep your attention on our ASK Web Site frequently. I now have the ability to keep you informed on practically an hourly basis, and even from the very sites where the events are taking place that have to do with the fulfillment of prophecy. Thank you  for your continued support of our work in getting out the Gospel of Christ.

With every good wish.

Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.

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